How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To A Rage Room

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Are you thinking of organizing a birthday party for your teen and their friends in a rage room but not quite sure about smash rooms age restrictions?

In the United States, you should be 18 years old and above to go to an anger room.

However, most rage rooms will allow kids from 12 years to experience smash rooms, but their parents or guardians should accompany them.

For most locations The minimum age limit tends to be around 10-13 years, whether they come with an adult or not. Although rage rooms are safe environments, the activities can endanger children, hence the need for supervision.

Rage rooms, however, were initially created for adults above 18 years. 

What Are The Benefits of Rage Rooms?

Throwing and breaking things, yelling, and screaming can relieve tension and intense emotions.

People say that they feel better after, and thus the reason rage rooms have become popular. 

What Are The Benefits of Rage Rooms?
The benefits of rage rooms

Aggression through destroying things is dangerous at home or in other social settings as you may injure yourself or others.

However, wreck rooms are designated areas where it is safe to break things as an anger outlet.

These rooms are usually controlled spaces with rules of conduct and safety gear to ensure participants are not hurt.

Since they are also registered businesses, it is a legal requirement that they provide the safety of their clients.

Smash Room Rules For Teens

Teenagers are now familiar with rage rooms mainly because most establishments allow them to participate. 

With the pressures of current social, school, and home environments, teenagers experience more anxiety and stress.

Besides seeking professional therapy for their teens, some parents allow them to visit rage rooms as a fun way to vent.

Rage room age restriction facts
Rage room age restriction

Although it is not a long-term solution for anxiety or anger management issues, it creates temporary relief.

The standard rules for teens to access rage room are:

  • An adult, parent, or guardian must accompany them for their booking.
  • Their smash sessions must have an adult in the room, as supervision is mandatory.
  • The accompanying adult must sign a liability waiver before the minor is admitted into a rage room.
  • When breaking items, only throw them on the designated wall.
  • No one is allowed to access the rage room under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.

Causes Of Anger In Teens

Adults visit rage rooms primarily to relieve stress from everyday situations. It does not always involve anger or frustration.

Smash Room Rules For Teens explained
Smash Room Rules For Teens

Sometimes it is necessary to support a friend going through a difficult period. Other times it is a fun idea a friend comes up with for a unique party venue.

Whatever the reason, it can be pretty different for teens.

School expectations, bullying, peer pressure, and anxiety are problems they face during adolescence. To be honest, they have a lot to feel angry about.

Although it is okay to be angry, finding ways to deal with their emotions is crucial.

Outbursts, mood swings, and irritability are common signs of teen anxiety and stress. However, parents should talk to them before taking them to a rage room.

Seek help from a professional if their intense feelings result in consistent aggression or violence.

Wreck rooms only provide temporary relief and should not be used in place of therapy for teens.

Do Teenagers Benefit From Rage Rooms?

Yes. For teenagers, rage rooms are a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends.

For teenagers, rage rooms are a fun way to spend an afternoon
Rage room experiences can help teenagers

They scream, laugh, and shout out their frustrations and teenage angst for a few hours. 

Combined with therapy and counseling, rage room experiences can help teenagers overcome negative feelings. 

Other benefits teenagers get include:

  • Kids get to interact with their peers who are in similar situations, and they can create lasting relationships.
  • Parents can see their children let go of any pent-up emotions, strengthening their family bond and making communication easy.
  • Instead of throwing out unwanted things in the house, families can destroy them together in rage rooms. Declutter and de-stress together.
  • Understand that anger is a common emotion, and there are safe ways to let it out without hurting themselves or others.
  • Great physical exercise opportunity. Breaking things is hard work and is the perfect opportunity for teenagers to sweat and work their muscles.

Rage Rooms Activities For All Ages

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Apart from anger rooms to destroy objects, smash rooms also have activities for all ages. 

These include the following.

Splash painting

Since rage rooms are family outing locations, most have splash painting activities ideal for both kids and adults.

However, if a parent is uncomfortable with their child breaking stuff, the splash paint rooms are an exciting alternative.

Children aged two and upwards get to throw color bombs around the room with friends.

For an even better experience, allow them to throw a birthday party on location. Your child may surprise you by picking up some helpful art skills for the future.

Game rooms

To cater to the entire family, rage rooms also have game rooms for a relaxed atmosphere.

Having fun Table tennis in rage room
Playing table tennis

While others are raging, the rest can participate in various indoor games. 

The common ones include:

  • ping pong
  • pool tables
  • airsoft gun shooting
  • and indoor paintball

These activities are open to all ages and safe for children and teens. 

Choose an interactive game for your child as you get 20 minutes of solo smash room fun. Later, you can join them for a family gaming session.

Axe throwing

Although axe or knife throwing is an adult game, children above ten can play in most rage rooms.

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However, like smashing things, an adult must be present for a teen to throw axes or knives. 

Axe-throwing alleys also have a host or hostess to demonstrate the correct way to throw.

Throwing also requires energy as the axes are heavy, so only children who can handle the weight can play.


Now that you know about the minimum age for rage rooms, its time to book a session with your preteen or teen for an exhilarating session.

It’s a perfect way to bond with your kids as you let out yells and screams while smashing stuff.

We recommend you check with the particular smash room you’d like to visit as some strictly admit adults. (18 years and above).

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