Best Rage Rooms In Kansas City

Best Rage Rooms In Kansas City guide

Life is full of ups and downs, and we all experience life’s stresses in various forms. However, how we express our most intense emotions depends on how much the situations affect us.

Instead of lashing out at a loved one or colleague, why not schedule a round of smash room therapy?

Rage rooms provide the safest outlet for our anger, disappointments, and pain. Transfer that negative energy into a baseball bat or crowbar and go wild there.

Read through the below list of the best rage rooms in Kansas City for a fun yet life-changing experience.

1. Smash House KC

At Smash House KC, their slogan is about making life fun. After all, you’ve only got one life.

So make time to experience something new that is not exciting but will help you de-stress.

What to Expect at Smash House KC

  • The age limit is five years and up. However, anyone below 18 years must have a guardian or parent present to supervise and sign a liability waiver.
  • Their special group package is known as House Party. You get the whole place for 30 minutes to 2 hours but only before or after their regular working hours.
  • The minimum number of participants for the House Party package is 10.
  • All body parts must be covered to access the rage room, and shoes should be closed-toe.
  • If you need the correct attire, they have an in-house store where you can purchase the appropriate wear.
  • There are four monthly packages that you can subscribe to either individually or as a group. However, the price is per person.

Prices at Smash House KC 

Rage Room Prices

PackagePrice per personTime
I’m Mad$205 minutes
I’m Upset$3510 minutes
I’m P’d Off$5015 minutes
I’m On The Edge$10030 minutes
BYOB$2015 minutes
4-Person Group Rate$140 for the group25 minutes
We are Two mad$90 for two people15 minutes
House Party$375 for the group30 minutes
Paint Party Groups of 4$150 for the group15 minutes
Kids Day (I’m Mad)$205 minutes
Food Fights$250 for the group15 minutes

You must book the Food Fight session 3 days in advance.

Monthly subscription plans

Bronze Package: $80 per person, including 2 I’m mad sessions weekly and a free T-shirt.

Silver Package: $140 per person, including a T-shirt, smash bag, and 2 I’m upset sessions each week.

Gold Package: $200 per person, consisting of a bag, T-shirt, own glasses, and 2 I’m P’d sessions each week.

Purple Package: $400 per person, consisting of a bag, own glasses, T-shirt, bat, and 2 I’m On The Edge sessions per week.

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Thursday, 11 am to 8 pm for appointments only.
  • Friday and Saturday, 11 am to 9 pm, for walk-ins and appointments.
  • Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm for reservations only.

2. Super Smash KC

Release all your frustration and aggression at Super Smash KC.

There is no charge so take as many individual and group photos and videos as you like.

You will have lasting memories of the best time of your life, destroying things for fun.

You can also host a smash room party to celebrate a birthday or an achievement. You can bring your food, drinks, and decorations as part of the package price.

The entire building is also exclusively available for groups and parties.

Although children between 7-17 years can participate, they must come with a parent or guardian. Bring their helmets as well, as they only have large adult sizes.

Pricing at Super Smash KC

Starter Smash$30 per person10 minutes
Super Smash$50 per person20 minutes
Multiplayer$150 for six people20 minutes
Party Pack$2502 hours

For the party pack, the $250 is for 6 participants who will get starter smash tickets. Additional guests pay $25 each to smash for 10 minutes.

The other packages include breakable items from 10-15 per person. Protective gear and weapons are also included in the package prices.

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Friday, 1 pm to 9 pm.
  • Saturday, 11 am to 9 pm.
  • The Super Smash KC rage room is closed on Monday.

3. Rage! KC

anger rooms Kansas City
Anger room protection

Experience the sheer thrill and excitement of unprovoked destruction at Rage! KC.

Strictly by appointment, their custom rage room will provide the perfect setting for massive wreckage. 

Although adults are unsupervised in the smash rooms, any minors must accompany a guardian for supervision. The minimum age to access any of their two wreck rooms is 10.

When you get there, you first sign a waiver, suit up, listen to a brief explanation of rules, pick a weapon and begin smashing.

Rage Room Rates at Rage! KC

PackageNumber of playersTime
The Bash1 to 4 with a bag or two each15-30 minutes
The Big Room5 to 10 with a bag or four each1 hour

The breakables come in big bags; each player must purchase a bag minimum or more. 

  • A standard bag contains 17-18 various-size items and is $30.
  • A premium bag contains 27-28 quality items for $45.

Protective gear, such as goggles and masks, is part of the package. You must sign a waiver if you do not wish to wear the safety gear.

Shoes are not provided, so come wearing closed-toe ones.

Participants are held liable for intentionally damaging weapons, speakers, and cameras that belong to the establishment.

Operating Hours

  • The rage room is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 10 pm, for appointments only. Walk-ins do not get admittance.
  • Rage! KC is closed on Monday.


Choose violence today, but only for a good cause at one of the best rage rooms in Kansas City.

The smash room experience provides instant mental and physical pleasure to get you through a bad day or week. 

Since rage rooms allow you to bring personal items to break, collect as many as you can smash within your time allocation.

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