Do Ryanair Provide Headphones? In-Flight Entertainment Uncovered

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When booking a flight with Ryanair, you might wonder if they provide headphones or if you need to bring your own.

Ryanair, known for their budget-friendly approach to air travel, does not offer inflight entertainment on most of their short-haul flights. As a result, headphones are not provided by the airline.

However, you are welcome to bring and use your own electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or e-readers, during your flight. If you prefer using Bluetooth headphones,

Ryanair allows their use onboard, making your journey more enjoyable and free from tangled cords.

Keep in mind that entertainment options are limited, since no connected inflight systems are provided.

In-flight Entertainment with Ryanair

Do Ryanair Provide Headphones

Video Options

Ryanair does not offer in-flight video entertainment either.

Due to the nature of their short-haul flights, they’ve chosen to minimize the expenses on such services.

To keep yourself entertained, consider bringing your own electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, or portable DVD players.

Remember to follow the airline’s guidelines on using electronic devices during your flight.

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Personal Electronic Devices

Ryanair flight no headphones


You can use your tablets on Ryanair flights, provided they weigh less than 1 kilo. Make sure to switch them to flight mode throughout the entire duration of the flight.


Larger electronics like laptops can be used once the ‘Fasten Seat Belt Sign’ has been turned off. Remember to keep your laptop within the weight limit and use it responsibly.

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E-readers are allowed on Ryanair flights, perfect for catching up on your reading list. Just like with tablets, set the device to flight mode and enjoy.


Smartphones, including Android devices, are permitted during flights as long as they are set to flight mode. They can be used for multiple forms of entertainment on board.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi Availability

On Ryanair flights, Wi-Fi may not be available. However, you can still enjoy various entertainment options through your personal devices, like tablets, smartphones, and e-readers.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The good news is that Ryanair allows personal electronic devices, including Bluetooth headphones and those connected to the cabin’s wireless network.

This lets you use your own headphones for a comfortable inflight entertainment experience.

Ryanair does not have Bluetooth connectivity or inflight entertainment systems, some major airlines, such as United Airlines, are exploring this technology. This could encourage more airlines to adopt Bluetooth technology in the future.

Additional Airline Comparisons

In this section, you’ll find brief comparisons concerning entertainment options and headphone policies for United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, and ANA.

United Airlines

United Airlines offers a wide range of inflight entertainment on most flights. You can use your own headphones, as their onboard systems support standard 3.5mm plugs.

American Airlines

American Airlines has an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, and music for you to enjoy. Bring your own headphones or buy them onboard, as their aircraft support single-pin headphone jacks.


Delta’s seatback screens and personal device streaming options provide a variety of entertainment choices. Feel free to use your own headphones, as their entertainment systems are compatible with standard headphone plugs.


With ANA, enjoy a selection of movies, games, and music on their inflight entertainment systems.

ANA’s systems support both single-pin headphone jacks, so you can use your own headphones for a comfortable listening experience.

Headphone Options

Ryanair no headphones

Headphone Jacks

Most commercial airlines use a two-pin socket for their in-flight entertainment systems. Your wired headphones likely come with a single 3.5mm connector, which might not be compatible with these systems.

Wireless Options

Ryanair allows the use of Bluetooth headphones but does not offer in-flight entertainment systems. Keep in mind that Bluetooth headphones must be turned off during takeoff and landing.

When flying with Ryanair, your options for wired headphones include:

  • Earbuds: the smallest type, fitting into the ear canal
  • Earphones: larger than earbuds, fitting over the entire ear
  • Headphones: the largest, covering both ears completely

For the best experience, make sure your headphones are compatible with the airlines you’re flying with.

Movies and TV Shows

Ryanair doesn’t provide in-flight entertainment systems. However, you’re allowed to use personal electronic devices for entertainment.

Some devices you can use include tablets, smartphones, e-readers, portable DVD players, and MP3 players. Remember to switch them to flight mode.

Although there’s no built-in media system, you’re free to enjoy movies, TV shows, or other media content on your devices. Make sure they’re less than 1 kilo in weight.

For larger devices like laptops, wait until the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign is off before using them. This ensures safety and complies with airline policies.

While Ryanair doesn’t provide headphones, you can bring your own to use with your devices. Wired headsets with two 3.5mm connectors may not be compatible with some in-flight systems, so consider alternatives.

If you prefer wireless options, Bluetooth headphones are a great choice. Airlines like United have started integrating Bluetooth capabilities in their in-flight entertainment screens.

In summary, Ryanair doesn’t offer built-in movies and TV shows, but you can still enjoy your own entertainment with personal devices and headphones.

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