Best Rage Room in Birmingham, Alabama

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Rage rooms, also known as smash rooms or anger rooms, have become a popular trend in recent years.

These rooms provide a safe and controlled environment where individuals can vent their frustrations by destroying various objects.

One such establishment that has gained popularity is the Birmingham Rage Room, located in Birmingham, Alabama.

This is Alabama’s first-ever rage room, offering a unique experience for those seeking an unconventional way to relieve stress.

Benefits of Rage Rooms

  1. Stress relief. Rage rooms provide a physical outlet for pent-up emotions, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels.
  1. Emotional catharsis. Engaging in controlled destruction can offer emotional release, allowing participants to feel a sense of relief and satisfaction.
  1. Physical exercise. The act of smashing objects involves physical exertion, which can contribute to overall fitness and the release of endorphins.
  1. Safe environment. Rage rooms are designed with safety in mind, providing protective gear and controlled surroundings to prevent injury or damage to personal property.
  1. Socialization. Some rage rooms offer group sessions, fostering camaraderie and shared experiences among participants.
  1. Fun and novelty. Rage rooms provide a unique and entertaining activity that can break the monotony of everyday life.

Birmingham Rage Room

The Birmingham Rage Room is a one-of-a-kind establishment that offers multiple rage rooms, a splatter room, and a vast outdoor games area.

This variety ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer smashing objects in a rage room, creating art in the splatter room, or enjoying outdoor games.

Pricing and Booking

Booking a rage room can be done via email at [email protected] or their phone number (205)-701-0001.

Here are the packages that Birmingham Rage Room offers.

Rage Room

$3530 mins1
$7030 mins2
$10530 mins3
$15030 mins4
$17530 mins5
$21060 mins6

Splatter Room

$5045 mins1
$7045 mins2
$9045 mins3
$11045 mins4
$15045 mins5

Please note that for each additional person, the price increases by another $20 until you reach a total of 12 persons for $310.


Cosmic Rage – Neon fluorescent paint breakables$7.50 per person
Extra Breakables – adds small and medium items$5 per person
Premium Large Items – adds cool items to breakmarket price

Operating Hours

The Birmingham Rage Room operates every day from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

However, it is best if you call their desk at (205)-701-0001 and actually verify that there is enough staff at the site that can accommodate your needs.


The Birmingham Rage Room is conveniently located at 2616 7th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35223.

This central location makes it easily accessible for residents and visitors alike.

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In Conclusion

The Birmingham Rage Room provides a unique and exciting way to relieve stress.

With its variety of offerings and convenient operating hours, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to try something new and exciting.

Regardless if you are a local resident or a visitor to Birmingham, Alabama, the Birmingham Rage Room is definitely worth a visit.

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