15 Things To Do in Lexington, Kentucky: Nature, Fun & More

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Also dubbed the ‘Horse Capital of the World,’ Lexington, Kentucky, is an amazing place to visit.

It has some of the most exquisite equine spots worldwide and is a favorite destination specifically for horse lovers.

As such, there are plenty of things to do in Lexington, as you will see in this article.

Things To Do In Lexington

When you visit Lexington, you will be spoilt for choice as there are many amazing places to go and beautiful experiences to participate in.

Visiting Lexington, Kentucky downtown
Visiting Lexington, Kentucky

There is something for everyone; history buffs, nature lovers, bookworms, fun lovers, and aviation enthusiasts will all have the time of their lives.

Besides horses, Lexington boasts world-class distilleries and the biggest mural of Abraham Lincoln. The city is also rich in history and natural beauty.

Heads Up! It is advisable to call before visiting to confirm the opening dates and hours of the different destinations.

Visit Educational and Historical Sites

You are bound to gain a lot of knowledge in Lexington.

There are plenty of subject-specific museums and historical houses that hold a lot of interesting information.

They include the following.

1. The Mary Todd Lincoln House

This historical house is the first to honor a First Lady of the United States, in this case, Mary Todd Lincoln.

The Mary Todd Lincoln House Lexington
Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Todd was the wife of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

The house was built between 1803 and 1806. It was a tavern and inn before Mary’s father purchased it in 1832.

A guided tour of the house will take about an hour, during which you will go through fourteen rooms and observe artifacts and photographs that disclose Mary’s childhood and life.

2. The Smithsonian International Museum of the Horse

If you want to learn everything there is to know about horses, then this is the place to go.

You will garner adequate information about horse-rearing, the history of horses, and their place in Kentucky society. The museum is located in the Kentucky Horse Park.


3. The Aviation Museum of Kentucky

If you are interested in aviation, you can’t miss going here.

Situated on 20,000 square feet of space at the Blue Grass Airport, this museum contains a lot of information and facts about aviation and the history of flight.

It also hosts aircraft exhibits for different categories of aircraft:

  • military
  • civilian
  • commercial
  • classic
  • and modern

It also does displays of both authentic and replica aircraft.

4. The Hunt-Morgan House

This historic house is named after the first person in Kentucky to win a Nobel Prize, Dr. Thomas Hunt Morgan.

It first belonged to Hunt’s grandfather, John Wesley Hunt, the first millionaire in the region.

The house was built in 1814 using federal-style architecture. It has been restored several times and houses an on-site Civil War Museum today.

5. Waveland State Historic Site

Waveland State Historic Site Lexington
Waveland State Historic Site

This antebellum plantation home, which is located in Southern Lexington, is made up of a flamboyant main house with three other smaller buildings.

These are the slave quarters, icehouse, and smokehouse.

A guided tour of the site gives insight into the family that lived in the home and the workers. There are original artifacts that say a lot about the owners’ lifestyles.

Explore The Natural Features of Lexington

Lexington is a perfect place for nature lovers as it holds immense natural beauty.

Whether you want to take a nature walk, hike, or enjoy a picnic in a lush green environment, you will be covered.

1. The Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

This sanctuary is perfect for when you want to soak in nature and some fresh air.

Located in downtown Lexington, it sits on 734 acres with ten miles of hiking trails.

The sanctuary consists of forests, streams, woodland, and more than 600 species of plants and animals.

Stop at the Joe Pulliam Memorial Garden to witness the migration of monarch butterflies.

2. The McConnell Springs

In the heart of Lexington city is McConnell Springs, which is a nature paradise.

It has a reservoir, a lush green environment, and remains of historic farm buildings.

You can hike on any of the two-mile-long trails. The iconic stone fences add a special touch to the spot.

3. The Jacobson Park

Jacobson Park is a 216-acre urban park with a green space that is lush and inviting. It has a nice, big pond that hosts seasonal pedal-boat competitions.

There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy here.

These include fishing and playing sports such as volleyball and basketball. You can also play golf at the Lakeside Golf Course.

4. The Arboretum

The Arboretum is the state botanical garden of Kentucky, and it is managed by the University of Kentucky.

The 100-acre space boasts lush greenery that consists of shrubs, trees, and beautiful flowers. It is open every day and has activities for the whole family.

Experience Some Of The Best Tours in Lexington

Tours provide a learning opportunity for specific subjects.

In Lexington, you will go for horse-farm tours, food tours, and brewing and distilling company tours.

1. Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours 

Lexington is a hub for equine, so you know that a horse farm tour is inevitable.

Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours Lexington
Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tours

The Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm Tour takes you to a race course, horse stables, and the Calumet farm.

During the three-hour tour, you will get to enjoy the scenic view of the Kentucky countryside.

A local professional guide will provide all the information about the farm and its impact on society.

2. The Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company Tour

Founded in 1999, this liquor company deals in malt beverages, whiskey, spirits, and beers.

A tour of the company will take you through the brewing and distilling processes of making the drinks.

You will also receive four tasting tokens with which you can sample different drinks.

This is the only distilling company where you can sample both bourbon and beer. At the end of the tour, you can relax in the beer garden with a drink.

3. The Old Kentucky Chocolates Tour

Old Kentucky Chocolates is a popular chocolate-making company.

The Old Kentucky Chocolates Tour Lexington
The Old Kentucky Chocolates Tour

A tour of the establishment will reveal the behind-the-scenes of how chocolate is made, from cooking to molding to packaging.

The tour guide answers all the visitors’ inquiries while sharing stories of the company’s and Kentucky’s history.

At the end of the tour, you will enjoy an “I Love Lucy” moment where you taste fresh chocolate straight from the conveyer belt.

Visit The Best Entertainment Centers in Lexington

Lexington is a hotbed of fun. The town has several entertainment centers where you can socialize and kick back.

The Festival of the Bluegrass is a perfect example of the ultimate fun experience.

1. The Kentucky Theatre

Located in downtown Lexington, this century-old theatre is a modern-day cinema that hosts fun activities.

Besides films, you can catch concerts and live performances at the Kentucky Theater.

Its design is beautiful as it was made in the Beaux Arts Style, which comes with a stunning chandelier and marble floors.

The establishment has undergone restorations to become the glorious and vibrant spot it is today.

2. The Festival of the Bluegrass

This festival takes place every summer on the first weekend of June at the Kentucky Horse Park campground.

Kentucky Horse Park Lexington
Kentucky Horse Park

If you are a bluegrass and traditional Americana music enthusiast, you can’t afford to miss it.

People travel from all over the world for the experience.

You also get to see iconic bluegrass musicians such as Ricky Skaggs performing live. Besides music, there are food booths and craft vendors.

3. The Rupp Arena

With a capacity of more than 23,000, this arena is arguably the biggest in the United States.

It is the home of the University of Kentucky’s basketball teams for both men and women.

It hosts events such as comedy tours, concerts, cultural events, and bull-riding competitions.

Final Thought

Lexington is a perfect destination for people who love horses, enjoy nature, and are enthusiastic about history. You will also have a variety of entertainment options to choose from, as highlighted in this article.

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