How Big are Spirit Seats and Seatbelts: A Quick Guide to Comfort and Safety

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When it comes to flying with Spirit Airlines, understanding the size of the seats and seatbelts is essential for a comfortable journey.

Spirit offers two main seat options for travelers: the spacious Big Front Seats and the standard Deluxe Leather seats.

Both options have specific dimensions and features to cater to various passengers’ preferences and needs.

The Big Front Seats in Spirit Airlines provide a generous 36″ pitch and 18.5″ width, allowing for an extra 6″ of legroom compared to the standard economy seats. On the other hand, Spirit’s Deluxe Leather seats are designed with a 28-inch seat pitch – known as the least amount of space among all US domestic carriers.

Concerning seatbelts, passengers should be aware of the airline’s guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

Key Takeaways

How Big are Spirit airline Seats
  • Spirit Airlines offers both Big Front Seats and standard economy Deluxe Leather seats.
  • Big Front Seats provide increased legroom and width compared to standard economy seats.
  • The dimensions of Spirit’s seats and seatbelts are essential for passenger comfort and safety.

Seat Size of Spirit Airlines

Understanding Seat Pitch and Width

Spirit Airlines offers two types of seats: BIG FRONT SEAT and Deluxe Leather seats.

The BIG FRONT SEAT provides 36 inches of pitch and an 18.5-inch width, which is 6 inches more legroom and wider than their standard Deluxe Leather seats.

Spirit’s Deluxe Leather Economy Class seats feature a 28-inch seat pitch, the least amount of space among all US domestic carriers.

These seats are designed to accommodate passengers in a more compact setting aboard their aircraft.

Comparing Seat Size with Other US Domestic Carriers

When comparing the BIG FRONT SEAT with the standard seats of other US domestic carriers, Spirit’s offering stands out in terms of extra legroom and width.

The 36-inch seat pitch is higher than the usual 28 inches, while the 18.5-inch width provides more comfort.

However, it is crucial to note that middle seats in a typical US domestic airline may be less cramped than Spirit’s Deluxe Leather Economy Class seats, which feature a 28-inch seat pitch and narrower width.

By purchasing a BIG FRONT SEAT, passengers can ensure a more spacious and comfortable travel experience on Spirit Airlines.

Big Front Seats

How Big are Spirit airline Seatbelts

Features of Big Front Seats

Big Front Seats on Spirit Airlines provide 36 inches of pitch and a width of 18.5 inches, offering ample extra space for passengers.

The seat’s design includes curved seatbacks for additional knee room, ensuring increased comfort during flight.

Cost of Booking Big Front Seats

Passengers can book Big Front Seats for an extra charge during or after making their booking, depending on availability.

To check availability and book, visit The additional cost contributes to a more enjoyable travel experience with increased legroom and a wider seating area.

Standard Economy Seats

Arrangement of Regular Seats

Spirit Airlines’ economy class consists of standard economy seats, typically arranged in a 3-3 configuration.

These seats are designed for affordability and make up the majority of seating on Spirit aircraft.

Spirit Economy Seats Comfort and Features

Standard economy seats on Spirit Airlines are made using deluxe leather material, offering a comfortable yet budget-friendly option for travelers .

With a seat width of 18.5 inches and varying degrees of legroom depending on the aircraft, passengers can expect a relatively average level of comfort for an economy class experience.

Keep in mind that extra comfort, such as more legroom, can be obtained by purchasing a Big Front Seat ticket.

Additional Seat Options and Comfort

Airbus A319

Aisle and Middle Seat Options

Spirit Airlines offers a variety of seating options, including the opportunity to upgrade to seats with extra legroom and space.

For those seeking more space while flying, purchasing a BIG FRONT SEAT™ is a great option, with a 36″ pitch and 18.5″ width, providing 6″ of additional legroom compared to standard seats.

For those who prefer aisle or middle seats, Spirit’s seat assignment pricing varies between $1 to $50 (excluding the BIG FRONT SEAT), allowing passengers to choose a seat that best suits their needs and preferences.

Recline Feature

It is worth noting that Spirit seats do not recline, including the BIG FRONT SEATs.

While this may affect the overall comfort of some passengers, Spirit focuses on affordability for their customers.

Armrest Comfort

Spirit Airlines is making efforts to improve seat comfort, with a new seat design that features more padding and an extra half-inch of space in the armrest area.

This design aims to enhance the flying experience for passengers while maintaining budget-friendly fares.

In addition, passengers seeking extra space during their flight can opt for an exit row seat, typically priced between $25 to $35 during seat selection.

These seats combine the convenience of easy access to the aisle with extra legroom, creating an even more comfortable trip for those who choose them.

Booking and Check-In Process

Procedure of Booking Seats

Spirit Airlines offers a straightforward booking process on their website.

Simply input your travel details, select and reserve your desired seats during the booking process.

Checking In

Online check-in begins 24 hours before departure and ends an hour prior to departure.

During this time you can purchase seat assignments and last-minute bags, which are less expensive online than at the airport.

Seat Selection

There is no obligation to purchase a seat assignment.

Spirit will randomly assign you a seat at check-in for free, but they cannot guarantee sitting with friends or family.

For those with children aged 13 and under, gate agents and flight attendants will work to provide adjacent seats when possible.

For maximum comfort, consider purchasing a BIG FRONT SEAT™, which offers 6 inches of additional legroom and a wider seat area.

Impact of Different Aircraft Models on Seats

Spirit airline seats size

Airbus A319 Seating

The Airbus A319 is a popular aircraft model in Spirit’s fleet, known for its comfort and efficiency.

In this model, you can find 145 “Deluxe Leather” Economy Class seats, offering passengers a 28-inch seat pitch for their journey.

Additionally, there are 10 “Big Front” seats which provide extra legroom, offering a 36-inch seat pitch.

Airbus A320 Seating

Spirit Airlines operates the Airbus A320 in two different configurations. The first variant boasts 8 “Big Front” seats accompanied by 174 “Deluxe Leather” Economy Class seats, all having a 28-inch seat pitch.

Meanwhile, the second configuration of the Airbus A320 has 178 standard seats while retaining the 8 “Big Front” seats.

Both versions feature a two-by-two layout for the “Big Front” seats, allowing passengers to enjoy additional legroom and a more comfortable experience.

Airbus A321 Seating

Lastly, the Airbus A321 is the largest aircraft in Spirit’s lineup.

This model comes with 228 “Deluxe Leather” Economy Class seats and 12 “Big Front” seats for passengers seeking extra comfort during their flights.

Similar to the other models, the A321’s standard seating pitch is 28 inches, while the “Big Front” seat passengers have six inches extra legroom.

However, the seat layout remains two-by-two, ensuring a spacious experience for those who opt for an upgrade.

Various factors, including aircraft model and passenger preferences, influence Spirit Airlines’ seat offerings.

Despite the differences in the aircraft models, passengers can expect consistent comfort levels and seatbelt sizes across the fleet.

Seat Belts in Spirit Airlines

Seat Belt Size and Extension

The seat belts on Spirit Airlines flights are generally of standard size, similar to those found on other airlines.

If you require extra length, ask the flight attendants for a seat belt extension when boarding the plane.

Inflatable Seat Belts

As of now, there is no information available about inflatable seat belts on Spirit Airlines.

When traveling with Spirit, it is advisable to contact their customer support for specific information about their seat belt features and availability, especially if you have concerns regarding safety or comfort.


Spirit Airlines’ BIG FRONT SEAT is notably larger than their standard seats, offering a 36-inch pitch and 18.5-inch width. This provides passengers with an extra 6 inches of legroom compared to standard seating.

However, it’s important to note that no Spirit seats recline, including the BIG FRONT SEAT. Opting for this seating option does not grant any additional perks or extra services during the flight.

When examining comfort for larger passengers, the Big Front Seat does provide extra space. It is suggested to reserve the BIG FRONT SEAT farther back in the seating arrangement to avoid airbag seatbelts, ensuring more comfort during the flight.

The decision to purchase a BIG FRONT SEAT ultimately depends on individual passenger preferences. Whether the added comfort justifies the extra cost depends on the individual’s priorities and desired flight experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Economy class aircraft cabin

What are the dimensions of Spirit Airlines seats?

Spirit Airlines’ standard seats have a pitch of 28 inches and a width of 17.75 inches.

For more space, you can consider a Big Front Seat, which offers a pitch of 36 inches and a width of 18.5 inches.

Is there a seat belt extender available on Spirit flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines provides seat belt extenders upon request. If you require an extender, simply notify a flight attendant when boarding the aircraft.

How much does a Big Front Seat on Spirit cost?

The cost of a Big Front Seat on Spirit can vary depending on the route and how far in advance you reserve it.

Prices typically range from $25 to $80, but be sure to check the specific price when booking your flight.

What’s the process for booking a Big Front Seat on Spirit?

You can book a Big Front Seat on Spirit during the reservation process, by selecting the desired seat from the seat map.

If you have an existing reservation, you can add a Big Front Seat through the manage reservation section on Spirit’s website.

How does Spirit’s seat size compare to Delta’s?

Spirit Airlines’ standard seats have a pitch of 28 inches and a width of 17.75 inches, while Delta’s standard seats in economy class typically feature a pitch of 30-32 inches and a width of 17.2-18.1 inches.

However, Spirit’s Big Front Seat offers increased legroom and width, providing a more spacious seating option.

Are Spirit Airlines seats suitable for plus-size passengers?

Spirit Airlines’ standard seats may feel tight for plus-size passengers due to their narrow width and limited legroom.

The Big Front Seat is a more comfortable option, with a pitch of 36 inches and a width of 18.5 inches, making it a more suitable choice for a wider range of body shapes and sizes.

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