What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Skydiving?

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Are you a naturally curious or adventurous person? If you want a new experience, indoor skydiving is exhilarating yet surprisingly rewarding.

The weightless feeling of your body suspended in the air can be a liberating escape.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of indoor skydiving.

Advantages Of Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is not a new concept, but it can be an overwhelming experience for first-timers.

Advantages Of Indoor Skydiving
Advantages of indoor skydiving

Apart from being an exciting recreational activity, indoor skydiving has various benefits.

These include:

  • Indoor skydiving can lift your spirits as it is a high-energy and adrenaline-packed activity.
  • It is a perfect opportunity to overcome all your fears, such as the fear of flying or being in closed spaces.
  • As a fun pastime activity, it is an exciting way to spend some free time away from the stresses of everyday life.
  • Since it is a high-energy activity, it offers one a full body workout, burning over 500 calories in under an hour.  
  • You will discover muscles you knew nothing about as you engage every body part.
  • After a session, the abundance of feel-good hormones is an excellent mood booster.
  • Your fellow indoor skydiving enthusiasts are new friends who can become family.
  • Children get to participate in a brain-stimulating activity that can be useful to boost development.

11 Reasons Why You Should Try Indoor Skydiving

During your first experience, you will discover that indoor skydiving requires concentration.

Maneuvering your body into the correct posture for flying requires mental clarity and precision.

The lift-off will be instant once you find the right body angles and positions. Nothing is more rewarding than succeeding in something new for most human beings.

Below is a list of reasons to try indoor skydiving at any age.

Physical Workout

The calories one can burn in a short period of indoor skydiving make it a worthy workout.

Therefore, it is no surprise that professional indoor flyers and instructors have lithe and strong bodies.

The hours they spend flying help build muscle strength and keep them physically fit.


One of the main reasons to try indoor skydiving is that it happens inside.

You will not have to worry about poor weather ruining your plans with friends or family.

Whether sunny or snowing outside, you can cozily participate as most establishments are open throughout the week.

Family Oriented

Since it is a recreation facility open to people of all ages, indoor skydiving is the perfect family bonding activity.

Children as young as two can fly in most locations, so why not do it together?

Check if the one near you has birthday party packages to celebrate new milestones in style.


Compared to other high-adrenaline activities, indoor skydiving is safer. Unlike outdoor skydiving, where you jump off a plane, you will float in a controlled environment.

The instructors that guide you are also highly trained to help those with or without indoor flying experience.

Cost Friendly

Choosing an indoor skydiving session is cheaper than an outdoor experience.

On average, you will pay about $80 for a few minutes of flying, while you will pay up to $300 to freefall off a plane for less than two minutes.

If you are in a group, you can request group rates which most facilities gladly offer. Additionally, you will get discounts if you become a frequent flyer.

Highly Convenient

Finding an indoor skydiving facility near you is possible as there are several worldwide.

There are over 20 locations in the US, one or two in every popular state, and if you have to travel, it may be pretty close.

These facilities also accept online bookings from their websites, simplifying the process.

Seeking more information? Refer to this comprehensive guide about indoor skydiving and obtain valuable insights for beginners.

Value for Money

Depending on your package, you will spend an average of four minutes in the air.

Compared to outdoor skydiving, it is a lot of flying time for less money.

Amateur Friendly

You do not need prior experience to skydive indoors. The instructors will brief and train you before your session to help you fly better.

Team Building

If you have an upcoming office team event, consider indoor skydiving.

Most facilities now offer team-building packages, which include access to conference rooms and food.

Capture Lasting Memories

Indoor skydiving facilities record all sessions to make lasting memories.

If you go with spectators, they can also take photos and videos from the observation area.

Competitive Sport

As a fast-growing sport for children and adults, indoor skydiving competitions happen in various locations worldwide.

Choose a locally available facility and join a team for regular training.


The best reason to try indoor skydiving is because it is fun.

However, it also provides tremendous physical and mental benefits to participants, significantly boosting confidence in children.

Whether you want a one-time experience or would like to join a sporting team, your indoor skydiving experience will be worthwhile.

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