How Big Are Aer Lingus Seats and Seatbelts: Sizing and Comfort Insights

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When planning your next Aer Lingus flight, you might be curious about the size of the seats and seatbelts. Whether you are considering the Economy or Business class, it is crucial to be aware of your comfort during air travel.

In this article, we’ll discuss the seat and seatbelt dimensions on Aer Lingus flights, ensuring you make an informed decision for your journey.

Seat sizes on Aer Lingus flights can vary depending on the aircraft type and class. For flights within Europe, Economy class offers a seat width of 17 inches and a seat pitch of 28-30 inches.

On the Airbus A321neoLR, passengers can enjoy a more spacious 30-32 inches of legroom. Meanwhile, Business class on transatlantic routes boasts lie-flat seats with a width of 22 inches.

With regards to seatbelt length, airlines can have varying specifications. Not all carriers provide this information readily; however, you may contact Aer Lingus directly with questions related to seatbelt size.

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Key Takeaways

Aer Lingus aircraft in flight in dark clouds
  • Aer Lingus offers 17-inch-wide Economy seats with 28-30 inches of legroom on European routes, and 30-32 inches on the Airbus A321neoLR.
  • Business class on transatlantic routes includes lie-flat seats with 22 inches of width.
  • For seatbelt length details, it is best to contact Aer Lingus directly.

Economy Class Overview

Seat Width and Pitch in Economy Class

Aer Lingus offers comfortable Economy Class seating on their flights.

The seat width ranges between 17 and 18 inches depending on the aircraft. The seat pitch, or the distance between the rows, varies from 31 to 32 inches ensuring ample legroom for passengers.

When it comes to the A321neoLR, Economy Class seats provide even more space with 30-32 inches between them. Additionally, this aircraft offers a 3-3 layout in the Economy cabin.

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Standard Economy vs Choice Seats

Aer Lingus offers a mix of Standard Economy and Choice Seats in their Economy Class.

Standard Seats come with basic seating comforts, such as adjustable headrests, individual reading lights, and retractable tables.

While online seat selection is available, the seat map key could help you choose the best Standard Economy seat for your needs.

Choice Seats, on the other hand, offer additional convenience and benefits. By selecting a Choice Seat, passengers can enjoy preferred seating locations, such as exit rows or towards the front of the cabin. This option gives you the advantage of easily accessing your preferred seat during the online booking process.

Remember to review the seating details and choose the best option for your travel needs. By understanding the differences between Standard Economy and Choice Seats, you can ensure a comfortable and pleasant flight experience with Aer Lingus.

Business Class Overview

Aer Lingus airlines airplanes

Details of Flat Bed Seats

Aer Lingus Business Class offers you a luxurious and comfortable experience with their Flat Bed seats.

These seats have the capability to fully recline, allowing you to rest and enjoy your flight. The seat width is typically around 17-18 inches, providing ample space for you to relax.

The Flat Bed seats not only offer comfort but also come with convenient features such as built-in armrests. These armrests provide extra support and let you have more control over your personal space during the flight.

Priority Boarding in Business Class

When you book a Business Class ticket with Aer Lingus, you are entitled to Priority Boarding.

This means you will get to board the aircraft before other passengers, giving you more time to get settled in your seat and prepare for your journey.

Keep in mind that traveling in Business Class with Aer Lingus is all about enjoying the convenience and enhanced services that the airline offers.

So, make the most of your investment by experiencing the extra perks and benefits that come with your Business Class ticket.

AER Lingus aircraft in flight

Aircraft Specific Information

Airbus A320 Seating

The Airbus A320 offers a seat pitch of 28-30 inches and a comfortable seat width of 17 inches.

Each seat is equipped with an adjustable headrest, individual reading light, and a fully retractable table.

You’ll also find space to store your personal belongings under the seat. Note that rows and seat maps can vary depending on the specific aircraft configuration.

Airbus A330-200- Layout 1 and 2

The Airbus A330-200 has two layouts, Layout 1 and Layout 2, which differ in seating configurations. Both layouts offer lie-flat Business Class seats and standard Economy Class seats.

Keep in mind that remaining availability may impact your choice of seats, and traveler photos can provide a glimpse into what to expect. Detailed seat maps can help you make an informed decision.

Airbus A330-300- Full Review

The Airbus A330-300 is primarily used for medium to long-haul routes.

It features a two class configuration with 30 flat bed Business Class seats and 287 standard Economy Class seats. Seat width and pitch dimensions, as well as in-flight amenities, are comparable to other Aer Lingus Airbus models.

When selecting a seat for your flight, consult seat maps and traveler photos to determine the best option based on your preferences.

Remember that seat availability is subject to change, so book early to get the row and seat you desire.

Browsing and Reservation

How to pre-book and guarantee your seat

To ensure your preferred seating on an Aer Lingus flight, you can pre-book your seat during the booking process or even after you’ve made your reservation.

If you want to guarantee your seat, simply log in to the “Manage Booking” section on, and review the remaining availability to choose your preferred seat.

Difference between booking on, third party, and travel agents

Booking on When you book directly through the Aer Lingus website, you’ll have full control over your booking, including seat selection, upgrades, and special requests. By booking directly, you can manage your trip seamlessly, ensuring all relevant details are covered.

Booking with a third party: Booking your flight through third-party websites or tour operators allows you to compare prices and options across multiple airlines. However, you may have limited control over your booking and seat selection, as well as reduced customer support from the airline.

Booking with a travel agent: Working with a travel agent provides personalized service and expert advice on travel arrangements. Agents have access to exclusive deals and can often secure better seating options. They can also handle any changes or issues that may arise during your journey. Keep in mind, though, that additional fees may apply when using a travel agent’s services.

Remember to consider your personal preferences, budget, and travel plans when deciding which booking method is best for you. Each option has its own advantages and drawbacks, so choose the one that best meets your needs.

Travel Companion and Children

Allocating sits with travel companions

When booking a flight with Aer Lingus, it’s essential to consider the seating arrangement for you and your travel companions.

Their seats come in a width of 17-18 inches for economy class and 22 inches for business class. To ensure you sit together, you can select your preferred seats during the booking process.

Aer Lingus also provides seatbelt extensions on all their aircraft for passengers requiring a bit more space. You cannot pre-book these, but simply request one from a cabin crew member when boarding.

Travelling and seating policies with children

If you’re traveling with children, Aer Lingus has specific policies for seating and age requirements. For babies aged 0-6 months, they must travel as a lap infant.

From 6-24 months, you can either choose between a lap infant or purchasing a separate seat. Once your child is 24 months or older, they must have their own seat.

When planning your trip, you may want to review the Aer Lingus guide on traveling with children for information on booking, baggage allowances, and available facilities for children on board.

This will help ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for both you and your children.

In-flight Amenities

Aer Lingus airlines seats

Food and Beverage Details

Aer Lingus offers a range of food and beverage options during your flight. You can expect to enjoy a variety of meals and drinks to make your journey more comfortable.

The airline has a diverse menu, catering to different dietary preferences, ensuring a satisfying dining experience. Feel free to indulge in luxury dining, as all meals on board are prepared with care and high-quality ingredients.

Entertainment Options with Audio and Video

Your journey with Aer Lingus comes with an ample selection of entertainment options.

Keep yourself occupied with in-flight entertainment including movies, TV shows, and music.

Each seat is equipped with an individual touchscreen, providing easy access to a vast library of video and audio content.

Aer Lingus offers AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) system, allowing you to choose from a variety of movies, TV shows, MP3s, and more to help pass the time.

Enhance your onboard experience with high-quality Wi-Fi, letting you connect to the digital world while in the sky. Whether you’re catching up on emails or streaming your favorite content, Aer Lingus has you covered.

Different Fare Types

Aer Lingus offers a variety of fare types to accommodate your travel needs.

One of the options is the Saver Fare. With this fare, you can choose to check a 10kg bag free of charge or pay a fee to carry it on board.

Another option is the Flex Fare. This fare includes a 10kg carry-on bag with priority boarding. Flex Fare also offers more flexibility in terms of ticket changes and cancellations.

When it comes to seat size, Aer Lingus’ Economy class seats on Airbus aircraft have a pitch range of 31-32 inches and a width of 17-18 inches.

Aer Lingus Regional routes, operated by Emerald Airlines using ATR aircraft, have a seat pitch range of 29-31 inches.

Regarding seatbelt sizes, although specific lengths for Aer Lingus are not provided, you can find general information on seatbelt lengths and availability of seatbelt extenders for different airlines in this Airline-by-Airline Guide to Seatbelt Length. This guide could give you an idea of what to expect during your flight.

Remember that choosing your fare type will impact the luggage options and flexibility of your ticket, but it won’t affect seat and seatbelt sizes.

Seatbelt Details

Aer Lingus offers a comfortable flight experience with their seat and seatbelt dimensions.

Their Economy class seats on all Airbus aircraft have a width of 17-18 inches, providing ample space for passengers.

Regarding seatbelts, Aer Lingus extends their focus on passenger comfort. Their seatbelts can accommodate a wide range of passengers, ensuring a secure and enjoyable flight. For those who may need additional length, Aer Lingus provides seatbelt extenders.

Flying with Aer Lingus in their transatlantic fleet, which includes Airbus A330 and A321neo LR aircraft, is also enjoyable. These flights feature lie-flat Business Class seats that are 22 inches wide, making for an even more spacious and luxurious experience.

You can depend on Aer Lingus to prioritize your comfort and safety. With their seatbelt options and variety in seat dimensions, you can fly confidently knowing that your needs will be accommodated.

Other Seat Features

service Aer Lingus airlines

Aer Lingus provides a variety of seating options to enhance your travel experience.

Exit Row Seats offer more legroom, allowing you to stretch out and relax during your flight. However, you should be aware that sitting in an exit row comes with additional responsibilities, such as assisting with emergency exit procedures.

When choosing your seat, some passengers might label certain seats as good, bad, or mixed review based on their preferences and experiences.

Good seats usually provide extra legroom, a power port, or are located in a quieter section of the cabin. Bad seats might be near a lavatory, galley, or closet, which can cause disturbances during your flight.

Blocked seats, often reserved for crew members or passengers needing extra assistance, may also limit your choice of seating.

Premium Seat options, such as business class, offer a higher level of comfort, including wider seats and more substantial reclining capabilities.

These seats also come with additional amenities like luxurious dining options and high-quality Wi-Fi. If you’re traveling with an infant, you might want to request a Bassinet-location which will facilitate taking care of your baby during the flight.

For passengers who require more than one seat, Aer Lingus offers Multiple Seats policies that accommodate your needs and ensure a comfortable flight experience.

Keep in mind that seatbelt extensions are available across their aircraft but cannot be pre-booked; simply let a member of the cabin crew know when you’re boarding.

Safety and Security Measures

Aer Lingus ensures a comfortable flight experience with their seats and seatbelt designs.

Their transatlantic fleet contains lie-flat Business Class seats that are 22 inches wide, offering ample space for passengers to relax during long flights.

On flights within Europe, Aer Lingus provides a comfortable 17-inch seat width and a space of 28-30 inches between seats. This allows you to stretch out and enjoy a pleasant journey throughout the cabin.

Seat belt length can be a concern for some passengers. While specific seatbelt lengths may not be readily available online, the best way to obtain this information is by contacting Aer Lingus.

They can provide you with the most up-to-date details on their seat belts, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Aside from seat dimensions, Aer Lingus has established strict safety and security measures throughout their flights.

All onboard features follow the highest industry standards, providing you with a protected travel experience.

Remember that knowing the seat and seatbelt dimensions before flying is essential to ensuring your flight’s safety and security.

Aer Lingus is dedicated to maintaining a comfortable environment that caters to every passenger’s needs, guaranteeing a positive flight experience for all.

Additional Information

Read Comments and Reviews

When researching seat and seatbelt dimensions for Aer Lingus, consider browsing comments and reviews from passengers with firsthand experience.

By doing so, you gain an accurate understanding of the comfort levels and potential issues faced by travelers.

Find More Information Overview

For further information, explore official sources like the Aer Lingus website as it provides detailed seat measurements, such as seat width and pitch ranges.

Keep in mind that each aircraft type may have different seating configurations, so tailor your search accordingly. Remember that seatbelt extensions are available on all Aer Lingus aircraft if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of Aer Lingus economy class seats?

Aer Lingus economy class seats on Airbus A320 and A320neo aircraft have a comfortable 17-inch width per seat. There is a space of 28-30 inches between seats, allowing you to stretch your legs.

How much legroom is provided in Aer Lingus extra legroom seats?

The exact amount of legroom in extra legroom seats is not provided in the search results. However, you can expect more space compared to the standard 28-30 inches seat pitch in regular economy class seats.

Is the seat pitch and width different on Aer Lingus A330?

Seat pitch and width may vary depending on the aircraft type. However, the search results do not provide specific dimensions for Aer Lingus’ A330 aircraft.

You can refer to their Seats Information page for more details on seat specifications across their fleet.

How does Aer Lingus Economy Plus compare to their regular economy?

The search results do not provide information on Aer Lingus Economy Plus specifically.

It may be helpful to refer to their website or contact their customer service for information on the differences between Economy Plus and regular economy.

Are seatbelt extenders available on Aer Lingus flights for larger passengers?

The search results do not specify whether seatbelt extenders are available on Aer Lingus flights.

It is recommended to directly contact the airline for information on seatbelt lengths and availability of extenders.

What makes Aer Lingus premium economy unique on long haul flights?

The search results do not provide information about Aer Lingus premium economy unique features on long haul flights.

To find out more about their premium economy offerings, you can visit the Seats & Cabin section on their website or contact their customer service.

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