5 Best Vegan Family Restaurants in Las Vegas

Best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

Navigating the Las Vegas vegan restaurant scene has become a cinch.

There has been a boom in vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in the city.

The result?

Finding vegan family-friendly restaurants is easier than ever. Nonetheless, it will take a small bit of extra planning to ensure you get to eat where you want.

In This Article – We will outline the best vegan family restaurants in the city. Enjoy and, in the words of Elvis, Vegan Las Vegas!!

Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas

You’re going to Vegas with your family then you’ll be wanting to know which are the best vegan family restaurants in Las Vegas.

Top of your list of things to do is to visit the the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas vegan places
Las Vegas vegan food

It’s world-famous Casinos and all the glitz and glamour that goes with it.

But, where are the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas?

LA is a city of many ethnicities and it stands to reason that there are as many restaurants to match.

Top Vegan Family Restaurants in Las Vegas

From exclusive vegan family restaurants to vegan-friendly restaurants, we’ve outlined our favorite places for vegan food in Las Vegas in this guide.

We’ve tried to give you a range of options in terms of European to Asian food to modern cuisine.

Las Vegas vegan
Vegan catering in Las Vegas

We’ve taken our time, eaten lots of delicious foods.

Therefore, you can rest-assured that there is something for every family,

This is our guide to the best family vegan restaurants in Las Vegas.

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Parsley Modern Mediterranean

Mediterranean nations principles for dining are all about sharing food and family.

The Mediterranean is fabled for the abundance of delicious fresh vegetables and fragrant olive oils.

Families are welcome to dine in the two fine establishments under the Parsley name owned by Ygal and Debi.

This is not an exclusive vegan restaurant, but vegan and vegetarian friendly. You won’t be disappointed.

Las Vegas vegan food places
Enjoying vegan meal in Las Vegas

You’ll love the options in Parsley. The menu and their tag line is ‘You crave it, we create it’.

They have a 4-step Parsley experience and you choose and create your preferred food delights.

Even fussier eaters and picky children can make whatever the heart desires. There are also some set vegan menu options.

The house favorite Falafel serves as the basis for many of Parsley’s dishes.

We’re salivating just thinking about the freshness which Parsley has to offer.

At the Sunset-Pecos branch you will be welcomed and dine under the watchful eye of Jo.

Jo is amazing and you’ll leave the vegan family restaurant smiling and full.


Located centrally in Downtown Vegas and away from the busy strip, VegeNation is a MUST visit for all vegans.

The vibe here is great with green ivies and other vegetation tumbling from every conceivable wall space and on-point rustic brown decor.

I love this place and ideal for families looking for a vegan meal.

VegeNation is a community-based restaurant which serves street food and offers a relaxing space for the family to sit and enjoy a meal or order take-out.

Las Vegas breakfast
Las Vegas vegan breakfast

The menu is 100% plant based and predominately sourced from local businesses and artisans while the vegetables are grown locally using different initiatives.

VegeNation is really heart of the community here in downtown Vegas.

Open for brunch at weekends and Lunch & Dinner all week long, the menu is extensive.

The menus have useful annotations for first-time diners plus the staff are extremely helpful and patient when it comes to choosing from the menu for you and your kids.

Las Vegas vegan lunch
Restaurants offering vegan meals

Worth noting is that they are more than happy to cook Gluten Free dishes for you.

However, they are not a Gluten free restaurant and therefore cross contamination is possible.

We know you and the family will LOVE VegeNation Vegan restaurant. be sure to tag your eats #VegeNation @Vegenation

NoButcher Plant-Based Deli & Eatery

No Butcher is a slightly less formal setting than other restaurant options in this article but it 100% needs a mention here.

Located in the Rainbow Springs Shopping Center, you’ll need a ride to get here as it’s off the main tourist path.

Have a car? Great!

As it has a drive thru should you choose to order and go or a small, but, very cute eating space within.

Las Vegas sandwich vegan
Las Vegas vegan sandwich

Open 7 days a week from 11.30am-6.30pm you should try to swing by here with the family at some point during your stay.

So, like a deli, NoButcher offers such wonderful options as the pulled NoPork Sandwiches on their own or in a meal.

The meal combo comes with one side, a drink and a cookie.

From Italian Cold Cut Sandwiches to Aloha NoRib Sandwiches you’re gonna be salivating when you see this menu.

Run and owned by Sebastian, you can tell the guy is passionate about the food he creates here and providing a great customer experience.

You will NOT be disappointed by NoButcher. Surely a great eating option for all the families with kids while on vacation in Las Vegas.

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Cuisine

Probably the vest vegan in China town and into Korea town Las Vegas.

Like Sushi?

Many former ‘carnis’ say it’s so hard to find a place that can do good vegan sushi.

Well, we can now let you in on a secret! Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan restaurant in the Spring Hill area does absolutely awesome sushi.

In addition they do much more in the line of Chinese, Japanese and Thai vegan food.

Located just around the corner from NoButcher, you’re really spoiled for choice now.

Las Vegas sushi vegan restaurants
Vegan sushi in Las Vegas

People who visit absolutely rave about this little vegan restaurant and online the reviews for Chef Kenny’s restaurant are glowing.

When you and your family visit this little piece of heaven you can expect traditional Asian food with a vegan interpretation.

It’s a great place for small families or, better still, larger family gatherings.

Even your non vegan friends and family members will want to come back. They simply won’t believe there’s no meat in any of the menu options.

Chef Kenny and all his staff will bowl you over with their friendliness. He can often be seeing meeting and greeting guests to the restaurant.

You’ll wonder how he can manage to do front of house as well as cook up such vegan delicacies as he is known for.

At weekends do try to book in advance as the restaurant is pretty small and can fill up in a matter of minutes.

All-in-all – Chef Kenny and his restaurant will leave you and your family impressed and extremely satisfied with this vegan fare. Just be careful to try to keep it a secret or you’ll never get a seat in there again!

Craft Kitchen Las Vegas

I simply love this place. Love the decor, love the food. If you’re looking for a sleeker dining experience, then this vegan Craft Kitchen restaurant is for you.

Before reading on, just be aware that Craft Kitchen is not open in the evening time. So, don’t get caught out and turn up in the evening with the family expecting to get a table.

I’d love if it did have an evening dining option but, unfortunately not the case at the moment.

However, it is open every day Mon-Sun from 8am-3pm.

Located in the Henderson area, it’s south east of the strip but maybe plan on a visit with the family on one of your day excursions.

Craft Kitchen set up to cater for families but they ask that you allow extra time for preparation when ordering Family Breakfast Meal options.

A vegan family breakfast option will typically feed a family of 4 but you can add extra on a per person basis.

Sounds good right?

There are 3 family breakfast options. The costs vary from $36 to $42 with additional people charged at either a $9 or $10 rate.

Las Vegas vegan places
Las Vegas vegan family places

There are individual breakfast options for kids too.

There is also an all-day kids menu where they can order such good stuff as cheeseburger sliders or hand-breaded buttermilk fried ‘chicken’.

You really cannot go wrong with Craft Kitchen and the ‘happening’ area around Henderson.

Around here the community are very much welcomed into the restaurant. To use it as a place to come together and share unforgettable food.

What I love is that the owner, Chef Jaret thinks outside the box. He previously got involved in Pinktober and is now taking orders for Thanksgiving.

I couldn’t think of anything better than Chef Jaret cooking up my Thanksgiving vegan feast for my family and I.

Heads Up! Craft Kitchen will most likely be doing baskets for Holiday Season so watch the space.


There are some excellent choices for family oriented vegan restaurants within the city of Las Vegas.

However, it pays to plan ahead and know where you’ll need to go for your vegan breakfast, lunch and a good evening meal.

Plan out where your day excursions and which vegan eateries and restaurants you can feasibly visit during your stay in Las Vegas.

Most of all, enjoy the delicious food each of these restaurants have to offer.

Finally, please let us know if you think we should add any other vegan restaurants in Las Vegas to this list.

We would love to hear from you and add to our guide to the Best Vegan Family Restaurants in Las Vegas.

They just have to be family oriented and, offer plenty of food vegan options for young kids to older ones.

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