Do Qantas Allow Pillows: Essential Rules for a Comfortable Flight

When traveling, comfort is essential, and one common question that passengers ask is whether they can bring their own pillows on flights.

For those flying with Qantas, it’s important to understand the airline’s policy on bringing pillows to ensure a smooth and enjoyable flying experience.

Qantas, being a customer-oriented airline, focuses on providing comfort to its passengers during their journey. While the airline offers complimentary amenities such as eye masks, dental kits, and socks in Premium Economy on selected flights, passengers might wonder if they can also bring their own pillows to enhance their comfort during the flight.

Key Takeaways

  • Qantas prioritizes passenger comfort and provides amenity kits on selected flights.
  • The airline’s policy on personal pillows is not explicitly mentioned, but their focus on comfort suggests they may be allowed.
  • When considering your own pillow, opt for compact or inflatable options to maintain aircraft safety and space.
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Qantas Policy on Pillows

Qantas provides complimentary Napoleon Perdis branded amenity kits for Premium Economy passengers. These stylish zip-locked pouches include an eye mask, dental kit, and socks.

In addition to the provided amenity kits, Qantas has certain carry-on baggage requirements for the comfort and safety of its passengers. Arriving at the airport early ensures compliance with these requirements.

It is unclear whether a separate bed pillow is allowed as carry-on. However, there have been discussions on using inflatable pillows during flights.

For long-haul flights, Qantas has banned certain popular sleeping devices, such as Plane Pal, Jet Kids Bed Box, Flytot, and FlyLegsUp.

The cabin crew prioritizes safety and comfort during the flight. If you have specific requirements, check with Qantas beforehand to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Comfort Aspect of Using Pillows

Quality of Qantas Provided Pillows

Qantas provides pillows and cushions to keep passengers comfortable on their flights. The Premium Economy offers Napoleon Perdis branded amenity kits, including a large cotton pillow and a 100% wool blanket for optimum comfort.

Comparison with Home Pillows

Travelers often bring their own pillows, like a bed pillow or a travel pillow, for extra comfort and familiarity. While Qantas pillows are made for comfort, many passengers still prefer their home pillows, especially for long-haul flights.

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Making Use of Inflatable Pillows

Inflatable travel pillows are popular for their convenience and portability. However, their use on airlines like Qantas might be subject to certain restrictions.

Qantas outlines that non-inflatable pressure cushions are allowed, with certain guidelines. For instance, cushions thicker than 7cm may require pre-approval.

The airline has banned some travel sleeping devices like inflatable cubes and leg hammocks. The decision to permit a specific device is up to the cabin crew.

Using a pillow that complies with Qantas’ guidelines ensures passengers’ safety. An appropriate-sized travel pillow should not intrude into another passenger’s personal space.

The cabin crew’s role in approving or disallowing such devices is crucial. They maintain the safety and comfort of all passengers on board.

Bringing an inflatable travel pillow on a Qantas flight may be allowed, provided it complies with the airline’s restrictions and guidelines. Passengers should always respect safety instructions and the cabin crew’s judgment.

Pillow Use and Aircraft Safety

Pillows are generally allowed on airplanes, but it is crucial to follow airline rules and prioritize safety. Most airlines, including Qantas, permit travel pillows during flights.

Airplane safety is a top concern for cabin crew, and part of ensuring safety is the controlled use of travel pillows. Larger pillows may not be permitted, as they could pose safety risks or invade passengers’ personal space.

Travel pillows come in different sizes and shapes. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) states that all types of pillows are allowed through security checkpoints, but check Qantas for specific size restrictions before boarding.

Ensuring comfort during flights is essential, and using travel pillows can help achieve that. However, always be considerate of fellow passengers and follow cabin crew instructions during your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own pillow on Qantas flights?

Yes, you can bring your own pillow on Qantas flights. There are no specific restrictions against carrying personal pillows onboard.

What type of pillows does Qantas provide inflight?

Qantas provides passengers with large cotton pillows and a 100% wool blanket for optimum comfort during their flights.

Are pillows provided in all classes on Qantas?

Yes, pillows are available in all classes, including Economy, on Qantas flights. However, the type of pillow and amenities offered may vary depending on the route and class of service.

Can Qantas premium economy passengers request additional pillows?

It is not explicitly mentioned whether premium economy passengers can request additional pillows on Qantas. However, it is always advisable to ask the cabin crew for any specific requests during your flight.

How many pillows are provided in Qantas business class?

Qantas does not specify the exact number of pillows provided in business class. However, their business class inflight amenities usually include comfortable pillows to ensure a pleasant travel experience.

Do Qantas give a pillow in economy class?

Qantas provides amenity kits on selected routes for their Economy class passengers, which may include a pillow, dental kit, eyemask, and earplugs, depending on the flight.

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