What To Do in Cape Canaveral That’s Not Space Related

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While Cape Canaveral is well-known for viewing shuttle and rocket launches to space since it’s home to the Kennedy Space Center, there’s much more to do in this city.

Therefore, Cape Canaveral is a great place to be whether you are a fan of space exploration is simply looking for a vacation spot in Florida. 

What to Expect? Cape Canaveral is a history, museums, science, and nature treasure trove with beaches, restaurants, many events, celebrations, and awesome places to be. 

There’s something for everyone in this city. Here’s what to do in cape Canaveral that is not space related.

About Cape Canaveral, Florida

Located in Brevard Country, Florida, Cape Canaveral was created in 1844 and is popularly known as United States’ space programs’ epicenter.

The beautiful beach city has warm rays throughout the year with a cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, perfect for a beach gateway and everyday living. 

Visiting Cape Canaveral in Florida
About Cape Canaveral in Florida

The city has near-perfect weather all year round, with colorful sunny skies, cool showers in the evening, and a tropical climate.

Cape Canaveral is an ideal destination for families and singles, with plenty of outdoor and indoor activities.

You will quickly notice the influence United States’ space history and NASA has in the city the moment you set foot.

However, there’s more to Cape Canaveral, as seen in the sections below.

12 Non-Space-Related Things to Do in Cape Canaveral

Check out the following activities and places at Cape Canaveral if you are looking for non-space-related things to do in the city.

1. Visit Cocoa Beach

At Cocoa Beach, there’s plenty to do; for instance, the Aerial Adventures Park soars about 45 ft above the surface and offers zip lines and obstacles of all kinds suitable for adults and kids.

You have nearly 50 challenges across seven high courses designed for beginners, intermediates, and experts. 

Cocoa beach famous parties
Cocoa beach

While this course isn’t for the faint of heart, you will have lots of fun if you can brave it.

Moreover, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Banana River, the Atlantic Ocean, and the 100-year-old oak trees’ beautiful canopies.

You can also leave your car behind to explore the beautiful beach and the surrounding town on your bicycle; consider signing up for Cocoa Beach Bike Tour.

In Addition – Check out Cocoa Beach Brewery Company if you want to relax and enjoy a beer.

Moreover, you can learn how to paddleboard at this beach by finding a suitable SUP rental company that offers lessons and boards for every level, even for people who haven’t tried paddleboarding before. 

Cocoa Beach Helicopters provides a spectacular way to explore Cape Canaveral from the air.

The team offers tours tailor-made for people looking for adrenaline-fueled rides and quick rides for first-time flyers. 

2. Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

This historical, beautiful masterpiece has been standing since 1848, and you can visit the place for an official tour that comprises learning its history and preservation efforts.

Visit Cape Canaveral lighthouse
Cape Canaveral lighthouse

It was erected to alert ships of dangerous shoals offshore but is now a Natural Historic Landmark, among Brevard County’s oldest structures. 

Once you climb to the top, you will enjoy fantastic views of Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral, and beyond. 

3. Visit Jetty Park

The seaside park features family-friendly amenities stretching 35 acres, a 1200-foot-long-pier, and a striking beach offering a plethora of amazing activities.

Jetty park Cape Canaveral
Visit Jetty park

You can enjoy various activities like surfing, kayaking, and riding bikes.

Kids can also have fun at the kiddie playground with swings, monkey bars, and slides.

Moreover, you can also decide to unwind and relax by watching cruise ships pass by and sunbathing. 

4. Check Out the Dinosaur Store and Museum

This unique attraction is located at Cocoa Street, two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, and packed with authentic fossils and information on prehistoric creatures.

The place has actual and replica skeletons of dinosaurs on display and French Lascaux cave-paintings replicas.

Visiting Dinosaur store & museum
Dinosaur store & museum

In addition, it has Mesoamerican, Chinese, and Egyptian ancient minerals, fossils, and relics, including life-sized Chinese terra-cotta soldiers and King Tut’s tombs replicas.

There’s also an adventure zone with live reptiles and alligators, educational, fun, hands-on displays, and an area to dig up fossils.

Keep In Mind – The museum is opens from 10 am to 5 pm daily except Tuesdays, with shorter hours (12 pm to 5 pm) on Sundays.

The admission fee is $12 for kids and 14 dollars for adults.

5. Manatee Sanctuary Park

This beautiful, serene spot spreads over 10 acres and is situated on Thurm Boulevard.

Visiting Manatee Sanctuary park
Manatee Sanctuary park

It’s an excellent place to explore Cape Canaveral wildlife and the natural environment at Cape Canaveral, including observing manatees in their habitat and natural form. 

It has many amenities, including a barbecue grill, a playground, shaded, comfortable seating areas, and paved trails.

This cozy place is excellent for peaceful, beautiful walks and hanging out.

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6. Check Out Tropic Ice Cream 

Visit this cozy ice cream joint at North Atlantic Avenue for offering unusual, different flavors, bountiful serving sizes, and cheap treats.

Try tropic ice cream Cape Canaveral
Enjoy tropic ice cream Cape Canaveral

Since it’s located nearby popular attractions, it provides a splendid way to complete a tour of Cape Canaveral.

Consider visiting the place during off-peak hours, especially if you want to dine in since it gets crowded. 

7. Coffee at Café Monte Carlo

This is the ideal place for light snacks and delicious coffee at Cape Canaveral.

The place offers sweet, freshly baked snacks such as croissants and organic, freshly-made coffee with the homemade lemonade and macchiato popular and a must-try. 

Café Monte Carlo Florida Cape Canaveral
Café Monte Carlo in Cape Canaveral

You can sit outdoors (with a beautiful view of the port close by) or indoors and get treats and drinks to go.

Therefore, if you need organic refreshments after a long day out adventuring, check out Café Monte Carlo.

8. Center Street Park

If you’d rather blaze the trails yourself, this park has plenty of opportunities to let you enjoy the beautiful scenery and the local wildlife at pocket-friendly prices.

Enjoy Center Street Park Cape Canaveral in Florida
Enjoy Center Street Park Cape Canaveral

Visit the park if you love watching sunsets and being one with nature.

Wildlife photographers interested in getting breathtaking shots of various creatures like manatees will also love this place. 

9. Go Golfing 

The splendid golf courses and conducive Florida weather make the place a haven for golf lovers.

Cape Canaveral golf playing
Playing golf on amazing courses

Golfing isn’t the first thing that will cross your mind when you think about Cape Canaveral, but the city has excellent courses ideal for one or two rounds of golf under the toasty afternoon sun.

The Cocoa Beach Country Club has three courses:

  1. River (the most scenic)
  2. Lakes (longer)
  3. and Dolphin (shorter)

Additionally, there’s the peaceful, lush Savannah’s Golf Course with natural, unique elevation changes, a subtropical landscape, and a home to wildlife, so watch out for alligators.

Golf N Gator and Brevard Miniature Golf are excellent choices for individuals looking for something affordable and suitable for the whole family.

Besides golfing, you can also check out different animals, such as turtles and alligators, at Golf N Gator. 

Golf N Gator has waterfalls, jungles, flowing streams, and dark ponds, among other attractions. You can play with the 30 American alligators found on this golf course. 

10. Victory Casino Cruises

Do you enjoy a bit of gambling?

Plan a trip at Victory Casino cruises, which offers two-day excursions and sails twice a day starting at Port Canaveral.

Casino cruises Florida
Victory casino cruises

It provides a Las Vegas-like casino experience and numerous dining and entertainment options.

The casino offers live entertainment via its renowned international and local DJs.

While on the cruise ship, visit the Atlantic Café for cheeseburgers, pasta, and chicken wings. 

In addition, enjoy fresh seafood, lively nights, refreshing drinks, and various facilities for the most enjoyable and comfortable experience on the cruise ship. 

11. Alan Shepard Beachfront Park Picnics

The area named after the first American to travel to space is an excellent place for a low-key afternoon in the open, fresh air with a loved one or by yourself.

The 5-acre park offers access to a relatively quiet beach, making it a perfect spot for a picnic. 

It also has a lot of amenities, such as:

  • a playground
  • picnic pavilions
  • a lifeguard tower
  • and grills

However, the highlight of this place is the boardwalk that gives stunning Atlantic Ocean views and is excellent for watching rocket launches.

Playalinda Beach Launch night

Also, watch out offshore for dolphins frolicking while you stroll. The park doesn’t have an admission fee, but you will pay $2.50 an hour for parking.

It opens every day from sunrise to sunset. You can eat at restaurants nearby and visit the Ron Jon Surf shop.

12. Beer Tasting

Visiting local breweries is worthwhile if you enjoy beer.

One of the must visit places for beer tasting is Florida Beer Company for award-winning brewery-fresh ciders, ales, and lagers.

Beer tasting brewery
Beer tasting

Your next destination could be Bugnutty Brewing Company at Cocoa Village for flavorful small-batch brews.

Also, check out Playalinda Brewing Company to enjoy their current seasonal offerings. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Cape Canaveral has plenty to offer, so you won’t be bored touring this magnificent city.

Generally, this place is a fascinating mixture of outdoor pursuits, magnificent beaches, and cutting-edge technology.

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