What To Wear In Vegas For Over 50’s Women

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Vegas is the perfect adult destination all year round due to the pleasant weather, great shopping spots, and limitless day and night activities.

Knowing what to pack for your girl’s trip can be challenging. Read on to discover what to wear in Vegas for over 50’s women in any month of the year.

The Vibe In Vegas All Year Round

Vegas is famous for its lively night scenes, elite dining experiences, and exciting entertainment activities.

Be comfortable and stylish

For women over 50, the idea is to be comfortable and stylish to blend perfectly into the vibrant Vegas mood.

Choose outfits that suit every occasion to fit into the vibe in Sin City. The fashion trends for the year are strikingly elegant and alluring.

However, pack for comfort, as you will spend most of your days on your feet. 

Whether exploring the city during the day, going out to dinner, or attending casino shows, choose outfits you will be confident in.

Luxurious fabrics such as satin and velvet are ideal for flowy dresses to wear during the night.

Your choice of accessories needs to be statement pieces to elevate your attire. Pack bold neck and arm pieces, earrings, and a beautiful purse to complete your look.

9 Outfit Ideas For Over 50’s Women In Vegas

You want to look fabulous yet stay comfortable with every outfit you wear in Vegas.

The below outfit ideas will ensure you are confident and sexy throughout your stay.

outfit tips for over 50s women Vegas

Sequin dress in August

If you intend to go dancing, a knee-length sequin dress will be a sassy yet sophisticated look.

Combine it with chunky heels, bold accessories, and a cute clutch bag. If the weather changes at night, carry a light blazer or velvet wrap to keep warm.

Animal print for a day trip in January

Animal print’s wild yet classic look remains popular in Vegas all year. Bring your favorite animal print coat if you visit during the still-cold January winter month.

Wear it over a well-fitting black dress for a striking appearance.

Bold colors for sunny July

July tends to be a hot month in Vegas, which calls for bold colors and sleeveless outfits.

Choose a cozy A-line dress in bright colors and pair it with comfortable sandals and a hat for an airy day stroll.

Little Black Dress for an evening out in March

Even at 50, you can show off your great figure with a little black dress for an elegant evening dinner.

It is a timeless look that you can pair with any color leather jacket and an embellished bag to brighten your look.

Casual look for a lazy day indoors in September

After a fabulous night out, you will need a simple outfit to lounge in during the day in your hotel room.

Try a pair of cotton shorts and a simple T-shirt to catch up with friends or relax in the hotel lounge.

Warm chic in chilly December

Dark dress pants with a simple long-sleeved blouse are a playful look that keeps you warm during the winter months in Vegas.

You can also wear a fitting sweater tucked into a satin maxi skirt, a stylish combination during the day or at night. Pair either outfit with a comfy wedge shoe. 

Comfy jeans for a shopping trip in April

A well-fitting pair of jeans is a must-have item when you visit Vegas. Choose a flowy linen or cotton top or blouse to match and carry a tote bag.

Since you will also be walking around a lot, pick sandals that offer support to protect your ankles.

Classy outfit for the casino in February

Jumpsuits are perfect for women of all ages. Pack one that flows from your waist elegantly and match it with low-heeled shoes and a dashing blazer.

A simple watch or bracelet is all the accessories you need for this look.

Elegant swimwear for the poolside in June

You can still look fashionable by the pool by rocking a flattering swimsuit with a trim cover-up.

Go for one-piece suits in bold patterns or prints, as they are attractive and offer coverage. 

If you are stepping out briefly and do not want to change, wear a maxi cotton dress over your swimsuit and a wide sun hat. Carry a beach bag to throw in a pair of sunglasses, a simple neckpiece, and flip-flops.

Additional Tips For What To Wear In Vegas For Women Over 50

Besides the weather, there are other things to consider when dressing for Vegas.

9 Outfit Ideas For Over 50's Women In Vegas
Outfit ideas

You want to look and feel glamorous, but comfort is also important.

  • Although Vegas summers are extremely hot, shops and casinos have air conditioning all day. It gets cold even during the day, so wear a light jacket or scarf to keep warm.
  • Jeans are great for evening excursions but tend to get warm during the day. Instead, pack a few Capri trousers or chic cotton pants for walking around.
  • In fall, Vegas can get chilly, typical weather for deserts, so keep a coat nearby for evening activities.
  • Winter in Vegas calls for layering, as the weather is cold in the morning and evenings. You must carry a sweater and an overcoat for additional warmth. Wear a light long-sleeved top if it gets hot during the day, and remove the extra layers.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes in the summer, as the shopping malls and casino floors are endless. Sneakers are a comfortable option to pair with jeans but pack a pair of mules or cute sandals for daytime trips.
  • Pack a pair of low boots. These go well with a flowy pair of pants for a night out on the strip.
  • If you do not mind heels, they look great with your dress for a fancy dinner event. However, pack lightweight shoes into your tote bag that you can quickly slip into if your feet get sore.
  • Glam your outfit with sparkly make-up, or try a smoky eye for a dramatic change. You are in Vegas; nothing is impossible if you are having fun.
  • Pick simple accessories like earrings and chunky bracelets that go well with casual outfits.


A trip to Vegas with friends is worth the hype. The above tips on what to wear in Vegas for over 50’s women will help you keep things classy.

You want to dress sexy but not go overboard to attract unwanted attention. Finally, remember to carry waterproof sunscreen.  

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