Best Alaska Fishing Lodges (For Saltwater & Freshwater Fishing)

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As a world-renowned fishing destination, Alaska is home to breathtaking fishing lodges. There’s always somewhere to stay, whether angling in the freshwaters for Salmon or fighting Halibut in the vast saltwater.

Finding the best fishing lodge is the first step if you are ready to strike an Alaskan fishing trip off your bucket list.

But which are the best Alaska fishing lodges? Besides finding the finest lodging options, your ideal location highly depends on the kind of fishing you want.

If you already have a goal for your trip, read on to discover the best Alaska fishing lodges.

What Months Are Good Fishing In Alaska?

The summer months are the best to go fishing in Alaska. The water is calmer and the weather warmer during this season.

From May through to September, there is an influx of anglers hoping to catch the largest fish species.

Traveling during this peak season is also easier as flights are readily available, and fishing lodges are ready to receive guests.

However, remember to book in advance as it is a busy time for most Alaska tourist spots. For peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones while traveling, also consider getting travel insurance.

Moving around is also easier if you drive yourself, so look into the best car rental options during your trip.

The Best Alaska Fishing Lodges For Saltwater Fishing

If your dream fishing vacation is to the saltwater region of Alaska, then go southeast. You will find incredible all-inclusive fishing holiday opportunities from Ketchikan in the south to northern Yakutat.

Ketchikan is your best summer destination for Halibut and various salmon species. King salmon are in plenty as early as May, with Coho catches continuing until late September.

Another saltwater fishing location is the Kenai Peninsula. Homer, in particular, is well known for Halibut, and the lodges in the region are some of the best in Alaska.

A few of the largest halibut catches also happen in Homer, so you have better chances there.

If you are interested in a hefty salmon catch, go to Seward. The lodges there will ensure you catch your daily limit throughout your stay.

Baycrest Lodge In Homer

Located a few minutes from downtown Homer, the Baycrest Lodge has seven cottages that overlook the Kenai Mountains and Kachemak Bay.

The small family-owned and run guest homes also have private hot tubs to soak in after a hard day battling Halibut.

If you book a fishing trip, you will board the Current Lady, a state-of-the-art fishing charter boat. The 8+ hour’s long fishing trip ensures you catch plenty of rockfish, Halibut, and Salmon to take home in a cooler box.

The different season’s accommodation prices at Baycrest Lodge range between $180 to $625 per night, excluding the cleaning fee.

Each cottage accommodates a specific number of people, so confirm before making reservations.

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge

On Fox Island off Resurrection Bay, the Kenai Fjord Wilderness Lodge is a few minutes boat ride from Seward.

To get there, you will enjoy a glacier and wilderness cruise tour as part of your all-inclusive package. Once you reach the lodge, settle into one of the eight cabins overlooking the water. 

You can enjoy a week-long fishing vacation since they require a two-night minimum stay. Besides lounging on your private outdoor deck after a long day trip to nearby halibut cove, you can take guided kayak tours. 

The all-inclusive daily prices at Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge start at $875 per person.

The Top Alaska Fishing Lodges for Freshwater Fishing

Alaska’s hundreds of freshwater lakes, streams, and rivers make for an excellent fishing trip.

You will catch the best trout in the Kvichak River, among the largest rivers in Bristol Bay. Anglers visit Bristol Bay for rainbow trout fly fishing and for the abundant sockeye salmon.

Alternatively, visit the lodges along the Kenai River region and fish from Kenai Lake to Cook Inlet. Below are two of the best Alaska fishing lodges for freshwater fishing.

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge

Nestled in the Kvichak riverbank, the Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge is in the best rainbow trout catch area, every angler’s dream destination.

Besides a luxurious all-inclusive fishing adventure, you can indulge in activities like bear view and sightseeing.

The type of fishing you can do depends on your preference, although fly fishing is common. The lodge provides knowledgeable local fishing guides to help you have the best time.

If you prefer to fly out to other fishing locations, this is also included in your package.

No See Um Lodge

Hook your line and catch a large Chinook salmon or rainbow trout at the No See Um Lodge in Alaska. You will have daily fly-out guided fishing trips to find the best catch, a thrilling adventure for every angler. 

Their standard all-inclusive fishing trip package covers seven nights of riverside accommodation, gourmet meals, and six days of fly-out fishing trips.

In addition, you will get round-trip flights from Anchorage and access to nearby tourist spots and Katmai National Park.

The Best Remote Alaska Fishing Lodges

Alaska is perfect for adventure-seeking anglers who want to fly to the remotest fishing spots. One of the popular secluded locations is Kodiak Island, accessible via water or air. You must charter a boat or plane to access these stunning fishing lodges throughout Alaska.

The rugged experience means you will be few, increasing your chances of catching trophy-size trout, Salmon, and Dolly Varden. You will also experience the untouched Alaskan wilderness, with wildlife and numerous bird species sightings.

The two top-rated remote Alaska fishing lodges are:

Kodiak Island Resort

As a luxury wilderness fishing destination, Kodiak Island Resort offers comfort and an extraordinary angling experience.

Mountains and water bodies surround the lodge, a fishing and wildlife paradise worth visiting.

The day’s catch ranges from Halibut, Salmon, yellow eye, pacific cod, and ling cod to tanner crab.

Besides fishing, you will enjoy whale watching, sea lions, and otter spotting while embarking on land hunting trips.

Angler’s Alibi

Off the Alagnak River stands this premier remote fishing lodge where you can fish from the dock. The Anglers Alibi Lodge only accommodates 14 anglers weekly with daily guided fishing trips, including late evening fishing.

You can decide how much fishing you want and when to take a day off and relax at the lodge.

Besides looking to catch the five salmon species in the Pacific, you will fly fish for arctic graylings, char, and rainbow trout.

Where Is The Best Saltwater Fishing In Alaska?

While Alaska has thousands of scenic seashore miles, the waters are rich in numerous fish species.

Homer is one of the best sources of saltwater fish, specifically Halibut. You will also catch massive fish species such as Salmon, lingcod, rockfish, and Dolly Varden here. 

What’s The Average Cost Of A Fishing Trip In Alaska?

In all of Alaska, several value-for-money fishing lodges offer accommodation and successful fishing trips without breaking the bank.

On average, plan to spend about $3500 per person for an all-inclusive 7-day fishing package. 

However, the prices may go up depending on the experience. Some premier fishing lodges are quite expensive, especially if they have private charter flights and float-plane fishing trips. 

On the other hand, you can opt for an affordable yet adventurous wilderness day fishing trip while you reside in the city.

The Fairbanks guided ice fishing tour is a fantastic experience, especially for those passing through Alaska who still want to fish. Don’t forget to bring along a good pair of boots to ensure your feet stay warm and comfortable throughout the adventure.


No matter which location you choose from the best Alaska fishing lodges listed above, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Fishing in Alaska is fun for skilled anglers and newbies, and most fishing lodges provide guided day trips during your stay. Go ahead and confirm that booking today and attempt an Alaskan trophy catch.

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