How Big are Easyjet Seats and Seatbelts: A Quick Guide for Comfortable Travel

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When planning a trip with Easyjet, it’s essential to consider the size of the seats and seatbelts to ensure a comfortable journey.

Easyjet’s standard seats measure at approximately 17.64 inches (45 cm) wide with a pitch of 31 inches (79 cm), which is fairly common among budget airlines. Seatbelt lengths, however, may vary across different aircraft and seating options.

Being aware of the seat dimensions and seatbelt lengths provided by Easyjet can help you make informed decisions regarding additional seating options that may be relevant to your travel needs.

Whether you’re looking for extra legroom or need to reserve a seatbelt extender, being knowledgeable about these factors can improve your overall flying experience with Easyjet.

EasyJet Aircraft
EasyJet Airline Airbus A320-214

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Key Takeaways

  • Easyjet seats are approximately 17.64 inches wide with a pitch of 31 inches.
  • Seatbelt lengths can vary across Easyjet’s fleet, affecting your comfort level and seat choice.
  • Knowing the seat and seatbelt dimensions helps you make better decisions for additional seating options and overall flight experience.

Easyjet Seat Dimensions and Types

EasyJet Seat Size: Standard Seat Size

Easyjet’s standard seats in economy class offer a seat pitch of approximately 31 inches and a seat width of roughly 18 inches. You’ll find these seats throughout the cabin, except in areas with extra legroom or emergency exits, and they’re available to all passengers.

Extra Legroom Seat Size

For passengers seeking more space, Easyjet provides extra legroom seats that offer a greater seat pitch. These seats are located in specific areas of the aircraft and can be booked for an additional fee.

Emergency Exit Seat Size

Seats located in the emergency exit rows also provide extra legroom due to their positioning near exits.

However, passengers seated there must meet certain requirements, such as age and physical ability, to ensure they can assist in case of an emergency. These seats have a similar width of 18 inches, like other seats on Easyjet aircraft.

Easyjet Seat Belt Length

Seat Belt Length

When flying with EasyJet, seat belts are an important aspect of safety for passengers.

The length of seat belts on EasyJet flights is approximately 47 inches (119 cm). However, keep in mind that seat belt lengths may vary slightly as they are replaced over time when worn out.

Seat Belt Extender Usage

If you find that the provided seat belt is not long enough for your comfort and security, EasyJet flights do offer seat belt extenders.

You can request one from the cabin crew for your convenience. Remember that using a seat belt extender is essential for ensuring your safety and compliance with regulations during the flight.

Comparison with Other Airlines


When comparing EasyJet seats to Ryanair, you’ll notice that seat pitch (the distance between two seat rows) is the same at 30 inches. However, Ryanair seats are slightly narrower, with a width of 17 inches, compared to EasyJet’s 17.5 inches.


Jet2 offers a similar seat pitch of 30 inches, just like both EasyJet and Ryanair. In terms of seat width, Jet2 provides slightly more space, with 17.6 inches for your comfort.

Wizz Air

Moving on to Wizz Air, this budget airline has a seat pitch that varies between 30-32 inches, depending on the aircraft. In terms of seat width, Wizz Air ranks similarly with EasyJet, offering 17.5 inches for their passengers.

Turkish Airlines

In contrast, Turkish Airlines provides more legroom, offering a seat pitch of 31-32 inches in their short-haul flights. Their seat width measures about 18 inches, providing greater comfort for passengers.

American Airlines

As for American Airlines, their seat pitch ranges from 30-32 inches, similar to Wizz Air and Turkish Airlines. Their seat width is on par with EasyJet’s 17.5 inches

Additional Seating Options and Policies

Second and Additional Seats

If you require additional space, you have the option to purchase a second seat.

This can provide you with more comfort during your flight. Remember to contact EasyJet’s customer service to arrange the purchase of a second seat and inform them of your requirements.

Passengers of Size Policies

EasyJet accommodates passengers of different sizes without specific weight restrictions. However, if you feel that you may not fit within the dimensions of one seat, it is recommended to purchase an additional seat for your comfort and safety.

EasyJet’s seat belt lengths can vary depending on the aircraft, so it is a good idea to reach out to their customer service team via their official channels, such as @easyJet on Twitter, to inquire about your specific flight. Keep in mind that EasyJet Plus cardholders and FLEXI fare customers enjoy the benefits of free seat selection, including standard, up-front, or extra legroom seats.

Prices for seat selection range from $3 to $41, depending on the seat type.

Make sure to check in as early as possible to secure your preferred seating arrangement, especially when traveling with a group. EasyJet’s online check-in opens 30 days prior to your flight. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience with EasyJet.

Easyjet Aircraft on Runway

On-Board Services and Amenities

Food and Beverages

When traveling with EasyJet, you can enjoy a wide variety of food and beverage options available for purchase on board. You’ll find tasty snacks and refreshing drinks throughout your flight to satisfy your cravings.

In-Flight Entertainment

Although EasyJet flights don’t provide in-flight entertainment screens, don’t worry as you can still keep yourself entertained with your personal devices. Remember to carry your own books, music, or games for a comfortable flight.


As you get settled into your EasyJet flight, you’ll find that the seats and seatbelts are standard-sized. While they are designed to provide a comfortable flight experience, you may need a seatbelt extender depending on your own size. Speedy boarding is also available to ensure a hassle-free boarding experience and get you on your way towards your destination.

Managing and Changing Bookings

Mobile App and Online Services

With the easyJet app, you can easily manage and change your bookings. The app allows you to access your flight information, make changes, and even add extras on-the-go.

On the easyJet website, you can also manage your booking by simply logging into your account, providing the flexibility to make changes whenever needed.

Seat Selection and Changes

When booking your flight, you can select your preferred seat for a fee. This way, you are in control of where you sit and can choose from options like extra legroom or priority boarding.

Changing your seat after booking is also possible through the app or on the website. Just keep in mind that there might be a fee involved for making changes.

Flexi Fare and Allocated Seating

Purchasing a Flexi Fare ticket gives you the option to change your flight without any additional fees. You’ll also enjoy discounted rates on extra legroom seats.

Allocated seating guarantees your chosen seat for the duration of the flight. When booking, you can select your preferred seat for an additional charge, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey.

Special Seating Requirements

Mobility Impaired Passengers

If you have mobility impairments that require extra legroom, Easyjet offers extra legroom seats. This ensures you’ll have space for your knees and a comfortable flight. Make sure to specify your needs during booking.

You may be required to purchase two or more seats if you have lower limbs in a cast, particularly waist and/or full leg plaster. This will allow elevation of your limbs during the flight, reducing swelling.

Wheelchair Bound Persons

If you’re a wheelchair-bound passenger, prearrange assistance services with Easyjet. You’ll need to drop off your wheelchair at the bag drop before boarding.

For flights within the European Union, Easyjet will transport up to two mobility devices per person. Ensure you have an appropriate travel case to protect your wheelchair during transportation. Easyjet is not responsible for any damages to devices not properly protected.

Easyjet aircraft taking off with wheels down

Aircraft Specific Information

Airbus A320

When flying with EasyJet, you’re likely to be on an Airbus A320, a common aircraft used for shorter flights. In this aircraft, you can expect seat widths of approximately 17.5 inches (44cm).

Seat Width: 17.5 inches (approx. 44cm).

Aircraft Types and Seat Widths

Different aircraft types may have slightly varying seat dimensions and configurations. However, most EasyJet planes, including the Airbus A320, offer similar seat widths and pitches.

Seat Pitch: 29 inches (approx. 72.5cm).

Remember that seat belt length might also vary according to aircraft type. You can always consult EasyJet’s website for specific information about seat belt lengths on your flight before you travel.

Important Considerations and Advice

Be Aware of Restrictions

When flying with EasyJet, it’s essential to be aware of seat size and seatbelt length restrictions. EasyJet seats are 17.64 inches (45cm) wide with a 31-inch (79cm) pitch. Seatbelt lengths, however, may vary on the same plane due to wear and replacement.

Keep in mind that if you’re unable to fit into your seat for any reason, EasyJet requires you to pay for a second seat at prevailing rates. This applies to all passengers, regardless of their size.

Denied Boarding Scenarios

In some cases, passengers may be denied boarding if they fail to meet EasyJet’s seating requirements. Ensure your comfort and avoid denied boarding scenarios by checking seat dimensions and considering booking extra legroom seats if necessary.

European airline policies vary greatly, so always research individual airline regulations when planning your travels. To avoid unpleasant surprises, familiarize yourself with the policies of the airline you’re flying, especially when it comes to boarding or seating restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

EasyJet seatbelt length?

Seatbelt lengths on EasyJet planes can vary, even on the same plane. As they wear out, they are replaced, which can result in different lengths. If you find your seatbelt is too short, you can change seats to find one with a longer belt.

Need for seatbelt extender?

If the provided seatbelt in your EasyJet seat is too short, you may need to request a seatbelt extender. This will provide additional length to ensure a secure fit while on board.

EasyJet Seat Width vs Ryanair seat size?

Both EasyJet and Ryanair have similar seat dimensions. However, you might feel more comfortable in one airline’s seat over another, due to factors like seat padding or personal preference. For specific measurements, it’s best to consult their respective websites.

Airline seatbelt extender sizes?

Seatbelt extenders come in various sizes depending on the airline, so it is essential to inquire directly with the specific airline. They will be able to provide you with the appropriate information regarding their seatbelt extender sizes.

EasyJet seat size dimensions?

EasyJet seats have a standard seat pitch, which refers to the space between rows, of around 29 inches. Exact seat dimensions may vary based on the aircraft. For more information, please visit the EasyJet website or contact their customer service.

Airplane seatbelts standard size?

There isn’t a universal standard size for airplane seatbelts, as they can vary between different airlines and aircraft. It’s essential to check with the specific airline you are flying with if you have concerns about seatbelt length.

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