Can You Take Your Own Weapons To A Rage Room?

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Sometimes talking about your emotions and frustrations does not work, so finding an outlet that works for you is a good idea.

Smash rooms were invented to relieve pent-up feelings or to have fun alone or as a group.

Usually, rage rooms provide the participants with smashable items and weapons for their sessions.

While most people are satisfied with the given objects, it is understandable to wonder if you can bring your own weapons. 

Do Rage Rooms Allow People To Bring Their Own Weapons?

We do not have a one-size-fits-all answer to this question because different smash rooms have varying rules.

Therefore, while some break rooms permit customers to bring their own weapons to break items with, some prohibit this. 

Do Rage Rooms Allow People To Bring Their Own Weapons
Rage rooms restrictions

A rage room’s insurance policy is why they do not permit customers to bring their weapons and breakables.

It is also worth noting that some smash rooms allow customers to bring their breakables but not weapons; others prohibit both, while others permit both.

Nonetheless, all anger rooms provide a wide array of breakable items for their customers and the tools to break them.

These include:

  • baseball bats
  • golf clubs
  • hammers
  • mallets
  • pipes
  • sledgehammers
  • maces
  • and crowbars

You can even rent legendary weaponry like rifles and TV shows/ movies weapons to wreak havoc in a controlled environment. 

The size and number of breakable items an anger room provides vary based on your selected package.

The items you can smash in a rage room include:

  • Computer monitors
  • Wine glasses
  • Vases
  • Small glassware
  • Cars
  • Windshields
  • Printers
  •  Office phones
  • VCRs
  • Plates
  • Speakers
  • Laptops
  • Fax machines

You will likely find any item you can think of in a smash room, provided it is breakable. You can even smash a car if you can afford the package.

What You Need To Know About The Bring Your Own Box (BOYB) Rage Room Package

You can take your smashable items and weapons to some rage rooms, but you must confirm that it is allowed before showing up with them.

This option will enable you to break what you like using your preferred weapon without being restricted by the packages offered by the rage room. 

Bring Your Own Box (BOYB) Rage Room Package tips
Bring Your Own Box (BOYB) Rage Room Package

This option is also advantageous since it offers an innovative approach to managing waste.

You can bring smashable things or e-waste from your home you wish to get rid of and enjoy breaking them.

The best part is you get to eliminate the clutter in your home, get your anger out by smashing them and do not have to clean up after yourself.

A team will sort the wreckage and dispose of them correctly.

Keep in mind that the facility will not accept hazardous materials, ammunition, liquids, food items, flammables, firearms or weapons, and other unsafe items. 

This helps keep waste like electronics from ending up in landfills, making smash rooms part of the waste management process.

It encourages recycling and repurposing things, thus advancing eco-friendly initiatives. 

Can A Rage Room Be Customized?

A rage room can be customized to your liking, provided the business offers it.

Due to differences in policies among various smash rooms, it would be best to contact the specific rage room to inquire about their customization policies and ask if they can do so. 

Can A Rage Room Be Customized or not
Customized rage room

You can request that your rage room be customized if you have something specific you want to tackle by smashing some stuff.

For instance, you can print out photos of your ex, stick them on breakable objects then break them in a smash room to let out your frustrations, sadness, or anger. 

Take advantage of the BYOB package at your preferred rage room (if its offers it). It may help you deal with your emotions about what is going on in your personal or even professional life.

Maybe you got passed off for a promotion and are feeling frustrated.

So instead of letting yourself feel sad and disappointed at home or going for drinks, book a session at a rage room and use the session to vent by breaking things. 

You can even use a rage room to mark the end of a marriage and usher in your single life by holding a divorce party there. Try this with a group of friends for an even better experience.

Also, breaking things in a smash room does not have to be associated with the bad times in your life.

You can use the session to have fun alone, with your friends, or with work colleagues.

What Items Can’t You Bring To A Rage Room?

The items you cannot bring to a smash room vary based on the rage room. However, you must also apply common sense during selection.

For this reason, avoid taking hard-to-dispose-of or hazardous items such as lithium batteries, liquids, food, or bulky objects.

Visiting Rage Rooms Norwich

Therefore, if you decide to break your old laptop, remove the battery before bringing it to a rage room. 

The same goes for weapons. If you want to use your weapon of choice to break things, you must be reasonable about it.

This means not bringing weapons such as chainsaws. In addition, keep in mind that rage rooms also have to approve the items you bring with you.

What Should You Bring To A Rage Room?

Smash rooms typically offer customers safety gear such as protective gloves, glasses, and hard hats.

However, you will need to come wearing the correct attire, including long pants, long sleeve shirts, and closed-toe shoes.

Avoid ripped jeans, crop tops, thin tights, sandals, crocs, and ponchos since they leave your skin exposed, and your safety is paramount. 

Furthermore, if you prefer to listen to your music, create a playlist that suits you and the occasion. 


Bringing weapons to a rage room depends on the individual business.

Some smash rooms allow customers to break stuff using their own weapons, while others DON’T. The Bring Your Own Box (BYOB) is usually cheaper, so consider using it if possible. 

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