Best Rage Rooms in Tacoma, Washington

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Punching, throwing, and breaking things are common venting techniques. And now people can grab a bat and smash items in a safe and controlled room.

With no one to judge, rage rooms are more liberating than other rage-channeling physical activities.

Here’s where to visit in Tacoma for a smash room experience.

Brainy Actz Rage Room

If you’d like an exciting place to have fun and de-stress, Brainy Actz is your best bet.

This recreational center offers various activities, including axe-throwing, rage rooms, and more.

The goal of the rage room is to break as many items as possible. Bring your kids, date, friends, family, or co-workers so they can de-stress and have fun too.

Before starting to rage, customers will be taken through a safety tutorial to remind them of the rules of engagement. Next, they get suited up in PPEs, which include coveralls, face masks, and gloves.

And once you pick your weapon of choice from the baseball bats, crowbars, hammers, and more, you can start smashing items to pieces.

Pricing at Brainy Actz Smash Rooms

The Brainy Actz Rage Room has one customizable package. For $40 per person, you get 10-12 breakables, including dishware, electronics, and furniture.

Add-ons are available at the facility at an extra cost. Or, you can add your own breakables to the ones offered at the facility at no additional charge.

Note that the smashing time is up to 20 minutes per person.

What to expect

  • The rage room has everything you need for the best raging experience, including breakables, weapons, PPEs, and speakers.
  • The rage room can accommodate one person at a time. The rest of the crew can watch the raging session on a viewing window as they wait their turn.
  • No refunds
  • Customers are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes before their reservation to allow enough time for check-in.

Working Hours

  • Sunday – Thursday: 12 pm – 12 am
  • Friday & Saturday: 11 am – 12 am

IRaged Olympia Smash Room

There’s no limit to how you can express your anger at IRaged Olympia.

The facility offers several packages and Gift certificates to choose from.

And customers can decide to break the items provided at the facility or bring their own breakables.

This rage room takes user safety seriously. Each participant is expected to wear safety gear provided by the staff.

Plus, customers must come with closed-toe shoes. The team will then take you through a few rules of participation, including how to handle the weapons and where to throw items.

Pricing at IRaged Olympia Smash Room

PackagePrice Time
Nothin’ But Bottles!$305 minutes
BYOB (Bring your own breakables)$407 minutes
I’m Not Mad$5010 minutes
Oh! You Big Mad$6010 minutes
F*** S*** UP!$7015 minutes
  • While the above prices are per person, some packages allow you to add one person for $25.
  • Note that each package offers different items and quantities of items to break. For instance, the Nothin’ But Bottles! package offers unlimited bottles. Your job is to break as many as possible in 5 minutes.
  • F*** S*** UP! package provides the most, including a mix of small, medium, and large items.

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Rules for Participating In This Rage Room

  • Participants are expected to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before their rage time to give ample time for check-in.
  • Rescheduling is allowed, but you must give a 48-hour notice before your scheduled time to get a refund.
  • Wearing protective gear is a must.
  • The rage room is also open to minors, but a parent/guardian must be present throughout their raging session.
  • No one under the influence or pregnant will be allowed into the rage room
  • The facility reserves the right to deny services if you don’t adhere to the rules.

Working Hours

  • Sunday & Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday – Saturday: 2 pm – 8 pm


There are better ways to release anger than engaging in activities that may hurt you and the people around you.

Thanks to the rage rooms in Tacoma and the rest of the country, you no longer need to hold in your negative emotions. Just come and express them through destruction therapy!

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