Do Lufthansa Provide Headphones: In-Flight Entertainment Guide

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When flying with Lufthansa, one of the many services they offer is in-flight entertainment. Passengers traveling on long-haul flights can enjoy a comfortable experience with various entertainment options, including movies, music, and games.

One of the key aspects to fully enjoy this experience is the use of headphones, necessary for a private and immersive session.

Lufthansa’s commitment to catering to their passengers’ needs is evident in their attention to details, including the provision of headphones.

With Lufthansa, whether you’re in economy, premium economy, or business class, the airline ensures that you have quality headphones available to enhance your entertainment experience.

Passengers in business class can expect noise-canceling headphones, while the other cabins are provided with non-noise-canceling headphones but still decent quality.

Key Takeaways

  • Lufthansa provides headphones for passengers to enjoy their in-flight entertainment options.
  • Business class passengers can expect noise-canceling headphones, while other cabins receive non-noise-canceling headphones.
  • The quality and comfort of the headphones highlight Lufthansa’s dedication to passenger satisfaction.
PRAGUE - OCTOBER 02: Lufthansa Airbus A380 airliner takes off on October 02, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic. The A380 is currently the largest passenger airliner.

Lufthansa and In-Flight Entertainment

Lufthansa provides an extensive in-flight entertainment system to keep passengers entertained during their flights. This system offers various types of media, such as the latest blockbusters, TV programs, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and games.

For a comfortable listening experience, Lufthansa supplies passengers with headphones on their flights. These headphones come with non-noise-canceling capabilities and include new foam covers for hygiene purposes.

Passengers also have the option to use their own headphones, including Bose noise-canceling ones, while enjoying Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment. Additionally, Bluetooth headphones can be used during most stages of the flight, making it easier for those who prefer wireless listening.

Lufthansa’s FlyNet feature allows passengers to stay connected throughout their journey. With this service, passengers can answer emails, chat with friends, or send important updates, as it is available on the long-haul fleet.

Incorporating these entertainment features on a business trip can make the flight more enjoyable and productive. Passengers can watch their favorite movies, listen to music to unwind, or conduct important business affairs using Lufthansa’s in-flight services.

Provided Headphones: A Closer Look

Lufthansa has collaborated with HARMAN to offer passengers an enhanced audio experience using AKG N60 NC (noise-cancelling) headphones. These headphones aim to give customers a more peaceful and enjoyable flight.

AKG N60 NC Headphones offer an aviation-certified adaptation specifically designed for in-flight use. They are designed to minimize the interference of ambient noise during the flight.

Noise-cancelling technology plays a vital role in providing passengers with a serene atmosphere. It helps to eliminate unwanted background noise, allowing you to focus on your entertainment or work.

The audio experience provided by these headphones can significantly improve your in-flight entertainment satisfaction. Whether watching movies, listening to music, or enjoying the various streaming options, AKG N60 NC headphones ensure you have a clear, crisp, and immersive experience.

NEW YORK - APRIL 06, 2016: inside of Lufthansa Boeing 747.  Lufthansa is a German airline and, when combined with its subsidiaries, the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of passengers carried and fleet size.

Comparison with Other Airlines

Lufthansa provides headphones for in-flight entertainment, including non-noise-canceling headphones with foam covers for comfort and hygiene . Similarly, United Airlines and Qatar Airways are experimenting with Bluetooth technology for their in-flight entertainment systems .

In contrast, American Airlines offers passengers a choice of downloading the airline’s app to access media, or using the seat-back screen for in-flight entertainment. Wired headphones are provided for passengers who prefer using the screen .

Air Canada, like other airlines, also offers headphones for their in-flight entertainment. However, it is worth noting that the quality may vary, and passengers often prefer using their personal headphones for better comfort and sound quality.

While Lufthansa, United Airlines, American Airlines, and Air Canada provide headphones for passengers, the type and quality of headphones may differ. Passengers may want to consider bringing their own headphones if they prefer higher-quality sound and comfort during their flight.

The Comfort Factor

Lufthansa’s Premium Economy class offers a welcome drink and increased personal space, providing a comfortable journey for passengers. The seats deliver up to 50% more room on all sides, enhancing relaxation and freedom of movement.

Flight attendants distribute non-noise-canceling headphones for in-flight entertainment, ensuring clear listening during your flight. Additionally, you can use your own Bluetooth headphones by activating “Flight mode” and connecting them to the aircraft’s in-flight WiFi service, FlyNet.

Lufthansa has designed its Premium Economy seats with passenger comfort in mind, offering more legroom for added relaxation. Practical touches such as a cocktail table in the armrest cater to both leisure and business travelers.

In terms of seat pitch, Lufthansa provides ample space to meet passengers’ needs, creating a comfortable and restful experience. Business class seats, on the other hand, offer even more premium features, such as lie-flat beds and enhanced dining options, ensuring a top-notch travel experience.

Aircraft In Sunset

Headphones Specifications and Details

Lufthansa collaborated with Harman to provide passengers with AKG N60 NC headphones on business class flights. These aviation-certified headphones feature active noise cancellation for a comfortable in-flight listening experience.

The headphones offer a frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz, ensuring clear audio reproduction. Additionally, they include a passive mode to remain functional even if the battery runs out during long flights.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the AKG N60 NC headphones are both durable and comfortable. Memory foam ear cushions further enhance the comfort level while providing a secure fit.

Battery life for these headphones is impressive, lasting up to 30 hours with noise-cancellation activated. This ensures passengers can enjoy an uninterrupted, immersive audio experience throughout their flights.

Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment system features a three-prong headphone jack, compatible with standard headphone connectors. Passengers can use their own headphones with the provided adapter, if necessary.

For travelers with Bluetooth headphones, activating “Flight mode” on the device and then turning on Bluetooth allows for a wireless connection during the flight.

Michael Mauser and Harman Connected Technologies

Michael Mauser is a key figure in HARMAN International Industries, a premier company for connected technologies for consumer and enterprise markets. As the President and Chief Executive Officer, he previously served as the Chief Operating Officer in Harman.

HARMAN focuses on connected car, lifestyle audio, and professional solutions divisions. They aim to provide top-notch services like high-performance AKG headphones for airline passengers.

One remarkable collaboration between Harman and Lufthansa was announced in 2016. It was a long-term partnership to equip Lufthansa’s passengers with aviation-certified adaptation headphones.

The partnership promised to offer flyers a more peaceful experience. They utilize best-in-class active noise cancellation technology to minimize disruptive sounds during flights.

Under Michael Mauser’s leadership, Harman continues to excel in connected technologies and audio solutions. Projects like the Lufthansa collaboration showcase the company’s commitment to enhancing consumer experience.

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Fleet and Cabin Details

Lufthansa offers a diverse fleet, ranging from the sustainable and modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the innovative Airbus A350. They focus on providing comfort during long-haul flights, with cabins designed to cater to passenger needs.

For those in the business cabin, Lufthansa offers exclusive amenities. From January 2017, the business class has been equipped with Harman noise-cancelling headphones, ensuring a more enjoyable in-flight entertainment experience.

Their First Class fleet is equipped with FlyNet® and broadband Internet access, and features only eight exclusive seats on long-haul aircraft such as the 747-8i. This provides a heightened level of privacy and exclusivity to those passengers.

Passengers traveling in premium economy can also experience added comfort and amenities. Lufthansa’s cabins boast spacious and well-designed interiors, ensuring a pleasant journey even on the longest of flights.

Service and Assistance

Lufthansa provides a range of services to passengers onboard their flights. Among these offerings are headphones for in-flight entertainment.

Passengers can use their own headphones or headsets during the flight. Bluetooth connectivity is an option for easy use.

Service crews aboard Lufthansa flights are prepared to assist with any issues that may arise. For example, they can help troubleshooting or reconnecting a passenger’s headset.

In the case of malfunctioning headphones provided by Lufthansa, the crew can offer a replacement to ensure a pleasant in-flight experience.

Repairs, while not always possible during a flight, can be addressed by contacting Lufthansa’s Help & Contact services for guidance and assistance.

Lufthansa is committed to providing a seamless travel experience, with quality customer service prioritized for each passenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are headphones provided on Lufthansa flights?

Yes, Lufthansa provides headphones for passengers on their flights. Non-noise-canceling headphones are typically distributed by flight attendants for in-flight entertainment purposes.

What type of headphones can be used on Lufthansa planes?

Most Lufthansa planes use a 3-prong headphone jack, which consists of Left Audio, Right Audio, and Headset Power on the prongs. You can use your own 2-prong adapter, such as those from Bose.

Is there an option to use Bluetooth headphones on Lufthansa flights?

Availability of Bluetooth headphone usage on Lufthansa flights depends on the aircraft’s specific entertainment system. It is advisable to bring a wired headphone or adapter as a backup.

Do Lufthansa economy passengers receive headphones?

Lufthansa does provide headphones to economy passengers for their in-flight entertainment. However, the quality of these headphones may not be as high as those provided to higher class passengers.

Does Lufthansa offer free headphones?

Yes, headphones provided by Lufthansa for in-flight entertainment are free of charge for all passengers, regardless of the travel class.

Are headphone adapters needed for Lufthansa flights?

An adapter might be needed if you wish to use your personal headphones with the 3-prong jack on Lufthansa planes. Your headphones may already come with a compatible adapter, or you can purchase one separately.


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