Are Rage Rooms Worth It (Smash Rooms Inexpensive Night Out?)

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Life is stressful – work, family, relationships, money, and even news can stir different emotions. If you can’t find somebody to talk to, it can morph into something more serious, like anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. 

People have different ways of expressing their frustrations, anger, and even big wins! Some will scream with joy, and curse, while others opt to talk.

Punching at things and breaking items is also a common way of coping with anger and, sometimes, excitement. However, it often results in damage, loss, and inevitable regret once you finish. 

Why Should You Visit a Rage Room?

Instead of smashing things at home or the workplace out of frustration, why not try a rage room?

Having fun in a rage room advantages
Having fun in a rage room

You’ll get the adrenaline thrill of breaking things without incurring losses or getting into trouble.

While this sounds like a great idea, are rage rooms worth it?

Rage rooms allow you to break things when angry without worrying about the consequences.

It’s a unique opportunity to get destructive without regretting or having to clean up afterward.

Smashing stuff makes you feel better instantly, but there are concerns over its effectiveness in the long run.

According to the catharsis theory of aggression, people can decrease their fury through venting. However, this doesn’t always work for everyone. 

So, why choose a rage room? This post aims to address this question, so keep reading.

Is A Rage Room A Fun Night Out?

As mentioned, there is plenty of fun things to do to unwind after working hard or to relax and have a good time with your family and friends.

These include watching movies, going to a game, hiking, or dancing at a nightclub. 

While these sound fun, a rage room may have crossed your mind when brainstorming what to do on a Friday evening or any other free day.

Breaking things in a rage room advantages
Breaking things in a rage room

Smashing things in a rage room is undoubtedly not a conventional fun activity.

However, it has been gaining traction for a while now. More and more people are trying this activity for fun or to release anger and frustration.

Going to a rage room lets you go wild without paying attention to the rules and regulations of an orderly society.

You will have fun smashing different things the facility offers, from televisions and furniture to utensils, using baseball bats, hammers, and even crossbars.

The best part is that you can do this alone or with your friends.

Are Rage Rooms Worth It? 

A rage room is an exciting and creative fun idea for an inexpensive night out activity.

While smash rooms are popularly known for helping people to de-stress by letting their anger out on different things, they are also just fun.

Here are a few reasons they should be the next thing you do during your night out.

1. It Is a Unique and Fun Experience

Rage rooms offer a unique experience you and your friends will remember for years.

Reasons you should visit rage room
Reasons to visit rage room

You will have a blast smashing things in a well-curated room or even coloring yourself with paint.

Furthermore, you can color the walls with different paints by throwing them on the walls.

If you tend to go for dinner, drinks, or movies during your free time, you can spice things up by trying an anger room.

2. It Is Memorable

If you have never tried a rage room, you are in for a treat.

For a long-lasting memory, plan a session with friends and have a blast breaking things. It will allow you to let loose and release any pent-up aggression. 

If you want to create a fun, lasting memory in a rage room, book a session for you and your friends. Doing it together will make it livelier.

3. You Can Choose Your Music

Rage rooms provide music for participants to enjoy while smashing things or painting the walls.

Although this sounds great, this is not the best part.

What’s more exciting is that you can choose what to listen to, so connect your music and have fun in the smash room. 

You can develop a rage room playlist beforehand, then sync your phone to the facility’s sound system to have surround-sound music that you enjoy during your session.

4. Smashing Things Is Fun

Breaking private and public property can land you in trouble with the law and cost you financially.

In addition, while smashing things at your home is perfectly okay since what you break is yours, you will incur disposal charges and risk hurting yourself. 

Therefore, going to a rage room is a better idea since it satisfies the urge to break things in an area that encourages the activity. 

5. It Is Affordable

While rage rooms offer different packages for their sessions, accessing a smash room is generally inexpensive.

Some packages cater to individuals, while others are for groups.

The amount you pay varies based on the rage room you pick, the number of breakable items you want, and the number of people you go with.

Affordable and fun rage rooms
Rage rooms are affordable

You can spend about $20 on a session for one person or even bring your breakables and pay around $15 to smash them.

Rage rooms also offer couples therapy packages for partners to enjoy. In New York City, this will cost you about $95. 

On the other hand, you can go for the overkill package. This package can cost up to $300 but comes with many breakable items, including printers, wine bottles, and televisions. 

Although the prices vary, smash rooms are inexpensive and leave you feeling invigorated and de-stressed, thus offering value for your money.

In addition, the fact that the staff keeps an eye on the participants and provides protective gear means you get the most from your session without risking hurting yourself or others.

6. A Safe and Controlled Environment

Breaking stuff might be therapeutic, but you can’t do it anywhere.

In public, such behavior could get you arrested because it’s unruly and risks the well-being of others.

While you can do it in your house, it can result in massive property damage, injury to others, and an unsightly mess.

Visiting a rage room allows you to perform destructive therapy in a safe and controlled environment.

The patrons will give you protective gear and permission to break various stuff. These rooms allow you to vent your anger without harming yourself or others. 

7. It Can Be A Non-Traditional Date Night Idea

Instead of sticking to your weekly dinner date, spice things up by booking a session at a rage room and spending some time with your partner breaking things.

Have fun breaking things together, throwing paint at each other, screaming, laughing, yelling, and just going wild. 

Visiting best rage rooms San Diego

It also does not have to be just you and your partner.

Instead, invite some of your couple friends for a double date session and make things even more exciting than you would with just you two. 

Do Rage Rooms Always Work?

Rage rooms are largely effective but don’t guarantee stress relief for everyone.

For some, breaking things might not be the best way to handle negative emotions. In such cases, rage rooms may cause an increase in anger and aggression.

Increased Anger

The catharsis theory doesn’t work for everyone; some become angrier after venting or smashing things in a rage room.

Scientists believe that this happens to be people who express aggression at the source of their fury.

Do Rage Rooms Have An Age Limit?

Although the aggression might decrease, they’ll likely do something worse when faced with such triggers.

It seems counterintuitive, but your brain will prompt you to exhibit more aggression if the aftermath results in stress relief. 

More Aggression

People who act aggressively after provocation experience a slight decrease in anger at the moment but are more likely to act when triggered in the future.

However, people who do nothing after being incited have no tendencies to show more aggression when provoked in the future.


A rage room is worth considering if you are looking for an out-of-the-box idea for your night out in your city or town, whether alone or with friends.

Smashing things in a controlled environment is fun and affordable; hence definitely worth trying but ensure you follow the safety precautions.

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