Best Fishing Charters In Juneau, Alaska You Can Book Today

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It may look and feel like a city when you first arrive, but Juneau opens up to the magnificent beauty of Alaska.

As the dream season-after-season destination for an awesome angling experience, fishing charters are plenty.

The water and surrounding land views are to die for, and so is a fishing trip opportunity.

Read on to discover the best fishing charters in Juneau, Alaska. 

What Is Special About Juneau, Alaska?

Aside from being Alaska’s capital, Juneau is known for its incredible snow-capped mountain landscape and spectacular land and sea wildlife.

Visitors travel to this second-largest city in the US for once-in-a-lifetime fishing opportunities, wildlife sightings, and to explore massive glaciers. 

Fishing In Juneau, Alaska

Taking a fishing trip to Juneau, Alaska, is a thrilling experience for every level angler.

Whether your dream is to catch a trophy halibut or Alaska’s wild salmon, there are numerous fishing charters all season.

For the adventurous traveler, you can fly to secluded locations for an undisturbed experience of Juneau fishing.

Venture out to freshwater lakes and creeks in the vast mountain ranges and evergreen forests.

If you dare, cruise to the open seas, where your fishing views will be exceptional. Wintertime ice fishing in Juneau is also a thing for those who opt for a late-year visit to Alaska.

Remember to come equipped with the right fishing gear, and most importantly, invest in a quality pair of ice fishing boots. After all, nobody wants the discomfort of frostbitten feet while enjoying the serene Alaskan landscape.

While there are several spots to fish in Juneau, I recommend Montana Creek, Sheep Creek, and Mendenhall River for fly fishing.

Go mooching or trolling using medium to heavy rods in the salt waters for salmon and halibut.

The Breadline, Auke Bay, Outer Point, and Stephens Passage are the other local fishing charter’s favorite spots.

The Best Fishing Charters In Juneau Alaska

Start your Alaskan trip by booking a fishing trip in the Juneau waters.

With local expert guides, you can cast your line for salmon, halibut, trout, lingcod, and Dolly Varden.

While there, take in as much of the Alaskan scenery as possible.

Look out for humpback and orca whales, and if you go to the remote forest areas, watch out for the occasional bear. 

Here is a list of the best fishing charters in Juneau Alaska.

Rum Runner Charters

Join the passionate outdoors people and captains Luke and Adrienne of Rum Runner Charters for an epic fishing trip in Juneau.

You can have a half-day or full day of fishing for halibut, salmon, and rockfish.

What to Expect

Whether in Juneau or aboard a cruise ship to Alaska, they will pick you up for your fishing trip.

Later, you can pay for a sightseeing excursion with wildlife/whale watching and photo tours.

Anyone above 16 must have or get a license for fishing, which they sell onboard.

Their state-of-the-art vessels have a maximum capacity of six passengers each for all trips, with electric downriggers for fishing.

However, if you are more than six in your party, you will charter more than one boat at a higher cost.

Still, your package includes fishing equipment, snacks, lunch for full-day trips, and cleaning/shipping processing.

Fishing Prices at Rum Runner Charters

PackagePrice per Person
Half-Day Salmon Fishing$800 for 1-3 people $850 for 4 people $925 for 5 people $1000 for 6 people
All-Day Salmon Fishing$1475 for 1-3 people $1575 for 4 people $1675 for 5 people $1775 for 6 people
6-Hour Halibut Fishing$1275 for 1-3 people $1350 for 4 people $1425 for 5 people $1500 for 6 people
All-Day Salmon/Halibut Fishing$1600 for 1-3 people $1700 for 4 people $1800 for 5 people $1900 for 6 people

The Local Guy Charters

As a native family-run outfit, the Local Guy Charters will provide an exciting fishing experience in Juneau.

Adam, the captain and boat owner, has been fishing all his life and will ensure you have a memorable occasion.

They have three boat options, all safe to use and with sufficient size fishing decks to comfortably fit six passengers.

What to Expect

The Local Guy Charters offers 4, 6, and 8-hour fishing trips for either salmon, halibut, rockfish, or a combo.

However, they target whichever species is abundant every season. If you book the 8-hour trip, you will get a small meal, although soft drinks, snacks, and water are available for all tours.

As part of your package, you will get fishing gear, fish cleaning, and processing/packaging for shipping home.

Remember to wear warm clothes, bring rain gear, waterproof shoes, a camera, and a hat.

In addition, ensure you get your fishing license in advance, as they do not provide it on the boat.

Fishing Prices at Local Guy Charters

PackagePrice per PersonTime
Salmon/Rockfish$1050 for 1-3 people $1150 for 1-4 people $1250 for 5 people $1350 for 6 people4 Hours
Halibut$1100 for 1-3 people $1250 for 1-4 people $1350 for 5 people $1550 for 6 people4 Hours
Salmon/Halibut/Rockfish$1525 for 1-3 people $1625 for 1-4 people $1850 for 5 people $2050 for 6 people   $1875 for 1-4 people $2075 for 5 people $2275 for 6 people6 Hours

8 Hours
Combo Salmon/Halibut/Rockfish & Sightseeing$2075 for 1-4 people $2275 for 5 people $2475 for 6 people8 Hours

Adventures in Alaska

If you dream of catching the biggest fish in Juneau, Adventures in Alaska will help make it come true.

You can combine it with whale watching for the most exhilarating Alaskan adventure.

Make the most of your private tour for six with Captain Alan, and catch halibut and salmon in the open sea.

What to Expect

To save on time, purchase your fishing license in advance from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.

Once you set off from the dock, getting to the fishing spots may take approximately 40 minutes. 

On arrival, only four anglers can use their rods simultaneously to prevent line tangling and wasting time.

Despite this, everyone will get an opportunity to catch fish while having fun.

As part of your package price, you get quality fishing gear, cleaning, and processing for shipping home at a small fee.

Fishing Charter Prices at Adventures in Alaska

PackagePrice per Person
Halibut or Salmon Trip (4 Hours)$1100 for less than 3 people $1250 for 4 $1350 for 5 $1500 for 6
Salmon Trip (6 Hours)$1450 for less than 3 people $1550 for 4 $1850 for 5 $1850 for 6
Halibut & Salmon Trip (6 Hours)$1450 for less than 3 people $1550 for 4 $1850 for 5 $2000 for 6
Halibut & Salmon Trip (8 Hours)$1850 for less than people $2050 for 4 $2250 for 5 $2250 for 6

Chum Fun Charters

Get your hands dirty fishing with your family on the shorelines of Juneau with Chum Fun Charters.

Amateur and experienced anglers from 7 years and above are welcome for this fun activity.

Not to be left out, all young enthusiasts can attempt fishing like the locals without going out to sea.

What to Expect

First, the team will pick you up on shore or from your cruise to their gear shack. Next, they will issue a day fishing license for anyone over 16 if you did not apply for one earlier.

As part of your package, the team will also provide all the fishing equipment, including rain gear, for your experience. 

You will then head to a local salmon hatchery to learn about this fish species’ lifecycle. Kids, especially, love this part of the experience as they can touch the tanks that hold the fish.

Later, you will head down to the Gastineau Channel dock to throw your line.

Depending on your preference, throw back any salmon you catch or have them cleaned to prepare for shipping home.

The beauty of this land charter is that you avoid the seasickness of a boat, and young children learn to fish.

Fishing Prices at Chum Fun Charters

The family-friendly shoreline fishing charters by Chum Fun Charters cost $175 per person.

They also only run from June to September and last three and half hours. For the fishing license, the $15 price is charged separately on a cash-only basis.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Fish In Juneau, Alaska?

It depends on the type of fish on your itinerary. For instance, the halibut fishing peak season in Juneau is from August until mid-September.

During this period, you will find a large number as there are plenty of salmon carcasses to feed on.

On the other hand, pink and chum salmon’s peak season is July and August, while Coho salmon is from August to October.

Both new and expert anglers travel to Juneau for fishing in August and September. In late summer and early fall, Dolly Varden and trout also migrate to the freshwaters for salmon eggs. 

Is There A Good Fishing Experience In Juneau, Alaska?

Besides halibut, you are likely to catch each of the five salmon species without breaking much of a sweat.

You only need a sport fishing license and the expert services of local fishing charters. They know all about salmon migration and halibut spots to go to for the best catch.

Using their year-round calendar of tidal schedules, you will have the best fishing adventure.

In any case, the half-day or full-day fishing charters in Juneau carry a maximum of six anglers per trip.

As a result, you will have plenty of guided rod time, increasing your chances of a satisfactory catch.

Final Thoughts

From fighting halibut to fly fishing trout and salmon, the best fishing charters in Juneau, Alaska, have your back.

They will accompany you to the remotest, deepest, and widest open waters as long as you get to fish to your fill. After all, you are in Alaska, the breathtaking wildlife and natural wilderness state, where fishing is life.

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