Do Flight Prices Go Down At Night?

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I’m a sucker for a good bargain, especially when it comes to travel. Someone told me recently that flight prices are lower at night.

But is there any truth in this?

Do flight prices go down at night, and what’s the best way to get a good deal?

Is It True That Flight Prices Drop At Night?

The truth is that the price of a flight can go up or down at any time of the day or night.

There’s no set hour that airlines suddenly do a flash sale or, conversely, boost their prices. 

Is It True That Flight Prices Drop At Night
Flight prices might drop at night

However, a lot of people have noticed that flight prices seem to be a little lower when they’re booking at night, and there could be several reasons for this. 

Primarily, it’s likely that airlines lower their prices at night because they know that people are less likely to book during these off-peak hours.

But you also have to keep in mind that the cost of an individual ticket will change as the plane starts to fill up.

I’ve known of people who have gotten a great deal on a flight, told their friend about it who has then immediately gone to book only to find that the ticket price is much higher.

It’s really a matter of luck and stumbling upon a good deal. 

When Is The Best Time To Get Cheap Flights?

I was recently looking for a flight to Belfast, and I noticed that different airlines were offering massively different fares.

I was in no hurry to book the flight, so I decided to wait a while and see if anything changed. 

When Is The Best Time To Get Cheap Flights?
Best time to get cheap flights

I was horrified to see that a flight departing the following morning had skyrocketed in price. This left me wondering when the best time to book a cheap flight actually is. 

Well, according to Skyscanner, the time that you’re most likely to get a great deal is at 5 am!

Yes, that’s right, if you want to book a flight that isn’t going to break the bank, then you’ll want to be up bright and early.

What’s more, within the same research, Skyscanner found that Sunday is the most lucrative day for booking a flight. So, you’d better set that alarm and make sure you get an early night on Saturday!

Tips On Getting The Best Flight Prices

Even if you’re a savvy traveler, you’ve probably had to fork out more than you’d have liked for a ticket at some point or another.

But there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting a good deal.

There’s A Lot Of Myths

One of the things I have found when looking around the internet for ways to get cheap flights is that there are a ton of myths.

Learning Tips for finding cheap flights
Tips for finding cheap flights

You probably came across this article because of the myth that flights go down at night.

You may have also heard that setting your browser to private or buying a ticket on a Tuesday will get you a better deal.

All of these things are simply not true, so don’t pay attention to them. 

Don’t Search Only For One Date

If you really want to save money on flights, then I’d seriously recommend becoming more flexible with when you’re willing to travel.

cheapest flights expedia

I realize this isn’t always possible but where it is, try looking at days either side of your chosen date or looking at flights leaving at other times. 

You’ll often find that flying on a Wednesday at 4 am is much cheaper than flying on a Friday afternoon at 5 pm. People want convenience, and airlines will charge for the privilege. 

Moreover, if you’re planning a trip to somewhere like Paris, for example, be aware that travel within Europe is at its peak in the summer, particularly around August.

Airlines will capitalize on this, and ticket prices go up. So, if you can plan your trip for the fall or during early spring, you’ll get a much better deal. 

Consider Your Destination

There will be some of you reading this that need to go to a specific destination and there’s no way to change it. 

Choosing airport for cheap tickets
Some destinations are a lot more affordable

If you’re booking a flight because you want to take a vacation and don’t have your heart set on a specific location, then take the time to do some research as to where you might like to fly.

Some destinations are a lot more affordable. 

Even if you’re looking to go to a specific country, there may be several airports to choose from.

For Example – If you’re heading to the UK, it may be cheaper to fly to Gatwick than it would to Heathrow. 

What’s more, I’d encourage you to think about whether you really need a direct flight.

I know that direct flights are so much more convenient but they’re also so much more expensive.

I was recently looking for a flight to Bangalore and a direct flight was almost double the cost of one that made a stop in Abu Dhabi.

If you’re not in a rush, it’s worth considering. 

Use A Budget Airline

I know that a lot of people want to fly with the big guns like Emirates, Qantas, American Airlines, but if you’re looking to save a few dollars, then going for the budget airlines will make a big difference. 

A lot of these airlines no longer do long haul flights, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Influence the price drop

But if you’re going short or medium haul then you’ll get a much better deal. 

You can also save on baggage by only taking carry-on and opt out of things like in-flight meals if you think it would be cheaper to pack a sandwich. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a cheap flight can feel like a real victory, so it’s no wonder that so many travelers spend hours scouring the internet for a good deal.

However, there’s a lot of false information out there regarding when is the best time to get a cheap flight. 

While you may find flight prices drop at night or, indeed at certain times of the day, there’s no rhyme or reason to this.

Airlines don’t automatically lower their ticket prices once the clock strikes midnight, although there are other factors that will affect how much you pay.

The best thing to do is to spend some time considering where you want to fly, when you want to fly, and which airlines you’re happy to use.

These are all things that can have a real impact on the cost and may help you secure a better deal.

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