Exploring Laughlin: A Tourist’s Guide to the Best Things to Do

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Laughlin a small town found along the Colorado River in the southern part of Nevada, famous for its nightlife, restaurants, casinos, and many outdoor recreation activities. Therefore, there are many things to do in Laughlin.

Also, considering it’s only 90 miles from the famous Las Vegas, there are plenty of activities similar to those in Las Vegas and at a relatively lower price. 

Things To Do In Laughlin

One thing we like the most about Laughlin is the weather. There is sunshine all year round, and the average weather is around 75 degrees.

Visiting Laughlin things to do
Visiting Laughlin

Additionally, the city has plenty of casinos, hiking trails, vibrant nightlife, and natural sights. Therefore, Laughlin is the best place to visit for adventure lovers.

Other activities you can participate in include; swimming, gaming, jet skiing, exploring nature, cruising, and sightseeing.

Some popular and exciting spots include:

  • Lake Mohave
  • Big bend of the Colorado river
  • The Mojave Desert
  • Riverside resorts and casinos

Popular Things To Do In Laughlin

If you plan to visit Laughlin, here is a comprehensive overview of everything you can do to make your stay exciting.

1. Stroll along the Riverwalk Trail

The best way to start and end the day always has and will remain watching the sunrise and sunset.

Visiting Laughlin Riverwalk trail
Laughlin Riverwalk trail

That is why Riverwalk is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Laughlin.

The trail is 1 mile long and located adjacent to the hotel Corridor along Casino Drive.

It’s a paved trail connecting most casinos located along the riverfront.

The trail provides fascinating views of the city’s skyline and the colorful lights of the restaurants at night.

You can either walk or cycle along the trail.

At the trail, you will get the opportunity to sample various food and local cuisines. Furthermore, the Riverwalk area hosts many music festivals all-year round except on days when it is extremely hot.

Relaxing on the benches is also a great idea as you enjoy the marine life, birds, boats, and jet skiers.

2. Excursion in the Mojave Desert

For outdoor lovers taking a UTV excursion in the Mojave Desert is the most incredible experience.

Visiting Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert

Several facilities rent out UTVs for a certain period, including 2 hours, half-day, full-day, or 24 hours.

One of the areas that you can explore is Oatman, Arizona. This was previously a mining town with exciting old features, such as a haunted hotel.

You can also explore the high desert canyons or visit the Bra Tree.

Keep In Mind – It can get pretty hot, so make sure to carry enough water.

3. Visit the Car Museum

The Car Museum is located in front of the Riverside Resort and hosts more than 80 beautiful classic car models.

All the cars on display are fully functional and have been curated from a private collection.

The best part of the museum is that it is a licensed car dealer, and for classic car lovers, you can find and purchase your dream car there.

Did You Know? Some of the classic cars on display were owned by Don Laughlin himself.

4. Enjoy a Daytime or Sunset Cruise

You can take a day or sunset dinner cruise to enjoy the city’s beauty.

An example is the Laughlin River Tours, which has perfected the art of creating exciting memories for its guests.

Visiting Laughlin river tours
Laughlin river tours

Most cruises provide their clients with:

  • a full-service bar
  • climate-controlled rooms
  • and snack bars

While on tour, you will learn about Laughlin’s history, culture, and geography.

However, the highlight of this cruise is the sunset dinner. Here you will sample a variety of cuisines that are freshly prepared onboard.


5. Go for Jet Ski

For water activity lovers, renting a jet ski from available rental facilities is an excellent idea.

A jet ski will allow you to enjoy the Colorado River and the scenic views of Laughlin city.

There are areas where you can go very fast to enjoy the adrenaline rush you were eagerly looking for.

The Colorado River is an excellent spot for extreme water sports lovers.

6. Visit the Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area

The Big Bend is a 2-mile sandy beach that is the perfect location to chill and relax as you enjoy the cool breeze of the river.

Visiting Big Bend river

Its location (downstream from Davis Dam) makes the waters cool, clear, and extremely calm.

The beach is perfect for various water activities, including kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

Also, there are several bird species making it a must-go place for bird lovers.

Lastly, if you love hiking, the area has a 4-mile trail and picnic facilities.

7. Visit the Stone Labyrinth at the Laughlin Labyrinths

Laughlin labyrinths
Laughlin labyrinths

Created by a local artist, the Labyrinths has nine stone mazes and is considered to have cosmic energy.

The labyrinth is believed to generate positive energy and healing effects as you traverse through the patterns.

8. Visit Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave has 200 miles of shoreline and is home to beautiful coves and beaches.

There is a variety of wildlife, making it a must-go spot for nature lovers.

Visiting Lake Mohave
Lake Mohave

The scenic view of the lake makes it a great place to swim, fish, or have a boat ride. Other outdoor activities include snorkeling and scuba diving.

You can also hike in the lake’s desert area and take photos.

9. Enjoy Laughlin Nightlife

Laughlin has a vibrant nightlife.

Laughlin nightlife
Laughlin nightlife

Therefore, after a long adventurous day, sit down, enjoy slow music, and sip your favorite drink.

The city is home to eight casinos that are full service.

Besides casinos, you can visit one of the many restaurants, sample their delicious meals and enjoy music from local artists.

10. Hoover Dam

You can also visit Hoover Dam and learn about its unique architecture and the large turbines used to generate energy.

Visiting Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

One of the activities you can do is tour the dam power plant and enjoy audio and film presentations.

Hidden Gems In Laughlin

Laughlin is one of those areas that never ceases to amaze visitors. Certain tourist destinations are not overly hyped but are worth visiting.

Laughlin worth visiting
Hidden gems in Laughlin

Some of them include the following.

1. Hike the Heritage Trails

The trails are found at the edge of the town and provide a great avenue to explore the Colorado River.

It’s a 9-mile trail that runs through the desert. The trails offer a great way to exercise and enjoy flora and fauna of the desert.

2. Christmas Tree Pass

Get out, rent a UTV, and drive through the Christmas Tree Pass.

The pass will take you through stunning views of the desert canyon and the pretty Newberry Mountains.

You will also see Spirit Mountain, regarded as sacred by the local Indians.

3. Grapevine Canyon

The Grapevine Canyon trail is slightly less than 4 miles, with an elevation gain of 469 feet.

Visiting Grapevine Canyon
Grapevine Canyon

At the start of the trail, you will be met by a sandy and dry riverbed, but once you walk further, you will be amazed by the magnificent ancient petroglyphs.

The trail will also allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the canyon wall and seasonal waterfalls.

4. Concert at the Laughlin Event Center

Laughlin knows how to party; if you are in town, you should attend one of the concerts.

The Laughlin Event Center is a 21,000-person event center with various seating options depending on your ticket value.

I recommend visiting the center in case there is a scheduled concert.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a relatively small town, Laughlin is a perfect vacation spot. Just like Las Vegas, there are plenty of things to do in Laughlin.

The good thing is that the costs here are considerably lower compared to the much-hyped Las Vegas.

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