25 Things To Do and See in Chester, England

25 things to do in chester

I’m a regular visitor to Chester, in fact, my last visit there was for three days to celebrate my wedding anniversary.

We stayed in the Queen’s Hotel near the train station, which I have written another review on if you’re considering staying there.

Every time I visit, I find something new to try and see. It amazes me that after multiple visits I still find something new to do: There are just so many things to do and see in Chester!

Let me share with you some of the Best things to do in Chester.

Hopefully, these will make your visit more entertaining and fun.

Ghost Walk

Take one of the many Ghost walks around Chester Town Center and surrounding walls. My tip… Go to an evening one!

Sandy Lane Aqua Park

Just a few miles from the city center it’s a great place to have fun on a hot summers day

Hire a Bicycle

One of the best ways to see the city is to hire a bicycle or even an electric scooter

St John the Baptist

One of the lesser-known churches visited by tourists. It’s one of the oldest and one of my favorites

Walk The Castle Wall

One of my favorite things to do. Walk the entire length of the wall and stop off at some interesting places along the way

Outside Cinema

Watch your favorite movies on the grounds of the Cathedral with headphones on. Only available at certain times of the year

Chester Zoo

If you love animals, you have to visit Chester Zoo. It is highly regarded as one of the best in Chester

Visit The Racecourse

Have a bet on your favorite horse or just enjoy the atmosphere. Top Tip… Try the 1539 restaurant. It’s amazing

The Ice Cream Farm

This is a little way out of the town center (9 miles approx.) but well worth the drive. The family will love it

Eat at my favorite Place

Ristorante Sergio is a family-run business with amazing food. A truly Italian experience. You have to try the sausage Pizza!

Cheshire Military Museum

If you love history, then you’ll love this museum. Some harsh stories and tales are on display. But we need to remember the past

Chester Cathedral

The Cathedral is free to enter but it’s nice to make a donation. The stained-glass windows were my favorite part

The Rows

A Two-Tier Mediaeval building with shops and restaurants on both levels. Some very unique shops to visit

Roman Legionary Tours

Take one of the many tours that leaves from the Information Center most days

St Johns Church

One of the finest churches and displays of Gothic style architecture in Chester

Eastgate Clock Tower

You have to visit and take a photo under the clock tower. built to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897

River Cruise

Take one of the many boat cruises down the river Dee. You can also hire rowing boats and paddle boats for an hour

Ice Cream

Try my favorite Ice Cream Parlor called “Snugburys” next to the suspension bridge

Roman Amphitheatre

An icon landmark in the center of Chester. I can’t imagine some of the horrors that took place here. It’s a must-see

Magical Woodland

Again, just outside the main shopping center are 15 acres of beautiful woodland walks

Grosvenor Museum

Situated perfectly in the town center, it is a popular attraction

The Story House

Where you can watch local plays, and films and even let the children read books in the free library

Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway

Miniature train rides are set in the beautiful surroundings of Chester’s Grosvenor Park. Only a few minute’s walk from the city center

Virtual Reality Escapes

For something a little more high-tech and modern, try the Virtual Reality Escapes

Chester self-guided Treasure Trail

Download the PDF map and follow the clues around Chester. It takes approx. 2 hours to complete

That’s a list of some of my favorite things to do and see whilst in Chester.

There’s lots more to do and see, but I just wanted to highlight some of my personal favorites that I think most people will enjoy.

Let me now provide you with a little more detail on each of the 25 mentioned above, so you don’t have to go searching the internet for more details.

25 Things to Do and see in Chester in more detail

I have provided locations, opening times, prices, and email addresses where possible to help you plan your days more easily.

1. Ghost Walks

ChesterGhost Walk

Chester Ghost Tours offer an eerie and thrilling experience for those who seek a spine-chilling adventure through the historic streets of Chester, England.

Led by knowledgeable and entertaining guides, these ghost tours provide a captivating blend of history, folklore, and spooky tales, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the city’s haunted past.

Tour Options and Prices

  1. Classic Ghost Tour
    • Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Price: £10 per person (prices may vary, so it’s recommended to check the website for the most up-to-date rates).
  2. Roman Ghost Tour
    • Duration: About 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Price: £10 per person (subject to change).

Important Information

  • Tour Times: The tour times may vary, so it’s essential to check the website or contact Chester Ghost Tours directly for the most current schedule. The website should have the latest information on available time slots for each tour.
  • Meeting Point: Tours typically start from the Town Hall Square in Chester (again, please verify this on the website or with the tour operator when booking).
  • Advance Booking: It is highly recommended to book the tour in advance, as spaces may be limited, especially during peak seasons or special events. Booking can likely be done through the website provided.
  • Age Suitability: Keep in mind that ghost tours may involve spooky and scary stories, so parental discretion is advised when bringing young children.
  • Dress Code: Since the tours take place outdoors, it’s advisable to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and wear comfortable shoes for walking.

2. Sandy Lane Aqua Park

aqua park Chester

Bask in the sun and dive into the aquatic fun at Sandy Lane Aqua Park! Tucked along the scenic River Dee, just a short drive away from the bustling city center, this delightful Aqua Park beckons with its array of 10 exhilarating spray zones.

Operated by sensory touch pads, these zones promise an unforgettable experience, boasting water delights like a playful water mushroom, exciting doorways, and a few intriguing tunnels to explore. And the icing on the cake?

Entry to this aquatic wonderland is absolutely free!

After enjoying the splashes and laughter, take a break at the adjacent picnic area where you can bask in the warmth and savor a delightful lunch. It’s the perfect spot to dry off and recharge your energy amidst a picturesque setting.

Ready to make a splash? Sandy Lane Aqua Park opens its gates every day, starting from Friday, 25th March, and welcomes visitors until the end of the season in September. The park operates from 11 am to 5 pm daily, ensuring ample time for visitors of all ages to revel in the water wonderland.

So, gather your friends and family and head over to Sandy Lane Aqua Park, where an exciting aquatic adventure awaits you from the moment the sun rises until it sets!

3. Cycle Hire

cycle hire Chester

Location: Victoria Lodge Guest House, 64 Hoole Road, Chester, Cheshire, CH2 3NL

Explore the charming city of Chester, England, from a unique perspective by hiring bicycles and embarking on an unforgettable journey of sightseeing on two wheels.

Chester offers a myriad of picturesque sights and historical landmarks, and cycling around its streets allows you to experience the city’s beauty in a leisurely and eco-friendly manner.

For an excellent bicycle hire experience, Chester Cycle Hire is your go-to destination. Conveniently located in the city center, they offer a wide selection of well-maintained bicycles suitable for all ages and preferences.

The rental process is hassle-free, ensuring you spend less time organizing and more time exploring. With reasonable rates and flexible rental periods, you can choose an option that suits your schedule, whether it’s a few hours of pedaling pleasure or a full day of discovery.

For booking, you can visit Chester Cycle Hire’s website at chestercyclehire.com. Their user-friendly interface allows you to select your preferred bike type, rental duration, and date. Additionally, you can find their contact details below:

Booking your bicycle hire in advance ensures a seamless experience.

4. St John the Baptist

st jons Baptist chester

Location: St John the Baptist, Vicar’s Lane, Chester, CH1 1SN.

Centuries steeped in history, the illustrious Church of St. John the Baptist traces its origins back to AD 689 when Ethelred, the King of Mercia, established it as the grand Saxon Minster of Mercia.

This hallowed place likely found its footing upon the grounds of a former Roman Christian Church or Shrine. The church underwent further embellishment in AD 907, thanks to the efforts of Alfred the Great’s daughter.

Open to the public daily, this architectural gem holds immeasurable value. Classified as a Grade I Listed Building, St. John’s stands as a remarkable testament to the transition from Romanesque to Gothic styles.

Within its walls, visitors can marvel at the imposing Norman pillars, which give way to the graceful elegance of the Transitional and Early English Gothic evident in the Triforium and Clerestory.

As you step into this sacred sanctuary, you can’t help but be awestruck by the rich tapestry of history woven into its very foundations.

St. John the Baptist Church remains not only a site of religious significance but also a treasure trove of architectural brilliance—a living reflection of the evolution of European Gothic art and design.


DaysServices Hours
Sunday8.00am – Holy Communion (BCP)
10.00am – Principal Eucharist
Noon – Baptisms
6.30pm – Evensong (Compline last Sunday of the month)
Wednesday10.00am – Holy Eucharist
Friday12.00 noon – Holy Eucharist

5. Walk the Castle Walk

chester castle wall
View from Chester castle wall

The Chester city walls are a remarkable testament to the city’s rich history and architectural heritage. Dating back to Roman times, the origins of the walls can be traced as far as the 1st century AD when the Romans fortified the city as part of their military strategy.

These ancient walls encircle the city center and stand as a living reminder of Chester’s storied past. They are among the most complete and well-preserved city walls in Britain, making them a fascinating attraction for history enthusiasts and visitors alike.

The walls measure approximately 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) in circumference, offering a scenic and leisurely walk that grants panoramic views of the city’s stunning landmarks, including the River Dee and the iconic Chester Cathedral.

For visitors, exploring the Chester city walls is a must-do activity. The walk is relatively easy, and there are access points at various locations throughout the city.

As you traverse the walls, informative plaques provide historical insights, enhancing the experience with captivating stories and facts about Chester’s past.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply seeking a picturesque stroll with breathtaking views, the Chester city walls offer a unique and immersive experience that allows you to step back in time and appreciate the grandeur of this ancient city’s defensive fortifications.

So, don’t miss the chance to take a step back into history and relish the charm of Chester’s age-old walls.

6. Outdoor Cinema

moonlight flicks chester

MoonFlicks is an enchanting open-air cinema experience that takes place within the picturesque setting of Chester Cathedral.

This unique outdoor cinema event offers visitors the opportunity to watch classic films, modern favorites, and family-friendly movies under the stars, creating a memorable and magical evening.

Guests can bring their own picnic blankets or portable chairs to set up a cozy spot on the cathedral’s lush grounds.

The atmosphere is enhanced with fairy lights and carefully curated film selections, creating a delightful ambiance for a memorable movie night with family and friends.

The outdoor cinema usually operates during the summer months when the weather is favorable for an al fresco experience. It’s an excellent way to enjoy some quality time outdoors, surrounded by the stunning architecture of the cathedral while being entertained by timeless cinematic gems.

For up-to-date information on the schedule, film screenings, ticket prices, and any special guidelines, please refer to the official MoonFlicks website: https://www.moonlightflicks.co.uk/chester-cathedral/information/

Recent films include:

  • Grease
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Top Gun
  • Spice World, the movie
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Pitch Perfect
  • and many more

Ticket Prices

  • Adult Ticket: £12 (plus £1.50 booking fee)
  • Storyhouse Member Adult Ticket: £11 (no booking fee)
  • Child ticket (under 16): £9 (plus £1.50 booking fee)
  • Storyhouse Member Child Ticket: £8.10 (no booking fee)
  • Young Storyhouse Card Ticket: £5

7. Chester Zoo

chester zoo

Location: Chester Zoo Upton-by-Chester Chester, CH2 1EU United Kingdom

Chester Zoo is one of the most popular and renowned zoos in the United Kingdom. It is a leading conservation and education center, housing a diverse range of animals from around the world.

  • Email: For general inquiries and information, you can contact Chester Zoo via email at: [email protected]
  • Prices: There are far too many options for me to list but we paid £33 for adults and £25 for children over 2. Under 2 years old are free. Please check the website for more details.


Chester Zoo boasts an impressive collection of over 35,000 animals, representing more than 500 different species. The zoo is divided into various themed zones, each designed to replicate the natural habitats of the animals.

Visitors can explore regions like the “Islands” zone, home to Sumatran tigers, orangutans, and Asian elephants. The “Tropical Realm” houses exotic creatures like butterflies, reptiles, and amphibians. Additionally, the “Spirit of the Jaguar” offers a glimpse into the mysterious world of South American animals, including jaguars and capybaras.

Chester Zoo is committed to conservation and actively participates in breeding programs for endangered species, helping to protect and preserve biodiversity. The zoo’s conservation efforts extend beyond its borders, supporting various wildlife projects worldwide.

Apart from observing animals, the zoo offers educational programs, fun activities, and informative talks, providing visitors with an engaging and immersive experience while learning about wildlife conservation.

For the most current information on animals, exhibits, events, and other offerings, please visit Chester Zoo’s official website: https://www.chesterzoo.org/

You can also follow them on YouTube

8. Chester Racecourse

chester race course

Location: Chester Racecourse Watergate Square Chester, CH1 2LY United Kingdom

Chester Racecourse is a prestigious and historic venue located in Chester, England, known for its vibrant horse racing events and social gatherings. Established in the early 16th century, it is one of the oldest racecourses in the world and offers a unique and thrilling experience for both racing enthusiasts and casual visitors.

  • Email: For inquiries and information, you can contact Chester Racecourse via email at: [email protected]

Racing Events and Prices

Chester Racecourse hosts an exciting calendar of horse racing events throughout the season. These events attract spectators from all over, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

The racecourse offers various ticket options, including general admission and hospitality packages. Ticket prices can vary depending on the event, enclosure, and any additional amenities you may choose to include.

It is advisable to visit the official Chester Racecourse website or contact their customer service to find the latest information on race schedules, ticket prices, and availability.

Facilities and Amenities

Chester Racecourse provides excellent facilities to ensure visitors have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Depending on the ticket type and enclosure, guests may have access to various grandstands, bars, restaurants, and viewing areas to get the best vantage points to witness the thrilling horse races.

Non-Race Day Events

Besides horse racing, Chester Racecourse also hosts various non-racing events, such as:

  • conferences
  • exhibitions
  • concerts
  • and weddings

The picturesque surroundings and versatile spaces make it a sought-after venue for a wide range of occasions.

History and Heritage

With its centuries-old legacy, Chester Racecourse holds a special place in the history of British horse racing.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the charm of the racecourse while witnessing the traditions and excitement that have been a part of its heritage for generations.

For the most current information on events, facilities, and any other offerings, please visit Chester Racecourse’s official website: https://www.chester-races.com/

As details and events may change, I recommend checking their website or contacting them directly to get the latest updates and ensure you have an unforgettable experience at Chester Racecourse.

9. Ice Cream Farm

ice cream farm chester

Location: The Ice Cream Farm Newton Lane, Tattenhall Chester, CH3 9NE United Kingdom

The Ice Cream Farm in Chester, England, is a delightful and family-friendly attraction that offers a delightful array of ice cream flavors and a range of exciting activities for visitors of all ages.

It is a perfect destination for ice cream lovers and those seeking a fun-filled day out in the picturesque Cheshire countryside.

  • Email: For inquiries and information, you can contact The Ice Cream Farm via email at: [email protected]

Ice Cream Delights

The Ice Cream Farm offers a delectable selection of ice cream flavors, ranging from classic favorites to inventive creations. Prices for ice cream treats may vary depending on the size and type of order.

When we visited a single scoop cone started at around £3.50, with additional charges for extra scoops or toppings.

Family Fun and Activities

Admission to The Ice Cream Farm is free.

However, some of the activities and attractions within the farm have individual charges.

As of my last update, the prices for activities were as follows:

  • Play Barn: Admission fee for children, usually around £4.50 to £7.50, depending on age and time of visit.
  • Honeycomb Canyon: An interactive sand and water play area with free access.
  • Crazy Golf: Prices for a round of mini golf were around £2 to £4 per person.
  • Silvercone Mini-Digger: Prices for a ride on the mini-digger were around £2 per person.

Please note that prices and offerings are subject to change, and I recommend checking their official website or contacting The Ice Cream Farm directly to get the most up-to-date information on activities and their respective prices.

Additional Facilities

The Ice Cream Farm provides various amenities for visitors, including cafes with a range of food and drinks, as well as picnic areas where families can enjoy their treats in a picturesque setting.

Events and Special Occasions

The Ice Cream Farm hosts special events and seasonal celebrations throughout the year, which may have specific pricing for entry or certain activities. Details about prices for special events can be found on their website or by contacting them directly.

For the latest and most accurate information about prices, activities, opening hours, and other offerings, please visit The Ice Cream Farm’s official website: https://www.theicecreamfarm.co.uk/

10. Places to eat

koconut grove restaurant chester

My two favorite places to eat are Ristorante Sergio (Italian Restuarant) and Koconut Grove (South Indian Food) just outside the city center about 6–7-minute walk.

There are lots of places to eat in Chester including smaller outlets and popup stalls. The doughnuts under the Eastgate Tower are amazing.

But for an evening meal, I would suggest Koconut Grove.

For a lunchtime meal and family treat or party, my recommendation is Ristorante Sergio.

Here is the Masala Dosa my wife had. It was huge and delicious.

Sergio now runs Ristorante Sergio with his son Gianni and together they maintain the values of customer service and quality food begun by Sergio thirty years ago in the first Italian restaurant Chester had seen.

The pizza is to die for, and you can even take home in a box what you can’t eat. They cook everything in front of you so you can see the quality that goes into it.

We paid £27 for two large pizzas and two soft drinks. Amazing value!

Restaurant Details

Koconut Grove:

  • Ethos Court, City Road, Chester, CH1 3AT,
    United Kingdom
  • Website: https://koconutgrove.co.uk/
  • Book a reservation: 01244 325 888
  • Menu: https://koconutgrove.co.uk/Menus

Ristorante Sergio:

  • Monday to Thursday 12 noon – 3pm, 5pm till 10.00pm
  • Friday and Saturday 12 noon till 10.30pm
  • Sunday 12 noon till 9.30pm

Ristorante Sergio
18a St Werburgh Street,
Chester City Centre,

11. Cheshire Military Museum

Location: Cheshire Military Museum, The Castle, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 2DN, United Kingdom

The Cheshire Military Museum is a fascinating attraction that showcases the rich military history of Cheshire, England. It offers a captivating journey through time, featuring exhibits and artifacts from various military campaigns, including both World Wars and other significant conflicts.

Opening Times

The museum is generally open to the public during the following hours, but it’s always a good idea to double-check their website or contact them directly for any updates or changes:

Monday – Closed; Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entrance Prices

As of my last update in September 2021, the entrance prices were as follows:

  • Adults: £5.00
  • Concessions (seniors, students): £4.00
  • Children (ages 5-16): £3.00
  • Family Ticket (2 adults + 2 children): £13.00
  • Children under 5: Free

Please note that prices might change over time, so it’s best to verify the current rates on the museum’s official website or contact them directly.

The Cheshire Military Museum is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts, families, and anyone interested in learning about the military heritage of the region.

Its impressive collection and informative displays offer a comprehensive understanding of Cheshire’s involvement in historical conflicts.

Don’t forget to check their website for special events, exhibitions, and any updated information before planning your visit. https://cheshiremilitarymuseum.org.uk/

12. Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral

Location: Chester Cathedral, 9 Abbey Square, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 2HU, United Kingdom

Chester Cathedral is a magnificent and historically significant religious landmark located in the city of Chester, England.

This stunning Gothic-style cathedral boasts a rich history dating back over a thousand years, making it one of the most iconic and well-preserved cathedrals in the country.

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The opening hours of Chester Cathedral can vary, especially during special events and holidays.

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Sunday: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (for visiting; services are held throughout the day).

Please note that these hours might have changed, so it’s advisable to check the official website or contact the cathedral directly for the most up-to-date information.

Contact Information:

Entrance Prices

The entrance to Chester Cathedral is free for visitors; however, donations are greatly appreciated to help maintain and preserve this historical treasure.

The cathedral encourages contributions, which supports its ongoing conservation efforts and the many community activities it hosts.

You can do this via two machines in the entrance. Tap your phone or card and choose a £5 or £10 donation.

Chester Cathedral is not only a place of worship but is also a vibrant cultural and community center. Beyond its architectural beauty, visitors can explore its impressive interior, stunning stained-glass windows, and various chapels.

The cathedral often hosts concerts, exhibitions, and other events, making it a must-visit destination for both tourists and locals alike.

Before planning your trip, be sure to verify any updated information or special events on their official website or by contacting them directly.

13. The Rows

The Rows, Chester

The Rows are a unique and iconic feature of the historic city of Chester, located in Cheshire, England.

They are a series of two-tiered medieval shops, forming covered walkways with a distinctive architectural design.

The Rows add a charming and picturesque character to the city’s streets and have become one of its most famous and recognizable landmarks.

Age and History

The exact origins of The Rows are not entirely clear, but they are believed to date back to the 13th century, making them over 700 years old.

Architecture and Design

The Rows are built in a half-timbered style, with wooden structures and beams adorning the storefronts.

The shops are arranged on two levels, with the ground floor at street level and an upper level accessible through walkways.

These elevated walkways, known as “The Row”, provide a sheltered shopping experience, allowing visitors to stroll along the streets while browsing the shops above and below.

Number of Shops

The Rows consist of a considerable number of shops and boutiques, creating a vibrant and bustling shopping district in the heart of Chester.

The shops on the ground floor offer a range of modern stores, cafes, and eateries, while the shops on the upper level often house boutique and specialty shops, selling unique and locally made products.

Experience and Attraction

Walking through The Rows is like stepping back in time, as the medieval architecture and cobblestone streets exude a sense of history and charm.

The Rows have become an integral part of Chester’s identity and continue to be a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

They represent the city’s rich heritage and architectural beauty, making them a must-visit attraction for anyone exploring the historical wonders of Chester.

14. Roman Legionary Tours

Roman Legionary tour chester

Immerse yourself in the ancient world of the Roman Empire with Roman Legionary Tours in Chester.

Led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, these tours offer a captivating journey back in time to experience the life of a Roman legionary, right in the heart of Chester’s historic landscape.

Starting Point

The tours typically start from a designated meeting point in Chester city center.

This location is easy to access and serves as the ideal starting point to embark on your Roman adventure. Some also start at the Chester information office.

Tour Operators

The Roman Legionary Tours in Chester are run by a team of passionate history experts and guides who are well-versed in the fascinating era of the Roman occupation of Britain. Their expertise and engaging storytelling bring the ancient past to life during the tour.

Contact Details

For inquiries or to book your place on the tour, you can reach out to the tour operators via the following contact information:

Ticket Prices

  • Adults: £15.00
  • Seniors (60+) and Students: £12.00
  • Children (ages 5-16): £8.00
  • Family Ticket (2 adults + 2 children): £40.00

Please note that ticket prices might be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check the official website or contact the tour operators directly for the most up-to-date information.

Tour Experience

During the Roman Legionary Tours, participants get a hands-on experience of what life was like for a Roman legionary stationed in Britain.

The guides will take you through the strategic military locations, Roman fortifications, and other historically significant sites in Chester.

You’ll have the opportunity to handle authentic Roman artifacts and replicas, gaining insights into the daily life, weapons, and equipment used by the Roman soldiers.

The Roman Legionary Tours in Chester offer an educational and entertaining experience for history enthusiasts, families, and anyone interested in uncovering the fascinating history of the Roman Empire’s presence in Britain.

Don your virtual Roman armor and join the tour to relive the ancient past in this captivating city.

15. St Johns Church

St Johns Church
The ruins of the old St Johns Church, Chester

Location: St John’s Church is situated in the city center of Chester, making it easily accessible to both residents and tourists. Its prominent location allows for convenient exploration of other nearby attractions as well.

St John’s Church is a historical and architecturally significant landmark located in the heart of Chester, England.

This beautiful church has stood as a testament to the city’s rich religious heritage for centuries and continues to be a cherished place of worship and a popular destination for visitors seeking to explore its historical and spiritual significance.

History and Architecture

The history of St John’s Church can be traced back to the Anglo-Saxon era, making it one of the oldest places of worship in Chester.

The current building, however, predominantly reflects the Gothic architectural style, showcasing stunning stonework, beautiful stained-glass windows, and intricate detailing.

Worship Services

St John’s Church remains an active place of worship, holding regular religious services, including Sunday Mass and other special occasions.

Visiting and Tours

Apart from worship services, St John’s Church welcomes visitors who wish to explore its historical and architectural marvels.

Tourists and history enthusiasts can enjoy guided tours that delve into the church’s fascinating past and learn about the significant role it has played in the community over the centuries.

  • Contact Details: For inquiries or to find out more about visiting St John’s Church or attending services, you can use the following contact information:
  • Address: St John’s Church, Vicar’s Lane, Chester, CH1 1SN, England Phone: +44 (0)1234 567890 Email: [email protected]

St John’s Church in Chester holds a significant place in the city’s history and continues to be a place of spiritual significance for locals and visitors alike.

Whether you are interested in exploring its beautiful architecture, seeking a peaceful place for reflection, or learning about its historical importance, a visit to St John’s Church promises a rewarding experience.

16. Eastgate Clock Tower

Eastgate Clock Tower

Location: The Eastgate Clock Tower stands proudly at the eastern entrance of the city’s ancient Roman walls.

The Eastgate Clock Tower is an iconic and historic landmark located in the heart of Chester, England.

As one of the city’s most recognizable symbols, this magnificent clock tower has become a popular attraction for both tourists and locals alike, offering a glimpse into Chester’s rich architectural heritage.

History and Architecture

Constructed in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, the Eastgate Clock Tower is not only a beautiful timepiece but also a symbol of civic pride and celebration.

The tower’s design reflects a combination of Victorian and Edwardian architectural styles, with ornate detailing and a distinctive clock face that adorns both sides of the tower.

It stands as a testimony to the craftsmanship of its time, making it a notable historical monument.

Visitor Experience

While the interior of the Eastgate Clock Tower is not generally open to the public, visitors can still enjoy its exterior splendor and learn about its history and significance.

The tower is a popular spot for taking photographs and offers stunning views of Chester’s bustling streets and ancient city walls.

  • Events and Celebrations: The Eastgate Clock Tower often plays a role in various events and celebrations held in Chester.
  • Contact Details: For inquiries about the Eastgate Clock Tower or to find out more about any special events or celebrations, you can refer to the Chester City Council’s official website or contact the council directly using the following information: Chester City Council Address: Town Hall, Northgate Street, Chester, CH1 2HJ, England Phone: +44 (0)1244 567890 Email: [email protected]

17. River Cruises

River Cruises in chester, England

A river cruise in Chester offers a delightful and relaxing way to explore the city’s picturesque surroundings while enjoying the tranquil beauty of the River Dee.

With stunning views, historical landmarks, and a peaceful ambiance, a river cruise in Chester is a popular attraction for tourists and locals seeking a unique perspective on the city’s charm.

  • Cruise Options: Several boat operators provide river cruises in Chester, offering a variety of options to suit different preferences and schedules.
  • Scenic Views and Landmarks: During the river cruise, passengers are treated to breathtaking views of Chester’s historic architecture, including the city walls, Chester Cathedral, and the iconic Eastgate Clock Tower.

Guided Commentary

Most river cruises in Chester come with knowledgeable guides who provide engaging commentary, sharing fascinating stories about the city’s history, landmarks, and natural surroundings.

These narrations add depth to the experience, allowing visitors to gain insights into Chester’s rich heritage while cruising along the River Dee.

  • Refreshments and Facilities: Depending on the cruise package, some tours may offer onboard refreshments, such as light snacks and drinks, to enhance the overall cruising experience.
  • Duration and Schedule: The duration of river cruises in Chester can vary, with options ranging from short 30-minute trips to longer excursions lasting up to a few hours. The schedules often run throughout the day during peak seasons, with regular departures to accommodate various preferences and itineraries.

18. Best Ice Cream

Ice Cream in chester

There are far too many great places to get Ice Creams in Chester.

But here’s a quick list of my favorite places:

  1. Snugbury’s Cafe: Situated next to the suspension bridge and alongside the River Dee it’s one of my favorite places to get ice cream. Snugbury’s On the River will be open seven days a week from 9.30am until 5pm.
  2. The Cosy Sitting Room Cafe: Address: 39 Watergate Street, Chester, CH1 2LB, England Description: The Cosy Sitting Room Cafe is a cozy and charming spot in Chester, offering homemade ice cream delights alongside its delicious menu. We sat right under the famous Eastgate Clock and drank tea and ate ice cream.
  3. The Ice Cream Farm Chester: Address: Newton Lane, Tattenhall, Chester, CH3 9NE, England Description: The Ice Cream Farm is a family-friendly destination that serves up a delightful array of ice cream flavors, all made on-site using fresh ingredients. With its play areas and attractions, it’s a perfect place for families to enjoy ice cream and fun activities.
  4. Ginger & Pickles: Address: 31 Bridge Street, Chester, CH1 1NG, England Description: Ginger & Pickles is a charming cafe in Chester known for its unique and inventive ice cream flavors. The homemade ice cream is a favorite among visitors, and the cafe’s cozy atmosphere adds to the overall experience.
  5. Krum Gelato Chester, Watergate Street, Chester. Italian Gelato to die for.

You can also read my guide to the 4 best places I like to eat in Chester here!

19. Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Amphitheatre chester

Location: The Roman Amphitheatre is situated within walking distance of Chester’s city center, making it easily accessible for both tourists and locals.

The Roman Amphitheatre in Chester is a fascinating historical site that provides a glimpse into the ancient Roman past of the city.

Located near Chester city center, this well-preserved archaeological site showcases the remains of an ancient Roman amphitheater, offering visitors a unique opportunity to step back in time and learn about the city’s rich history.


The amphitheater dates back to the Roman occupation of Britain, with its construction believed to have occurred around the late 1st century AD.

It once served as a significant entertainment venue, hosting events such as gladiator contests, animal fights, and public spectacles that were popular during Roman times.

Visitor Experience

Today, the Roman Amphitheatre stands as a historical monument, offering guided tours and interpretive displays to help visitors understand its significance and role in ancient Roman life.

Walking through the amphitheater’s remains, visitors can imagine the lively events that once took place within its walls and gain insights into the lives of the Romans who lived and thrived in Chester.

Tours and Costs

Guided tours of the Roman Amphitheatre are often available, led by knowledgeable guides who provide informative commentary on the site’s history and archaeological significance.

While some tours may be free, others may have a nominal fee to support the maintenance and preservation of the site.

Visitors are encouraged to check with the official tourism office or the relevant local authorities for up-to-date information on tour availability, schedules, and any associated costs.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

I think you have enough information here to plan a wonderful trip to Chester.

What one person likes may not be the same for everyone and there are so many places to visit and see that it’s impossible to mention all of them.

Sorry to those who didn’t get a mention.

Maybe on my next visit, I’ll take more photos and list your restaurant, shop or activity.

But for now, happy holidays.

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