Best Rage Rooms in Atlanta

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Do not let your pent-up frustrations fester when you can release these negative energies and emotions by smashing things up.

The best rage rooms in Atlanta provide a fun and controlled way to express your feelings by breaking down different items.

Depending on which rage room you go to, you can access different breakable things and pay various amounts for a session.

You can spend your time alone at Atlanta’s rage rooms or with your loved ones raging.

Below are the best rage rooms in Atlanta.

1. Outrage Rage Room, Atlanta

This space was started by two young entrepreneurs dreaming of helping their community.

The goal is to offer a space for people looking to let loose without worrying about getting in trouble.

Visit Outrage Rage Room, Atlanta
Outrage Rage Room, Atlanta

The owners understand that talking about feelings is not easy for some people. Therefore, Outrage offers an alternative in the form of smashing things. 

Outrage Rage Room is suitable for letting out your anger and stress.

It lets you get in touch with your feelings and what could be frustrating and channel these emotions into breaking things. You can unleash your rage or have fun in the rage room. 

There is no specific dress code for your appointment in this rage room. However, the business requests customers to wear closed-toed footwear and long pants.

Outrage Rage Room also offers free parking and a wheelchair ramp.

It is vital to note that this rage room does not accept walk-ins. Therefore, make an appointment if you want to smash things there.

The entry fees are as follows:

  • Raging Glass Bash- $90
  • Raging Glass Bash-Extra Person- $30

The maximum capacity of the rage room is three people. You must be above 8 years to go to this rage room. 

2. Smash n Dash Rage Room

This spot offers different activities to relieve stress and have fun, including rage painting, axe throwing, and rage rooms.

Therefore, once you have finished smashing things in the rage room, consider trying the other exciting activities offered here.  

Visit Smash n Dash Rage Room in Atlanta
Smash n Dash Rage Room

You can wreck anything in the Smash n Dash rage room, such as televisions, vases, and plates.

Since everything has a protective padding cover, you should not worry about making a mess. 

Smash n Dash offers different packages for its rages rooms.

Package & PriceBreakable Items Provided Per PersonDuration
De-Stress Package ($24.99)1 tiny electronic 15 glass items20 minutes 
Inner Rage Smash ($34.99)1 large electronic 1 tiny electronic 30 glass items 30 minutes
BYOB ($15)Bring your own breakables 15 approved things No snowglobes, lightbulbs, CRT televisions20 minutes 
The Destroyer ($54.99)1 glitter bomb Three tiny electronics 45 glass items 1 big electronic One vehicle windshield or an extra large electronic. This depends on the availability45 minutes 
Smash n Dash Rage Room packages

Let your creativity manifest by going crazy on the canvas in the rage paint room.

Use this time to release your emotions without worrying about creating a mess.

In addition, this can be an opportune time to spend with family members or friends who love painting or want to make a mess with different paint colors. 

Axe throwing at Smash n Dash rage room is ideal for anyone, whether experienced in throwing axes or beginners.

The staff will also help you advance your skills in axe throwing or learn the craft from the beginning.

You can create a friendly competition with your loved ones throwing axes.

3. Amazing Escape 

Located in Atlanta’s suburb, Norcross, Amazing Escape is famous for its epic escape room activities.

However, it also offers a vibrant rage room where you can break computer equipment, glass bottles, and other breakable items. 

The business employs welcoming, competent, and friendly employees who happily offer their assistance to ensure you have the best time there.

Amazing Escape
Amazing Escape

Try Amazing Escape if you want an experience different from the norm, alone or in a group.

Besides the rage room, try the escape rooms inspired by internationally famous escape games.

Amazing Escape aims to create an extraordinarily memorable experience with clues, puzzles, and riddles designed to bring people fun-filled, thrilling sessions. 

This rage room is suitable for anyone, from church groups, sales teams, and corporate teams to sports teams.

The operational hours are as follows.

Monday to Thursday12 p to 8 pm
Friday and Saturday12 pm to 11 pm
Sunday12 pm to 8 pm
Amazing Escape Opening Hours

4. Rekt

This smash room is located in the Lock City Adventures.

It offers a high-tech escape room ideal for novice participants and veterans.

Quality is of utmost importance; this business strives to provide its customers with the ultimate experience.

Rekt in Atlanta

After choosing your preferred rage room package, you will be given various breakable items such as vases and small glassware.

Big things like computer monitors, windshields, and even vehicles are available for smashing, depending on your package.

You can hammer, break, shoot, slam, or smash these items; the choice is entirely yours.  

When it comes to weapons, Rekt provides a large variety. These include baseball bats, crowbars, sledgehammers, and maces.

Other options are legendary weapons like rifles and crossbows. You do not have to rush into breaking things; take your time.

A rage session at Rekt lasts 45 minutes. You are advised to make a reservation even though Rekt accepts walk-ins provided there are available rage rooms.

When it comes to clothing, here are the acceptable options:

  • Heavy sweatpants
  • Jeans
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Close-toed shoes- entry is denied if you wear open-toed shoes

Sandals are unacceptable, and Rekt does not provide shoes.

In addition, you do not have to leave the premises immediately after your rage room session.

This is because there are other activities you can engage in at Lock City Adventures.

Besides escape rooms, you can go to the Play Plus Lounge to game on the latest consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and PS5. 

Alternatively, engage in lobby games like UNO, Jenga, and Connect4. 

5. Axe Master Throwing

This venue was founded in 2019 by Tatiana Stasenko.

Suitable for kids and adults, Axe Master Throwing offers the ultimate axe-throwing experience. In addition, it has an escape room, a rage room, and a spin-art studio. 

Like the other venues discussed above, this place provides its customers with protective gear and offers guidelines for staying safe.

Visit Axe Master Throwing in Atlanta
Axe Master Throwing

Part of their safety is prohibiting heels and making closed-toe shoes mandatory.

It is worth noting that Axe Master Throwing is wheelchair accessible, so people with mobility challenges should be able to go in and out easily. 

Below are the hours Axe Master Throwing is open.

Monday8 am to 11 pm
Tuesday8 am to 11 pm
Wednesday8 am to 11 pm
Thursday8 am to 10 pm
Friday12 pm to 10 pm
Saturday12 pm to 10 pm
Sunday12 pm to 10 pm
Axe Master Throwing Opening Hours


Atlanta is a fun city with plenty of activities to indulge in, from exciting nightlife to adrenaline-inducing activities.

The rage rooms in Atlanta help you de-stress and have fun safely breaking things. Check out the above rage rooms in your free time. 

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