Snowmobiling In Fairbanks: 4 Guided Snowmobiling Tours In Fairbanks

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When the snow is at least 8 inches thick, it is time to book that guided snowmobiling tour in Fairbanks, Alaska.

If you are an adventure seeker, combine it with ice fishing trips and dog sledding for the ultimate Alaskan winter vacation.

Snowmobiling In Fairbanks, Alaska

You may often wonder, what brings people to Fairbanks, Alaska? Well, it’s not just the sport fishing trips.

Welcome to Fairbank Alaska
Welcome to Fairbanks

The Aurora, also known as the northern lights, and endless daylight during winter are just some of its wonders. 

As a return visitor, the magical sky amazes me every time, but there’s more to why I keep visiting. I brave the extreme cold in winter for the adventures Alaska has to offer.

From ice fishing and heli-tours across dense forest mountains to snowmobiling in Fairbanks, there is much to do.

Fairbanks is the hot spot for all of Alaska’s winter activities. And guided trips along the vast Denali National Park and Preserve wilderness are just the beginning.

Snowmobiling in Fairbanks is a must-do activity if you enjoy the tremendous rush and heart-pounding thrill of exploring snowy terrains.

Here are the best-guided snowmobiling tours in Fairbanks for your once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan experience. 

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The Best Guided Snowmobiling Tours In Fairbanks

Although most guided snowmobile tours happen in winter, you can make early-in-the-year bookings.

Avoiding the last-minute tourist rush means you get the best deals and don’t risk missing a slot. Early bird rates also apply for hotel bookings/accommodation options, flights to Alaska, and car rentals to ease your mind.

Below are four of the best-guided snowmobiling tours in Fairbanks. Since most locations are away from town, make prior arrangements for transport. 

1. Fairbank Snow Sleighers

Fairbank Snow Sleighers Alaska
Fairbank Snow Sleighers

Explore the tremendous Alaskan outdoors on a snowmobile with local guides from Fairbank Snow Sleighers.

Alaska has gorgeous landscapes, and people sure love sharing them with travelers from all over the world.

Stop and take a dip along the way at some of the remotest hot springs in the region. And escape the chill, if only for a few joyous minutes.

What To Expect At Fairbank Snow Sleighers

Their snowmobiling tours begin in November to early April, and the bestseller, the Aurora Sleighers package, lasts 4 hours.

You will get to chase the northern lights from 10 pm till 2 am, the best show time.

The night sky tour includes balaclavas, bibs, mittens, helmets, goggles, and snow boots. In addition, you will get stopovers to enjoy the scenery and a hot cup of cocoa or coffee.

Since it is also beginner friendly, dress warm and bring your camera. 

Snowmobiling Tour Prices At Fairbank Snow Sleighers

PackagePrice per PersonTime
The Aurora Sleighers$375-Drivers above 16 $200-Passengers ages  6+4 Hours
The Local Tour$250-Drivers above 16 $100-Passengers ages 6+2 Hours
Lynx Loop$150-Drivers above 16 $50-Passengers ages 6+1 Hour

Working Hours

Fairbank Snow Sleighers are open for winter bookings from 9 am to 5 pm weekly.

2. Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service

At Rod’s Alaskan Guide  Service, you will get 1-hour, 2 hours, or full-day snowmobiling tours. Gear up, hit the gas, and explore the wonderland of the Alaskan forests and landscape.

Although they close in summer, bookings are open all year, awaiting November snowfall. 

What to Expect at Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service

While all participants must be over five years old, drivers should be 16 years or older with a valid driver’s license.

The team also prefers those unable to drive on their tour day for any reason to become passengers.

Additionally, the maximum weight for two riders is 350 pounds, with single riding acceptable. If interested, combine your snowmobiling tour with ice fishing or dog sledding.

And remember, a good pair of boots is essential for these icy adventures to ensure warmth and safety.

Safety is their priority, and they will provide heated helmets, jackets, neck gators, gloves, and boots as part of your package.

Snowmobiling tour prices at Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service

Single Rider$1491 Hour
Double Rider$1991 Hour
Double Rider Adult+Child under 13$1791 Hour
Single Rider$2792 Hours
Double Rider$3792 Hours
Double Rider Adult+Child under 13$3582 Hours

Working Hours

You can book your guided snowmobiling tour in Fairbanks at Rod’s Alaskan Guide service every day from 8 am to 6 pm.

3. Fairbanks Snowmobile Tour

Speed off the Midnight Sun 18-hole golf course, which owns Fairbanks Snowmobile Tours, for a thrilling hour of sightseeing.

Their winter half-hour or 1-hour snowmobile rides give you a glimpse of their trails overseeing the Alaska Range and Denali National Park.

What to Expect at Fairbanks Snowmobile Tour

While snowmobiling suits beginners, only riders above 18 years can participate. Tour participants should also be in groups of six, with each person riding solo.

Moreover, you will receive a helmet, boots, gloves, and a snowsuit as part of your driving package.

Snowmobiling tour prices at Fairbanks Snowmobile Tour

TimePrice per Person
Half Hour Tours$96
1 Hour Tours$144

Working Hours

Since they are on a golf course, they are open for winter bookings all week.

4. Alaska Wildlife Guide, LLC

Ride through the beautiful snow-covered Chena Lakes area on a snowmobile courtesy of Alaska Wildlife Guide, LLC.

They accommodate small group tours within various hours a day during winter. If lucky, you will spot foxes, snowshoe hares, and moose along the remote forest trails.

What to Expect at Alaska Wildlife Guide, LLC

Anyone above seven years can ride as long as they are tall enough to touch the running boards.

However, snowmobile drivers must be over 18 with valid driving licenses. Once you arrive, you will get a brief and gear up for approximately 30 minutes before your tour.

When the drive ends, they offer snacks and beverages as part of your package price.

Furthermore, you get a helmet and goggles. Unfortunately, they do not provide boots or snowsuits, but you can hire them from a local store.

Snowmobiling tour prices at Alaska Wildlife Guide, LLC

Package Price Time
Single Rider$1551 Hour
Couple$1951 Hour
Single Rider$2702 Hours
Couple$3702 Hours

Working Hours

  • Mondays to Fridays, 9 to 5 pm
  • Saturdays, 9 am to 12 pm
  • The Alaska Wildlife Guide, LLC remains closed on Sundays.

Faqs About Snowmobiling In Fairbanks

Can you Snowmobile in Alaska?

Can you Snowmobile in Alaska?

You can go snowmobiling for fun in Alaska. Gliding over the beautiful terrain and across frozen lakes in Fairbanks during winter is thrilling.

For safety reasons, using the services of local guides is highly recommended. They know the terrain better, as you want to avoid getting lost or driving on risky surfaces.

When can you Snowmobile in Alaska?

In Alaska, the locals refer to them as snow machines, which are popular during winter.

Visitors to Fairbanks can enjoy single to multi-day snowmobiling tours from November through to May. Gliding across the snow to watch the northern lights is a highlight of this trip.

Do you need a license to drive a Snowmobile in Alaska?

There are no special licenses and permits for snowmobiling for fun in Alaska. Still, one must be able to drive safely and adhere to all safety regulations.

However, most snowmobiling tour guides request adult drivers to hold valid driving licenses, which passengers do not require.

How old do you have to be to drive a Snowmobile in Alaska?

Anyone above 16 years can drive a snowmobile in Alaska. Supervision by a guardian or parent above 21 is mandatory for younger children.

Like all recreational activities, caution is crucial, especially for children. Have them ride as passengers, and they will have an equally exciting adventure.


Taking guided snowmobiling tours in Fairbanks exposes you to the recreational side of an otherwise normal means of transport during winter.

From chasing the Aurora and navigating forest trails to skimming over frozen lakes, the thrill of riding these powerful engines is unmatched. It’s no surprise if you decide to spend every other winter in Alaska.

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