Best Rage Rooms In San Francisco

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Get your heart racing while you smash things and relieve stress in a fun environment. Rage rooms are a unique playground, especially for adults looking for smash therapy.

We get a few minutes to tame our wild emotions and reclaim our happiness in a judgment-free zone.

The untamed play and euphoria one experiences, especially while wrecking stuff, remains unmatched. Besides being an emotionally freeing activity, breaking a sweat during the physical workout is an added advantage.

Read on and bring a friend to one of the below best rage rooms in San Francisco for a smashing good time.

Bay Area Smash Room

Are you curious or wondering why all the rave about rage rooms?

Then pay a visit to the Bay Area Smash Room. You will have the opportunity to unleash your most profound emotions by destroying things. 

The establishment provides a memorable rage room experience for everyone seeking to rage. So take a date, family member, or colleague and bond over the mix of joy and pain.

Alternatively, make a reservation to celebrate a special event and surprise your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

What to expect at Bay Area Smash Room

  • Rage room participants must be ten years and older. Anyone below 18 should have a legal guardian or parent to sign the waiver and supervise their activity.
  • Their rage rooms are private. You will not share them with strangers during your session.
  • There are no refunds on cancellations. However, you will get a redeemable voucher if you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Although they accept rescheduling, you will get a 10% charge on your package.
  • You can bring personal items such as old picture frames of an ex you’d love to forget. However, all things are subject to inspection before a session for safety reasons.
  • The rooms have speakers to play your favorite playlist and a phone mount to take amazing photos and videos as you rage away.
  • Although they provide protective clothing such as a hard hat, glasses, and hand gloves, wear long trousers and shirts.
  • You can gift a smash room experience to a loved one by purchasing gift cards for any package.

Packages and prices at Bay Area Smash Room

Smash Time$65 for 1-2 people20 minutes
Trouble Makers$90 for 1-2 people20 minutes
Smash Date Night$120 for 1-2 people30 minutes
Smash Squad$140 for 2-4 people30 minutes
Smash Maniac$180 for 2-4 people30 minutes
SMASHaholics$220 for 2-6 people30 minutes
News Room Smash Party$360 for 2-10 people1-hour

Working Hours

  • Tuesday to Friday, 2 pm to 12 am
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 12 am
  • The Bay Area Smash Room is closed on Monday

Glass Ceiling Rage Room

Discover and express your feelings at the Glass Ceiling rage room. Their secure space allows you to curiously explore your humanity in a few minutes of unbound rage.

Break the monotony of a difficult day at work by doing something different during your office lunch break.

After all, the establishment caters to everyone as they provide personal rage room sessions, group parties, and corporate events.

What to expect at the Glass Ceiling Rage Room

  • Anyone above 12 years can participate. However, those under 18 must accompany an adult, and their sessions remain under supervision.
  • Their endless supply of glass bottles for smashing comes from the local bars and restaurants around the city. 
  • Once you finish smashing, cool down in the decompression room for at least 30 minutes, where they serve snacks and drinks.
  • Protective gear is available for all participants.
  • They have lockers to put away your belongings before your session safely.
  • You can request a themed rage room or set up for your party. 
  • The establishment collects all the glass items you wreck for recycling at no extra cost.
  • Although parking space is available nearby, they recommend that participants use public transit.
  • Gift cards for rage room sessions are also available.

Prices at the Glass Ceiling Rage Room

Shatter for 1$75 30 minutes
Shatter for 2$12530 minutes
Shatter for 3$17530 minutes
Shatter for 4$22530 minutes

Operating Hours

  • Thursday and Friday, 4 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday and Saturday, 2 pm to 9 pm
  • The Glass Ceiling rage room remains closed from Monday to Wednesday


Our emotions are our own, and everyone is allowed to feel them. However, we sometimes get overwhelmed and can cause harm to others or ourselves in moments of rage.

That’s where rage rooms come in, providing a personal space to de-stress safely.

There is minimal risk of injury, especially if you listen and follow all the rules of participating. So, take an unforgettable day off soon and visit one of the best rage rooms in San Francisco.

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