My Experience At The Omni Resort And Spa Carlsbad, California

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I stayed at Omni Resort Carlsbad, California, for three days on a business trip.

It was a particularly memorable trip as I made time to explore and enjoy it, much like a tourist would.

Business trips do not have to be boring. Depending on the location, you can revel and make the most of your work trip.

Keep reading to discover what the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa offers.

About Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad California

The entire Omni Resort is Spanish-style, the Classic colonial architecture typical in most of California.

The roofs are red terra-cotta clay tiles, white plaster walls, and carved wooden doors with soft archways. 

Omni la Costa resort spa Carlsbad California
About Omni la Costa resort spa Carlsbad California

The resort stays true to this theme but with a luxurious holiday feel due to its grandiosity.

A brief drive away from the resort is the fantastic award-winning white sand California beaches you can visit all year round.

The LEGOLAND California Resort is also a short distance away if you are on holiday with kids.


There are several luxurious options for accommodation.

Luxury Accommodation options Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California
Accommodation options Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California

Your options are:

  1. a standard guest room
  2. a suite
  3. or a villa for a group of friends or families

The rooms are spread around the resort and come with unique amenities such as kitchens, fireplaces, and spacious patios.

I got a room on the second floor at an accommodation block overlooking a lovely courtyard.

The room was large, clean, and had a small private pool which was more of a hot tub next to it.

Toilet rooms Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California
Bathroom Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California

However, the room seemed a bit dated for my taste and would do with a few modern touches.

Food and Drinks

Unfortunately, the Omni Resort has only two main restaurants serving the entire facility.

It seemed like they would do with more dining options since the resort is popular with large wedding parties and corporate events.

Food at Omni Resort Carlsbad California
Food at Omni Resort Carlsbad in California

However, their food is incredible, especially breakfast. 

There is also only one main bar on the resort, which always seemed to have a wedding, so after 9 pm, it was hard to find somewhere to drink.

I feel it needs more bars, a club, or something for adults wanting to party and drink into the evening.


The resort has a world-class spa that offers a variety of health treatments.

My wife would have loved the amenities, especially the yoga sessions by the pool.


Swimming pools are what most people look out for in the perfect holiday destination, and the Omni Resort has numerous.

Eight pools with water features and slides are sufficient for water adventure lovers.

Enjoy the pool at Pool Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California
There are eight pools Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California

One main one is near the reception and bar, which is excellent for adults. A family one is nearby but a reasonable distance from the bar.

The adult pool next to the bar has five wonderful cabanas and plenty of seating space with fire pits and hot tubs.

This area also offers fantastic views of the golf course and hills.

To Our Delight – The drinks service came to us every 30 minutes at the poolside, and we had mojitos for $7 each.

Their poolside service was amicable and efficient.

However, there seems to be an issue around the pool area when the crowd is large.

Some birds will attempt to steal any food you leave by the pool or on your table. 

Enjoying pool area
Pool area

They were a real pain, to be honest, as you have to always be on the lookout.

The resort had a guy with a bird of prey to chase them away, but within seconds, they were back.

Consider having your meals inside the restaurant when the pool area has many people.

Although it may be unpleasant, it will save you the trouble of attempting to keep the birds off your plate. 

Golf course

Renowned for its competition golf courses, the Omni Resort is a fantastic golf destination with two 18-hole courses, a driving range, and a pro shop.

Golf course Omni Resort Carlsbad
Golf course

An excellent holiday location for golfing enthusiasts.

However, one of the 18 holes was under reconstruction during my visit. I liked that you’d never have known it, as there was no visible destruction.

There are also buggies and club rentals available.

Unfortunately, the course is only open to paid members and hotel guests.

Keep In Mind – You cannot walk in and ask to pay and play. For hotel guests, the total cost is approximately $120 per round.

Outdoor Activities and Shops

Due to the large size of the resort, it is popular and excellent for large wedding parties and outdoor events.

During my stay, there seemed to be at least several wedding groups besides other corporate teams like ours.

There are also plenty of small shops and a central marketplace with:

  • hot food
  • burritos
  • pizza slices
  • and pre-packed salads

You must try the breakfast burritos! I had a large pizza slice, muffin, and drink for $17.50.

Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California pros and cons
Business conference-type resort Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California

You can also get clothing, souvenirs, sweets, and gifts to take home with you for your loved ones.

I especially noted the various pop-up stalls selling jewellery where my wife would have bought a few pieces. 

Overall Review

The Omni Resort in Carlsbad, California, is clean, beautiful, and has excellent services.

I recommend getting a ground-floor apartment or villa to use the private patio seating areas for accommodation. 

Although it is close to the beach, there are no sea views. I found that a bit lacking because a beachfront property of that size would be excellent.

However, it is about a 15-minute car drive to the nearest beach. 

I also do not recommend it as a holiday destination for children unless they like or play golf.

Golf course view
Amazing views at Omni Resort Spa Carlsbad California

It is more of a business conference-type resort, a professional or social golf trip with friends.

I found it also particularly lovely as a destination wedding venue, going by the number of parties I encountered.

Since the place is expansive, you can hire bikes to make exploring the resort easier. Their numerous rooms take over a wide area in the resort.

However, I think there are not enough restaurants and bars for the number of rooms.

I will also commend them for their food, which was mouthwatering, in large portions and affordable.

In Addition – The staff is 100% amazing and helpful, especially their valet service. I used them twice and tipped them $5, and they were so grateful. I didn’t mind, though, as the customer service is excellent.

Final Thoughts

A visit to the Omni Resort in Carlsbad, California, is value for time and money for adults.

Here you will play, relax, and recharge in a tropical setting all year round. 

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