5 Best Beaches in Tamarindo (Hidden Gems!) 

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Costa Rica’s Gold Coast is famous for its endless white sand beaches and warm turquoise seas.

In the heart of the coastal Guanacaste Province, you’ll find the tropical paradise of Tamarindo and its world-class shores.

To help you plan your dreamy sojourn, let’s look at the 5 best beaches in Tamarindo.

What’s Tamarindo, Costa Rica Like?

Visiting Tamarindo
Tamarindo Costa Rica

As the heart of Guanacaste, the town of Tamarindo is the biggest town in the province.

And, it’s actually a relatively new city. Once a fishing village, Tamarindo was founded in 1995. Since then, it has become one of Costa Rica’s most beloved beach towns.  

Is Tamarindo Worth Visiting in Costa Rica?

Tamarindo is famous for ecotourism and surfing.

While much loved by those in the know, this hotspot hasn’t turned into a tourist trap.

There are more than half a dozen beaches in the area as well as a range of nightlife and family options.

Between the resorts and tucked-away beaches, there is plenty of space to spread out without feeling like you’re in a sardine can.

Planning the perfect pilgrimage to Tamarindo is all about knowing where to go.  

Our Top Pick: Tamarindo Beach 

Tamarindo beach
Tamarindo beach

On the northern shores of Tamarindo, you’ll find that namesake beach of the picturesque town.

The 1.5 miles (2.4 km) blonde sand coastline has shallow warm shores that are ideal for swimming.

With long stretches of uninterrupted shores, the beach transforms to postcard perfection at sunset.  


Lining the main street of Tamarindo, you’ll find foodie delights and all of the essential amenities nearby.

If you want to make a day of it, which I’d highly recommend, you can go horseback riding or learn to surf at Tamarindo Beach. 

The Most Beautiful Beach of Costa Rica: Playa Conchal

Visiting Conchal beach
Conchal beach

Enjoy Travel recently voted Playa Conchal the most beautiful beach in the world.

The iconic pink sand beaches of these stunning spots bring in sun worshippers from around the globe.

While the lush rosé attracts a crowd, you won’t find the impenetrably dense rows of umbrellas and loungers that you might find in other globally loved hotspots like Hawaii. 


The warm, calm waters of the gorgeous Playa Conchal make it prime for swimming and snorkeling.

There are plenty of places to throw down a beach chair and, once you do, you’ll never want to leave. 

The Natural Beauty of Playa Grande

Visiting Grande beach
Grande beach

Part of Marino Las Baulas National Park, Playa Grande is a natural wonder.

This pristine piece of earth is protected because it is home to some of the cutest aquatic life you’ll see: baby leatherback turtles.

These guarded little guys are considered a vulnerable species. 

From October to May, these turtles come to the shores of Playa Grande to lay eggs at night. The beach is closed after dark for this reason but you still might get a glimpse of the before sunset. 

Fun Fact – While the babies are adorable, adult leatherback turtles can reach more than seven feet in length and top 1500 pounds. 

Playa Grande is one of the 5 best beaches in Tamarindo, and not just for its turtles.


This sandy beach is a good spot to soak in the sun or explore the shores. It’s also popular for relatively experienced surfers looking for a place with consistent waves. 

Off the Beaten Path Playa Pan de Azúcar

Visiting Playa Pan de Azúcar
Playa Pan de Azúcar

Also known as Sugar Beach, the little slice of paradise is a top pick amongst the locals of Tamarindo.

With lush white sands and azure seas, you’ll find monkeys and iguanas soaking in the sun right alongside you. 

While this beach is a local fave, it’s also a bit out of the way. You’re looking at about a 45-minute drive from Tamarindo.


But, if you make that trip, you may be rewarded with a deserted piece of shoreline just for you (especially from May to November). 

Sunsets at Playa Langosta

Langosta beach Costa Rica
Langosta beach

Take the dusty road just south of Tamarindo, until you reach the flawless white sands of Playa Langosta.

While it’s among the 5 best beaches in Tamarindo, it’s also one of the quietest.

Soak in the calm waves, stroll down to the nearby surf shops and local eateries, then stick around for sunset. 


The sunsets here could easily be the most beautiful in all of Costa Rica. 


As much as we love our list of the 5 best beaches in Tamarindo, you can’t go wrong with any beach on Costa Rica’s Gold Coast!

Every inch of the shoreline is more beautiful than the last. If you are looking for a beach lovers’ heaven, look no further. 

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