Best Rage Rooms In London, UK

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Do you feel like you got the wind taken out of your sails at work or home?

You regain your balance by visiting a rage room. You get to wreck various household and electronic items to your satisfaction.

Talk therapy is the best way to deal with our uncertainties and intense emotions. However, people have recently been looking for quick ways to relieve sudden stress.

Although smash room therapy is a temporary solution, it offers a quick fix in a fun environment.

Discover the below best rage rooms in London, UK, for a new experience.

Wreck Room

Select a couple of your favourite songs and blast them while you crash and smash at the Wreck Room.

It is lots of fun and a safe space to cry out, whether in pain or relief, as you release your anger.

Additionally, invite a friend or colleague to come over with you for a good cheer or a smash session for themselves.

The experience may also strengthen your bond as they witness your uninhibited display of raw emotions.

What to expect at the Wreck Room

  • Only over 18s are allowed to participate. Proof of age using an ID is mandatory, especially if you appear underage.
  • You must wear closed shoes, long-sleeved tops, and long trousers.
  • You will not be allowed to smash if you are or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • There is a wide variety of items to break for a satisfying experience.
  • You will get a safety outfit with a visor, overalls, gloves, and a neck protector.
  • You will get a session lead to oversee your wreck room session for more security.
  • Even for group bookings, only one person is allowed into the smash room. The rest of the group will have to wait for their turn.
  • Before taking your items to destroy, contact the establishment in advance. If you show up with your box without prior notice, they will not allow you to bring them in.
  • Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, with 48 hours notice, the company can make special arrangements.
  • You may fail to get a re-schedule or a refund if you miss your slot.
  • Safety briefings occur 15 minutes before the start of a session, so show up early enough.
  • Failure to follow instructions may result in immediate termination of your smash session.
  • You can take photos and videos on your phone or request the establishment to take them on your behalf.

Charges at the Wreck Room

The Wreck Room charges £35 per person for 10 minutes of smashing.

They can arrange special rates for special events booking and large groups above ten people. 

Operating Hours

The Wreck Room is open every day for bookings.

Smash It Rage Room

Best Smash Rooms In London, UK guide
Smash It Rage Room in London

At the Smash It Rage Room, they offer the opportunity for you to smash up your troubles and reclaim your happiness.

Write down your fears, worries, and the reasons for your anger, disappointment, and frustration on a plate and break away.

Show up by yourself or bring a friend or two. We are sure they all need a similar outlet. You don’t know it yet. There is no judgment or consequences for your loud actions in a rage room.

What to expect at Smash It Rage Room

  • Their smash room experience is mobile and open for birthdays, team-building activities, schools, and special events.
  • The team does both solo and group sessions.
  • You will get to smash several plates during your session.
  • Before your session, the team will determine if you are physically healthy to participate as a safety precaution. 
  • The teams also have first aid training in case of an accident during your session, although protective gear is available.

Prices at Smash It Rage Room

Call or email them via 07359207511 or [email protected] for pricing and bookings.

Working Hours

The Smash It Rage Room is open from Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. However, they remain closed on Sundays.


We often cannot open up to our partners, friends, colleagues, or siblings. It may be because we fear judgement or think they will not understand us. That’s why talk therapy is ideal for those facing various emotional problems.

However, rage rooms are a different way to reclaim our mental and physical health without necessarily talking it out.

Contact one of the best rage rooms in London, UK, for a fun smash room experience. It will make for an exciting conversation next time you visit your therapist.

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