Best Guided Halibut Cove Kayaking Tours You Should Book

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Paddling in Halibut Cove on a kayak is one of the immersive ways to experience Alaska’s breathtaking landscape and marine life.

Imagine yourself beneath towering blue icebergs, watching seals and their young ones frolic on huge chunks of broken ice.

Discover the best guided Halibut Cove kayaking tours below for a gentle glacial lagoon experience.

What Is In Halibut Cove?

On the East side of Kachemak Bay State Park is the quaint yet beautiful village of Halibut Cove.

The isolated area has a population of less than a hundred year-round residents but receives thousands of visitors annually. 

Of its sparse population, most people are local commercial fishermen, lodge staff, and the village’s authentic restaurant owners.

As a close-knit small community, they are friendly, especially to visitors, while valuing their peace. 

Besides kayaking through the secluded and protected cove waters of Kachemak Bay, Halibut Cove has plenty more attractions.

Some resident artists have a stunning display of sculptures, paintings, and pottery in their galleries. You can tour and purchase a few souvenirs for your loved ones.

In addition, take a few hours to hike through the various trails to see the Grewingk Glacier.

If you opt for a glacier boat tour, you may spot seals, sea otters, whales, and bald eagles in their natural habitat. 

Pro Tip

As you plan your trip to Halibut Cove, consider travel insurance, one of the travel necessities for the adventure seeker.

Can You Drive To Halibut Cove?

No. There are no roads to Halibut Cove, and you can only get to the village by air or water. Moreover, once you get there, you can use small rowing boats on the water to get from one side to the other.

Alternatively, walk or hire ATVs to hike or drive through the various mountain trails, including touring a spectacular glacier.

How To Get To Halibut Cove From Homer

There is a daily ferry with scheduled departures from Homer to Halibut Cove and back. Visitors can also use it for a one-way trip if staying overnight or for a few days.

On the journey to Halibut Cove, the ferry passes by Gull Island, a seabird haven for bird watchers and enthusiasts. 

Alternatively, charter a floatplane or water taxi boat from Homer to the cove. Since the summer months are the busiest, consider making early reservations.

List Of The Best Guided Halibut Cove Kayaking Tours

Take an afternoon excursion or full-day guided kayaking tour in Halibut Cove, ideal for beginners of all ages and experts. You can also indulge in various outdoor adventures during your kayaking trip.

Here are the two best guided Halibut Cove kayaking tours to consider.

While these tours are available from Homer Outfits, the Halibut Cove lodges also arrange kayaking trips for their visitors.

St. Augustine’s Kayak and Tours

Experience sea kayaking and take a self-guided tour of the striking Grewingk Glacier Lake with St. Augustine’s Kayak and Tours.

Perfect for anyone above six years old, the double kayaks are also safe for first-timers and expert paddlers. 

What to Expect

The 8-hour day guided kayaking tour departs from Homer at 10 in the morning aboard a water taxi.

The 15-minute boat ride passes through Gull Island, where you can watch nesting seabirds like puffins and kittiwakes. 

You will then disembark on a nearby beach, gear up, get a brief, and start kayaking along the coast.

Besides whales, you may notice some porpoises, sea otters, and seals on your way to Halibut Cove.

Later, you will start a three-mile round-trip hike from Saddle Trail that opens to the iceberg-filled glacier lake at the foot of Grewingk Glacier.

The area is surrounded by beautiful snowy peaks from which you can see the entire Kachemak Bay and Halibut Cove. 

Halibut Cove Kayaking Tour Prices at St. Augustine’s

The tour costs $170 per person for at least two guests, excluding taxes and gratuity.

Besides kayak equipment and guide services, your package includes the water taxi, a healthy snack, and hot beverages.

They will also provide rubber boots but on prior request. Wear warm, waterproof clothes, light hiking boots, sunscreen, and bring packed lunch and water.

Three Moose Kayak Adventures

Take a scenic boat cruise, hike, and kayak all day at Halibut Cove with expert guides from Three Moose Kayak Adventures.

You will spend time with the knowledgeable owner and see numerous wildlife, culminating your day with the glacier hike.

It is a wholesome experience for the entire family, including children above five years.

What to Expect

There are two daily kayak tours, where groups above eight can request private trips. The early and late departure time kayaking trips last between 7 to 8 hours.

While the outfit will provide all kayak equipment, including waterproof boots and dry bags, dress in warm layers and bring rain gear.

In addition, pack lunch, water, sunscreen, binoculars, and a camera.

Halibut Cove Kayaking Tour prices at Three Moose

PackagePrice Per PersonDeparture Time
Full-Day Glacier Lake Kayaking & Hiking$2298 am
Full-Day Glacier Lake Kayaking & Hiking$22911 am

For each group that books a Halibut Cove kayaking tour, an additional $10 processing fee also applies.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Halibut Cove?

Like the rest of Alaska, Halibut Cove has cool weather in summer, and it is the best time to visit.

While anytime from May through September is ideal, July is the hottest, with minimal chances of fluctuating weather. 

Listen to the weather forecasts before taking a kayak tour to prepare for sudden changes such as winds, fog, and rain.

Furthermore, dress in warm layers, including a bag for rain gear, as the afternoon beach breeze can be chilly. Their beach is perfect for sunbathing or a grill party after a fishing trip in the summer. 

Where To Stay And Eat In Halibut Cove

Suppose you want to spend a day or two. In that case, lodges are available in Halibut Cove, with kayaking tours in their itinerary.

From these luxury accommodations, you will also enjoy breathtaking snow-capped mountains and icy ocean views.

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Although the lodges provide meals for their residents, you can visit the local restaurant, The Saltry, for a fine dining seafood experience.

It is built near the water, where you will enjoy local fresh catch delicacies and amazing views. 

If you are on a day tour from Homer, make a reservation and pay for a round-trip ferry service.

Final Thoughts

Explore the serene waters of Kachemak Bay using the best guided Halibut Cove kayaking tours. Here, you will discover the secluded coves and encounter numerous marine wildlife up close.

Nothing is as thrilling as watching sea creatures glide past you that you can almost touch them. Alaska’s tranquility and natural picturesque beauty also make it a worthwhile experience.

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