Best Rage Rooms In Rochester, NY

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If you’ve ever thrown a plate, hit an object, or screamed into your pillow, you know we need a physical way to release anger.

Rage rooms are seen as an effective and cheaper alternative to reduce stress.

Below we look at some great locations in Rochester.

Smash Room at Recreo

Instead of lying on a couch telling your therapist how you feel, the Smash Room at Recreo lets you take your anger and frustration out on objects.

The experience benefits individuals and groups looking to destroy stuff in a safe and controlled environment.

The facility has a bar. And while you’re allowed to drink, they reserve the right to deny anyone intoxicated from participating in raging. This rule is for your safety.

Pricing at smash room

The Smash Room at Recreo has many packages for different needs and budgets.

The cost varies depending on the number of participants and the number of items to break.

Smash For 2 Guests$1515 minutes
Smash For Up to 6 guests$3030 minutes
Smash for up to 12 guests$6060 minutes

Add-ons are also available as follows:

  • Six electronics: $54
  • Ten electronics: $80
  • 12 electronics: $96
  • 16 electronics: $118
  • 24 electronics: $192
  • 36 electronics: $278
  • 40 electronics: $310

What to Expect

  • The rage room comprises various smashables, including glassware, electronics, and car parts.
  • Safety is paramount! So the facility provides a range of safety gear, including boots, glass-proof suits, face protection, and gloves.
  • Guests are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before their starting time to give ample time for check-in and allow their session to start on time.
  • The rage room can hold up to 4 participants and an instructor at once. The rest of the group can watch through the window while waiting for their turn. This makes it suitable for solo and group sessions alike.
  • Pregnant women cannot participate in rage room activities.
  • The anger room is open to adults aged 18+ years, while the bar is open to 21-year-olds and above.
  • Walk-ins are allowed, although booking in advance is highly recommended.
  • The room has speakers; thus, you can listen to your favorite music as you rage

Working Hours

  • Monday: 5 pm – 10 pm
  • Thursday: 5 pm – 10 pm
  • Friday: 5 pm – 2 am
  • Saturday: 5 pm – 2 am

iSmash Rochester Rage Room

iSmash is a one-of-a-kind rage room that puts a new spin on the concept of destructive therapy.

Do you want to test your skills with axe throwing, unleash your inner creativity with splatter paint rooms, or blow off steam in their rage rooms?

This location guarantees a fun and memorable experience that will leave you feeling better afterwards.

The business is one of the largest and most successful in the country. It offers several smash rooms that can accommodate up to 4 to 15 people at a time.

There are several items to smash here. Have you ever wished to destroy your office printer or throw plates on the wall? iSmash Rage Room has you covered.

There’s even a special package that includes demolishing an entire vehicle. You and your friends can have fun breaking the mirrors, windshield, tires, etc.

Note that you can ask the car to be brought to you, thus making your next party or event a blast.

Pricing at iSmash Rochester

Starter Smash$25 per person20 minutes
Standard Smash$40per person35 minutes
Mega Smash$55 per person50 minutes
Omega Smash$75 per person50 minutes
Glass Smash$35 per person20 minutes
Electronic Smash$35 per person35 minutes
Car Smash$750 per group45 minutes
BYOB Smash$20 per box20 minutes

Each package provides different quantities and items to break. For instance, the Starter Smash provides 14 glass items and two electronics.

The Omega Smash gives you 75 glass items, 12 electronics, one car windshield, and a powder bomb.

From these numbers, it’s clear that iSmash offers more breakables than most rage rooms in the country.

As if that wasn’t enough, add-ons are available, including:

  • Powder bomb
  • Confetti bomb
  • Glass booster
  • Electronic booster
  • Car windshield
  • Mega smash booster

As mentioned earlier, one of the rage rooms is big enough to host as many as 15 people, making it suitable for groups to let loose.

Here are some party packages to take advantage of:

Party PackagesPrice per group of up to 15 peopleTime (hours)
Smash Party$350-$4501 hour 30 minutes
Smash & Paint Party$550-$7503 hours
Smash & Axe Party$400-$5502 hours 30 minutes
Party Extravaganza$600-$8504 hours
Car Smash Party$5501 hour 30 minutes

What to Expect

  • There are a variety of smashable, ranging from small glass items to windshields, kitchen appliances, electronics, and a car.
  • Customers can bring their own smashable. Of course, certain items are prohibited for safety reasons. This includes light bulbs, CRT monitors, pressurized cans, or anything toxic or poisonous.
  • Various weapons of destruction, including crowbars, baseball bats, golf clubs, and sledgehammers
  • Safety equipment is also provided.
  • The rage room can accommodate solo smashers and parties of all kinds.
  • The rooms have free Wi-Fi and speakers, allowing you to connect and jam to your favorite tunes as you smash.
  • Walk-ins are allowed based on availability, so booking a spot in advance is best.
  • Ensure you’re wearing closed-toe shoes to prevent injury. The rage room recommends wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants, but you can purchase a jumpsuit on-site.
  • Participants should be 18 years and above, although minors may participate with the consent of their parent/guardian.
  • All participants must sign a waiver.

Working Hours

  • Sunday – Thursday: 12 pm – 8 pm
  • Friday: 12 pm – 10 pm
  • Saturday: 11 am – 10 pm


Work, school, family, relationships, and the current state of the world are quite stressful and frustrating. It’s not healthy to keep things bottled up.

The good news is you can channel all that rage toward breaking stuff in a safe and judgment-free zone.

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