Do Spirit Have First-Class (About Big Front Seat)

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When considering a flight with Spirit Airlines, you may wonder if they offer a first-class option.

While Spirit does not have a traditional first-class section, they provide a more spacious and comfortable alternative called the Big Front Seat.

The Big Front Seat is situated in the first couple of rows of each aircraft, offering a larger seating area similar to domestic first-class seats on traditional airlines.

Though it lacks some typical first-class perks, booking this option can still enhance your overall flight experience with Spirit Airlines.

Key Takeaways

Do Spirit Have First-Class
  • Spirit Airlines doesn’t have a traditional first-class, but offers the Big Front Seat as an alternative
  • The Big Front Seat provides a more spacious and comfortable seating area with some upgraded amenities
  • Comparing the Big Front Seat with other airlines’ first-class options can help you make an informed choice for your travel needs.

Understanding Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a popular ultra-low-cost carrier in the United States.

They focus on providing cost-effective travel options for millions of passengers each year.

As a budget airline, Spirit Airlines stands out for its unique approach to pricing and services. They offer a “Bare Fare” that covers your transportation with additional services available for purchase.

One aspect of Spirit Airlines that passengers often inquire about is the availability of first-class seating. While Spirit does not have a traditional first-class section, they do offer Big Front Seats as an alternative for comfort-conscious travelers.

Big Front Seats are located in the first few rows of each aircraft, offering a similar experience to domestic first-class seats on other airlines.

These seats can be purchased for at least 50% less than the regular cost of first-class tickets on traditional airlines.

Free Spirit, Spirit Airlines’ loyalty program, allows you to earn and redeem points for flight discounts and other perks. By flying with Spirit and participating in their program, you can maximize the savings on your travels.

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Booking Your Seat on Spirit

Spirit airline first class

When booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, you have the option to select your seat during the booking process.

Seat selection is offered as an add-on, whether you choose to purchase a bundle or individually at any time before your flight.

The airline also offers the Big Front Seat, which provides extra space without the perks of traditional first-class cabins.

It’s important to note that Spirit Airlines does not have a first-class section. Booking the Big Front Seat will give you a more comfortable experience, especially for longer flights.

If you don’t wish to pay extra for your seat assignment, Spirit will randomly assign you a seat at check-in for free. However, this doesn’t guarantee you will sit next to your travel companions. To increase the chances of sitting together, it’s recommended that you book your seats ahead of time.

Exit Rows and Seat Rows

When choosing a seat, you might consider selecting an exit row for additional legroom.

Keep in mind that passengers seated in exit rows must meet certain requirements, such as being able-bodied and over 15 years old.

Other passengers may prefer a seat in a different row to avoid these responsibilities.

The Spirit Big Front Seat Experience

Legroom and Comfort

The Spirit Big Front Seat provides more comfortable seating with additional legroom.

These larger seats offer 36 inches of pitch, giving you six more inches compared to the standard Spirit Airlines seating.

These upgraded seats are covered in deluxe leather, contributing to the added comfort. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a sense of spaciousness as Spirit’s Big Front Seats are pre-reclined.

Seat Width and Armrest

The Big Front Seats measure 18.5 inches in width, providing more room for you to relax.

Their configuration, with just two seats across per side of the aisle instead of three, means no middle seat and a more spacious feeling.

The wider spacing between the armrests in these seats makes your flight a more comfortable experience.

Should you require an additional level of comfort, Spirit Airlines also offers seat belt extensions and inflatable seat belt options.

Airplane Amenities

Spirit Airlines operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft, including the A319, A320, and A321 models.

These airplanes provide a comfortable experience for travelers. You’ll find standard onboard facilities such as lavatories and ample seating options for passengers.

While flying with Spirit, you can choose from standard economy class seating or upgrade to the Big Front Seat. The Big Front Seat offers more space and added comfort, providing an excellent option for those looking for an enhanced experience.

Wi-Fi and In-Flight Entertainment: Spirit is currently working on providing Wi-Fi service to their passengers, but it is not available on all flights yet.

Keep in mind that there won’t be any built-in in-flight entertainment, so make sure to bring your own devices for entertainment during your journey.

In addition to seating, Spirit focuses on maintaining clean lavatories for the duration of the flight. This ensures a pleasant experience for passengers taking advantage of these facilities.

When it comes to onboard amenities, it’s essential to remember that Spirit is an ultra-low-cost carrier. As such, they strive to maintain affordability by limiting some of the complimentary services that are often included with other airlines. Be prepared for additional fees for items such as baggage and seat selection.

By understanding the amenities available on Spirit Airlines’ Airbus fleet, you can make informed decisions for your travel needs.

Keep these factors in mind when booking your flight to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Baggage Policies and Fees

Spirit airline Big Front Seat

Spirit Airlines has specific policies regarding baggage and related fees.

As a passenger, you are allowed one personal item, such as a small backpack, included with your ticket. Any additional items, like a standard carry-on or checked bag, require payment.

Baggage fees depend on your route and when you purchase your bags. It is recommended to use Spirit’s baggage calculator to determine the costs for your specific flight.

Generally, fees range from $59 to $69 for Spirit Saver$ Club members and $60 to $69 for standard bookings.

Personal items on Spirit must not exceed 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches, including handles and wheels. It’s essential to be aware of these dimensions to avoid any extra fees. If you plan to bring more than one bag, the charges for the third to fifth bags vary, with rates starting at $85.

Keep in mind that during holiday travel seasons, Spirit Airlines adds an additional $2.00 to baggage fees.

As a member of the Spirit Airlines’ $9 Fare Club, you are eligible for a $9.00 discount on baggage fees, which can be helpful in reducing your overall travel expenses.

Consider planning ahead by booking and paying for your bags during the initial ticket purchase to save money.

Remember to adhere to the dimensions and restrictions set by Spirit Airlines for each bag type to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Comparing Spirit with Other Airlines

When comparing Spirit Airlines to other major U.S. airlines such as United, Delta, and other U.S. airlines, it’s important to understand the differences in their service offerings.

Spirit is a low-cost carrier, which means they focus on providing budget-friendly options and don’t offer a traditional first-class experience.

On the other hand, United and Delta both provide first-class cabins with luxurious amenities. These airlines offer perks such as priority boarding, complimentary food and beverages, larger seat recline, and, in some cases, lie-flat beds for long-haul flights.

Spirit’s alternative to first class is the Big Front Seat. These seats offer extra legroom and are located at the front of the aircraft, but they lack the additional amenities found in standard first-class cabins.

If you’re seeking comfort during your flight, you might appreciate the options provided by United and Delta. They both offer Economy Plus or Premium Economy, which feature larger seats and more legroom than standard economy seats.

When it comes to loyalty programs, United, Delta, and other major U.S. airlines typically have rewards programs with tiered status and various perks. However, Spirit’s loyalty program, Free Spirit, is more basic and focuses primarily on earning points for future travel.

Flight frequency and route networks are another factor to consider.

United, Delta, and other major U.S. airlines have extensive route networks, allowing travelers to reach more destinations. Spirit, as a low-cost carrier, may have fewer routes, which could limit your travel options.

Finally, keep in mind that low-cost carriers like Spirit often charge additional fees for services that are included with other airlines.

This includes baggage fees, seat selection, and in-flight refreshments. Be sure to consider these extra costs when comparing airlines and fares.

Boarding and Airport Experience

Book Spirit airline Big Front Seat

When flying Spirit Airlines, you can expect a relatively simple boarding process, with four numbered zones accompanied by pre-boarding and family boarding.

The zones make the process easy to follow, especially for newer air travelers.

At Fort Lauderdale Airport, one of Spirit’s hubs, you’ll experience a typical airport ambiance with all the necessary amenities.

Similarly, at LaGuardia Airport, another Spirit Airlines destination, you’ll find a range of facilities to make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable.

For a faster security experience, consider using CLEAR, a subscription-based expedited security option. CLEAR is available at both Fort Lauderdale and LaGuardia airports. It helps you swiftly bypass security lines, ensuring a relaxed and efficient airport visit.

On board, Spirit Airlines does not have a traditional first-class section, but they do offer Big Front Seats as a more comfortable option. These seats provide extra legroom and a wider armrest, giving you a more premium experience during your flight.

With this information, you can confidently navigate your Spirit Airlines boarding and airport experience, enjoying the convenience and accessibility it offers.

The Perks of Upgrading to First Class

Improved Comfort

When upgrading to first class on Spirit Airlines, you will experience a significant improvement in comfort compared to the standard economy cabin.

Big Front Seats offer a generous 36 inches of pitch, and their wider construction provides additional space for relaxing during your flight.

Your domestic first-class seat on Spirit may not be as luxurious as those on full-service airlines, but they will still allow you to enjoy a more spacious and comfortable journey.

Additional Perks

Although Spirit Airlines does not offer elite status or full-fledged first-class services, upgrading to a Big Front Seat can grant you some additional perks.

Early boarding is one convenience you can expect, allowing you to settle into your seat and prepare for your flight with ease.

However, it’s worth noting that food and drinks are not included in the upgrade to a domestic first-class seat on Spirit. Be prepared for any additional fees if you choose to purchase these items on board.


The cost of upgrading to first class on Spirit varies, ranging from $12 to $250.

In comparison to other airlines, upgrading to a Big Front Seat on Spirit can be an affordable way to enjoy larger seats and additional legroom without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that while the prices are generally reasonable, paying for a domestic first-class seat on Spirit doesn’t come with all the extras you might expect on other airlines.

So, carefully evaluate your preferences and the value of the perks offered before making the decision to upgrade.

Travel Intricacies

When planning a trip with Spirit Airlines, it’s important to know their travel options.

Although Spirit does not have a traditional first-class cabin, they do offer the Big Front Seat as a more comfortable alternative.

The Big Front Seat provides extra space but lacks some perks typically associated with first class. These seats are similar to domestic first-class seats on other airlines, with a much lower price tag. Keep in mind that the Big Front Seat is the closest you’ll get to Spirit Airlines’ first-class experience.

If you frequently travel to destinations like New York, you might want to accumulate miles using Spirit’s Free Spirit loyalty program.

The program offers a few Spirit cobranded credit cards to help you earn miles faster. This can be advantageous for regular Spirit travelers.

To be more flexible with your travel plans, consider booking refundable or flexible tickets.

Flexible rates may cost a bit more but can be advantageous in case your plans change. Utilizing your earned miles can also increase your flexibility when booking travel.

Remember that Spirit Airlines focuses on providing low-cost fares, so the amenities may differ from other airlines.

In exchange for lower prices, you will likely have less legroom and fewer perks than traditional first-class options. Take these factors into account when planning your next trip.

Airline Credit Card and Loyalty Program Rewards

Does Frontier Allow Pillows

When considering Spirit Airlines, it’s essential to understand their loyalty program, Free Spirit.

This program offers a range of rewards and benefits. You can earn Free Spirit points through paid flights, which can be redeemed for award bookings and more.

A key aspect to consider is their co-branded credit cards. Both cards can help you earn Spirit points at different rates, with varying features and annual fees.

These cards can enhance your rewards, making it easier to achieve elite status or even redeem points for flights.

Other popular travel credit cards like the Platinum Card® from American Express and Chase Sapphire Reserve are worth exploring too. Though not directly affiliated with Spirit, these cards offer competitive rewards and benefits when used for booking travel with various airlines, including Spirit.

As a buyer, it’s a good idea to examine the various travel credit card options available.

Assess their rewards structures, bonus miles, and other advantages they offer. This way, you can tailor your choice to suit your unique travel needs and preferences.

Don’t forget the importance of comparing competitors in the low-cost airline space.

By understanding how other airlines’ credit cards and loyalty programs align with your travel goals, you’ll be better equipped to choose the perfect card and rewards program to maximize your savings and benefits.

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Customer Service and Support

Spirit Airlines offers various customer service options to assist you. Their official support website addresses many common questions and concerns.

To contact Spirit Airlines directly, you can leave a note on their website, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

This helps them streamline communication and efficiently resolve issues.

Regarding the onboard experience, Spirit Airlines does not have a traditional first-class cabin. Instead, they offer Big Front Seats as a more spacious and comfortable alternative to standard economy seats.

As you plan your travel with Spirit Airlines, remember that you can rely on their customer service and support for assistance.

By utilizing their resources and knowing your options, you can have a smooth and enjoyable flight experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit Airlines

Does Spirit Airlines offer a premium seating option?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers a premium seating option called the Big Front Seat. However, it doesn’t offer the traditional first-class cabin.

How comfortable is the Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines?

The Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines is more spacious than standard seats, providing extra legroom and width. Though not as luxurious as traditional first class, these seats still enhance your travel experience.

Do Spirit exit row seats have additional benefits?

Yes, Spirit’s exit row seats offer extra legroom compared to standard economy seats. However, they don’t include other premium features often found in first-class cabins.

How does Spirit Airlines’ seat size compare to other airlines?

Spirit Airlines’ standard seats are generally considered smaller and offer less padding compared to other airlines. However, their Big Front Seat option is comparable to other airlines’ premium economy or domestic first-class seats.

Is upgrading to a better seat on Spirit Airlines worthwhile?

Upgrading to a better seat on Spirit Airlines depends on your personal preferences and budget. If you value extra legroom and comfort, upgrading to the Big Front Seat or an exit row seat can be a good choice.

What are the main features of Spirit Airlines’ best seats?

Spirit Airlines’ best seats, the Big Front Seats, offer extra legroom, width, and more comfortable padding compared to standard economy seats. However, they lack some amenities typically found in traditional first-class cabins, such as meal service and priority boarding.

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