Do Ryanair Allow Pillows: A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers

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Traveling on a budget airline like Ryanair often means saving money on tickets while sacrificing some amenities.

One common question passengers have is whether they can bring their own pillows on board Ryanair flights for added comfort during their journey.

Good news! Ryanair does allow you to bring a pillow on board as a small personal item, provided it fits within their size specifications (40 x 20 x 25 centimeters).

This means that you can enjoy the comfort of your own pillow while saving on additional fees.

Just make sure to follow Ryanair’s carry-on and checked bag guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ryanair allows pillows as small personal items on board their flights
  • Ensure your pillow fits within the specified size dimensions (40 x 20 x 25 centimeters)
  • Follow Ryanair’s baggage guidelines to avoid additional fees and enjoy a comfortable flight

Ryanair Pillow Policy

Ryanair has specific rules when it comes to their bag policy. You might wonder if you can bring a pillow on board for added comfort.

Unfortunately, Ryanair does not provide pillows or blankets during flights. Ensure that your pillow and other belongings fit within the allowed carry-on dimensions of 40x25x20cm.

Size restrictions may pose a challenge when packing a pillow. You should consider using a travel pillow that can easily fit within Ryanair’s hand luggage allowance. Avoid any unnecessary hassle at the gate by staying within their limits.

It’s essential to follow Ryanair’s policies while on-board. This way, you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable flight experience.

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Types of Pillows Allowed

Do Ryanair Allow Pillows

Standard Pillows

Don’t worry about pillows being counted as a piece of luggage, as most airlines will not count them if they are small enough.

Neck Pillows

Neck pillows are another option for you while flying with Ryanair. Whether it’s a memory foam neck pillow or an inflatable one, you can enjoy a more comfortable flight experience with your own personal neck support.

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Alternative Comfort Items

Blankets and Jackets

Bringing your own blanket or jacket on a Ryanair flight is a smart choice. They can keep you warm during the flight and can also double as makeshift pillows.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are not only great for entertainment during your flight, but they can also be used as extra cushioning. Fold them up to create a comfortable headrest or a makeshift footrest.

Seat Cushions and Footrests

Investing in compact travel accessories such as an air seat cushion or a conventional air cushion can enhance your comfort during your trip.

Additionally, gel seat cushions are an excellent option for added support. Portable footrests can make a huge difference for your legs, preventing fatigue and reducing discomfort.

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Carry-On and Checked Bag Guidelines

Ryanair Allow Pillows

Carry-On Baggage

Ryanair allows you to bring one small personal bag (40x20x25cm) on board, such as a handbag or laptop bag, which must fit under the seat in front of you.

If you need to carry more, you can purchase the Priority & 2 Cabin Bags option, which gives you a 10kg bag (55x40x20cm) to be stored in the overhead locker.

Checked Baggage

For luggage that doesn’t fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment, you can opt for checked bags. Ryanair offers a 20kg check-in bag option, and the dimensions of your checked bag must comply with their guidelines. Additionally, baggage fees will apply depending on the chosen allowance.

As for pillows, the TSA states that pillows may be carried in carry-on and checked bags. Ensure your pillow fits within the allowed dimensions of your carry-on or checked luggage.

Note that Ryanair does not specifically charge for bringing a pillow if it adheres to the baggage guidelines.

Comparison to Other Airlines


When flying with JetBlue, you can bring a pillow onboard, and they usually don’t count it as a piece of luggage if it’s small. Make sure your pillow is compact and easy to carry.

American Airlines

With American Airlines, you are also allowed to bring a pillow on the flight. You can either pack it in your carry-on or have it with you during the trip.

Aer Lingus

Similarly, on Aer Lingus flights, bringing a pillow is not an issue. Just ensure that it is not too bulky and fits within the airline’s carry-on size limits.


Traveling with Frontier allows you to bring a pillow on board as well. Keep in mind that it should fit either in your carry-on bag or be small enough to carry separately without hassle.


Spirit Airlines also permits passengers to bring pillows on their flights. Make sure it’s easily portable and doesn’t disrupt your fellow travelers’ comfort.

Travel Hacks for Comfort on a Ryanair Flight

When traveling on a Ryanair flight, it’s important to prioritize your comfort. One way to do this is by bringing your own pillow. Thankfully, Ryanair does allow pillows on board.

To save on luggage fees, try using a travel pillow hack. For example, wear your travel pillow around your neck and store small items inside it.

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is another useful packing trick. This not only saves space but also makes it easier for you to locate and access your belongings during the flight.

Remember to put items you’ll need during the flight, such as earplugs and snacks, in an easily accessible pocket. This will save you the trouble of rummaging through your luggage mid-flight.

To avoid worry over liquid restrictions and avoid leaks, pack travel-sized toiletries in a clear plastic bag. Ryanair’s packing tips also recommend placing cling-film between the bottle’s lid and body.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or embarking on your first Ryanair adventure, using these travel hacks will make your journey more comfortable and stress-free.

Packing Tips for Personal Comfort Items

When packing for a Ryanair flight, consider including a few personal comfort items in your carry-on. Remember to pack smart and keep the essentials handy.

Your personal item should be of appropriate size to fit under the seat in front of you. A lightweight, compact travel pillow can be a great addition, as it won’t exceed Ryanair’s baggage limits.

To maximize space in your bag, roll, not fold, your clothes, making it easier to fit a travel pillow in your personal item. Opt for a pillowcase that can double as a storage bag for smaller items like headphones or toiletries.

Hats make stylish and functional accessories for sun protection. Choose a foldable hat that won’t take up much space in your bag.

Don’t forget to also pack essential items like a refillable water bottle, an eye mask, and a light shawl or blanket for added comfort during your flight.

Security Checks and Airport Regulations

Ryanair Pillows

When flying with Ryanair, you need to be aware of the security checks and airport regulations. The good news is that pillows are allowed on flights, as stated by the TSA. You can bring your pillow in both carry-on and checked bags.

However, you must follow packing rules, especially at airports like the Gatwick departure lounge. Ensure that all other items in your luggage adhere to the restrictions in place.

Ryanair offers value fares and different baggage options. Remember to choose a baggage allowance that works for your needs, including packing a pillow if you want.

During security checks, remember to adhere to liquid limitations and separate them in clear bags. This will help ensure a smooth experience at the security checkpoint.

When preparing for your flight, familiarize yourself with all the guidelines and restrictions on Ryanair’s website to avoid delays at the airport. By being aware of security procedures and packing rules, you’ll have a stress-free journey.

Health and Hygiene Considerations

When travelling with Ryanair, being mindful of health and hygiene is essential.

One concern may be the potential for pillows to be unhygienic, especially during viral outbreaks. Additionally, passengers should consider how items like pillows can impact their personal hygiene when in close quarters with others.

Remember, Ryanair permits pillows on board, but make sure yours is clean and packed appropriately.

To minimize contact, you might opt for a travel pillow rather than a full-size option. Travel pillows could fit more easily within your carry-on luggage, ensuring a hassle-free experience through airport security and on your flight.

Make sure to always sanitize your hands and belongings while travelling, especially when handling your pillow.

In the context of health and hygiene, leaning forward on a pillow might not be the safest option.

Instead, opt for headrests and specially designed travel pillows that allow you to lean back while maintaining a clean and supportive surface during your journey.

Overall, when flying with Ryanair, it’s essential to be considerate of your fellow passengers. Ensuring that your pillow and personal belongings are clean and properly packed will go a long way towards maintaining a hygienic and comfortable flight experience for everyone on board.


When flying with Ryanair, it’s essential to know whether you can bring a pillow on board. Remember that Ryanair has strict hand luggage dimensions and extra fees may apply if you exceed their limits.

If you’re considering a travel pillow, make sure it fits within the allowed 40x25x20cm dimensions. Carrying a travel neck pillow can provide extra comfort during your flight.

Be cautious about using an extra bag, like a CBD pillow, as your free personal item. Airlines differ in how they treat such items and some may not allow it.

Keep in mind that although flight attendants may be lenient with small items like coats, Ryanair is known for its strict policies. It’s always best to adhere to their guidelines regardless of international or domestic flights.

In order to save money and avoid potential problems, consider packing your travel neck pillow inside your allowed piece of luggage. This way, you can ensure a comfortable flight while also complying with Ryanair’s regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own pillow on a Ryanair flight?

Yes, you can bring your own pillow on a Ryanair flight. Ryanair allows passengers to carry a pillow for their comfort during the journey.

Are there any extra charges for bringing a pillow?

No, there are no extra charges for bringing a pillow on a Ryanair flight, as long as it fits within your allowed hand luggage limits.

Does Wizz Air have different pillow policies than Ryanair?

Wizz Air’s policy may differ from Ryanair’s. It is best to check with Wizz Air directly for their specific guidelines on bringing a pillow on board.

What happens if my bag exceeds Ryanair’s weight limit?

If your bag exceeds Ryanair weight limits, you may be charged additional fees to check your bag in the hold. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the baggage policy to avoid any surprise charges.

Any tips for packing hand luggage efficiently on Ryanair?

To pack your hand luggage efficiently, roll your clothes, use packing cubes, and place heavier items on the bottom. Additionally, consider bringing a small bag for items like your phone, e-reader, and money.

Does Ryanair provide blankets for passengers during flights?

Ryanair does not provide complimentary blankets during flights. However, you can purchase blankets on board for a fee if you need one during your journey.

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