Hidden Gems – Best Beaches In Tijuana

Visiting Best beaches in Tijuana

The Mexican border town of Tijuana is a great destination for both day trips and longer vacations.

It’s full of quaint beaches that have been developed with consideration for tourists.

Avid beachgoers love what Tijuana has to offer, and besides having great beaches, it’s also well-known for its bustling nightlife and vibrant culture.

What Tijuana has to offer its visitors

Tijuana beaches visit
Tijuana beaches

Before we get on to talk about the best beaches in Tijuana, here are some other sights you might want to check out while you’re there:

  • Avenida Revolucion: This bustling street is the heart of Tijuana’s tourist district, lined with shops, restaurants, bars, and street performers.
  • Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT): This cultural center features art exhibits, a planetarium, an IMAX theater, and a stunning outdoor sculpture garden.
  • Tijuana Brewery Tour: Tijuana has a booming craft beer scene, and several local breweries offer tours and tastings for visitors.
  • Tijuana Wax Museum: This museum features lifelike wax figures of celebrities, politicians, and historical figures, including Frida Kahlo and Benito Juarez.
  • Mercado Hidalgo: This colorful market is a feast for the senses, with vendors selling everything from fresh produce and seafood to handicrafts and souvenirs.

Now for best beaches in Tijuana.

Playas de Tijuana

This is the most popular beach in Tijuana, located just a few minutes from the city center.

It has a long wooden boardwalk and many beachside restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood and drinks.

Playas de Tijuana in Tijuana
Playas de Tijuana

The boardwalk is well serviced as both a jogging and walking bath and is a great alternative to walking along the beach for people who don’t want to get sand in their shoes.

In Playas de Tijuana, you can also schedule a range of different excursions. This includes cultural tours, tours by bike, and walking tours.

When it’s clear, the Coronado Islands, located 8 miles off the coast, are visible from the beach.

Playas de Rosarito

Rosarito Beach is located about 20 minutes south of Tijuana and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Playas de Rosarito in Tijuana
Playas de Rosarito

The beach is lined with many restaurants, bars, and shops, and it’s a great spot for surfing and other water activities.

The beach is home to a range of trendy condos as its backdrop. If you fancy being more active, you can book a horseback ride for sunset.

Alternatively, you can hike along the Cerro El Coronel path. At the summit, you’ll be greeted with spectacular views of the ocean and Tijuana below you.

La Fonda Beach

This secluded beach is located about 45 minutes south of Tijuana and is a great spot for surfing and swimming.

It’s a bit quieter than some of the other beaches in the area, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway.

This is a great place to go for those that enjoy bodyboarding, surfing and swimming.

There are also lots of bars and restaurants along the beach as well as stores selling traditional Mexican jewelry and blankets.

As you can imagine, the seafood comes recommended and if you can get a restaurant where you’re able to watch the sunset, it’s a truly awesome sight.

Baja Malibu

Located just south of Playas de Tijuana, Baja Malibu is a popular spot for surfers.

The beach has a long stretch of sand and some great waves, but it can be a bit crowded on the weekends.

Baja Malibu Beach in Tijuana
Baja Malibu Beach

It’s named after Malibu, the town in Los Angeles and it’s popular with visitors from the San Diego and Tijuana regions.

There are lots of condos, luxury hotels and resorts along the beach as well as bars and restaurants.

One popular bar is the BM Surf Bar. Here, you’ve got drinks, food, live music, live sports, and pool. You can also pay to park here.

Playa Blanca

This beach is close to Tijuana and is close to the Ensenada port and the road that leads to Rosarito.

It’s situated 13 miles or 15 minutes from the border and can be accessed from the toll road.

The local residents are a mix of US and Mexican citizens. Playa Blanca is popular with families and retirees alike.

Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca

It’s well-maintained and clean. There’s an oceanfront pool for anyone who doesn’t like swimming in saltwater. You’ll also find a golf course close to the beach.

This is a Mediterranean-style community that has a handful of condos meaning that it has a low population density. The sand goes on for miles and can be used all year round.

It’s great for surfing and is often seen in photographs published in surfing publications. Due to the sandy bottom, it’s great for bodyboarders and beginner surfers too.

Here are some amenities you’ll find close by:

  • Convenience stores
  • Pizzerias
  • Cantinas
  • Family-style restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • A tennis club
  • A golf course
  • An equestrian center

Parque Mexico

This is a fantastic beach for excursions and tourist activities, including surfing.

Besides the beach and water, you’ll find grassy spots with tables, benches, and grills. There is also a public library and basketball courts.

El Faro Beach

El Faro beach in Tijuana
El Faro beach

El Faro beach is great for sunbathing and swimming. Technically, this beach isn’t in Tijuana as it’s located across the border in Imperial Beach, California.

As its Spanish name suggests, it features a lighthouse. There’s also the Binational Garden, which is nice.

Besides the beach activities, there are lots of small shops and restaurants. You can expect this place to be crowded on weekends and holidays so it’s best to come here during the week.

Coronado Beach

This beach comes highly recommended. The Hotel del Coronado is also recommended for those who want beach accommodation with full amenities.

From here, you can enjoy the beach’s white sands without even leaving the hotel property.

There are also fantastic panoramic views across the ocean that give incredible sunsets across the sand. Unlike El Faro beach, Coronado Beach isn’t crowded most of the time.

Coronado beach in Tijuana
Coronado beach

This is a great spot for watching the sunrise or set over the sands. You can see seals here too and it’s never too crowded.

Despite the large beach, there is a lifeguard station. You’ll also find bathrooms, volleyball nets and street parking close by. The north end of the beach also allows dogs.

El Vigia

El Vigia is located towards the south of Tijuana. It has tidepools and a harbor full of all sorts of aquatic life.

This includes:

  • Barnacles
  • Sea urchins
  • Limpets
  • Anemones

The population density is lower here and so it is less crowded as a result.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tijuana offers a diverse range of beaches for visitors to enjoy. From the popular Playas de Tijuana, to the secluded El Faro Beach, and the lively Rosarito Beach, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an energetic party scene, Tijuana’s beaches have it all. So, if you’re planning a trip to Tijuana, be sure to include some beach time in your itinerary to experience the beauty and excitement of these stunning coastal destinations.

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