How to Make a Rage Room At Home (Steps & Practical Tips)

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Rage rooms are popping up everywhere as people try to find healthier ways to deal with positive and negative emotions.

But did you know you can build a DIY rage smash room?

Keep reading to learn how to build a rage room at home, including tips for sourcing materials, decorations/design, soundproofing, etc.

Why Do You Need A Rage Room?

Making rage room at home

For those who may not know what a rage room is, let’s go through a few basics so you understand why you need to create one in the first place.

A rage room (smash room or anger room) is a place where you can break things. These dedicated spaces are stocked with breakable items, including glassware, plates, electronics, furniture, etc.

There are also tools like sledgehammers, baseball bats, and golf clubs to break the breakables or throw dishes at the wall.

For most people, life keeps presenting us with victories and challenges simultaneously.

These could be:

  • Relationship problems
  • A promotion at work
  • Illness
  • Financial windfalls/struggles
  • Political issues
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Social injustices
  • Lack of employment/loss of job
  • Failed businesses
  • Traffic, etc.

There are many reasons for each of us to be happy or angry.

And if you don’t find things to do or places to go to release anger, it can manifest in unhealthy ways, thus affecting your physical and mental health.

An anger smash room lets you let go of anger and stress without consequences or judgment while having fun.

Why You Should Have Your Own Place To Break Things

Rage room prices can range between $15 and $50 for a session. And if you get addicted to raging, it could get pricey.

Also, while rage rooms are gaining popularity, they are unavailable in every neighborhood.

This is where the need to build your rage room at home comes in for convenience and to save on long-term prices.

How to Make Your Own Rage Room

construction rage room at home
Building smash room at home

Now that you know the benefits of anger rooms, let’s see how to build one at home.

1. Find the Right Space

A smash stuff room is an empty shell. This means you can easily convert anything from a large shed to a garage, basement, or outbuilding to suit your needs.

Ensure the room you’re using is empty and not used for any other purpose. You want to avoid accidentally hitting someone or breaking something useful.

If the space has light fittings, replacing them with recessed lighting would be best to avoid getting damaged when they get in the way of your smashing.

Rage rooms can be loud, so choose a space far away from the house’s quiet areas, like the bedroom.

While you’re at it, install soundproofing to avoid noise pollution and complaints from the neighbors.

2. Flooring and Wall Requirements

The next step after finding a suitable room where you can break stuff is to build or ensure the existing walls and flooring is sturdy.

Flooring and walls for rage room at home
Flooring and walls should be sturdy

Some great options to consider for flooring include:

  • Concrete – Durable and easy to clean
  • Rubber mats – Shock-absorbing and easy to clean
  • Carpet tiles – Offers a soft surface, and it’s easy to replace damaged tiles

For walls, go for plywood, drywall, or cement board. The materials are strong and can handle the impact of smashing. Glass, and mirrors are unsuitable as they can be dangerous if shattered.

3. Get the Necessary Equipment

Since you’re creating a place where you can smash things, you’ll need to stock up on items to break.

This can be anything from plates, glassware, furniture, TVs, printers, keyboards, and other electronics.

You can get a good number of free or cheap items at:

  • Thrift stores
  • Garage sales
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • Donations from friends and family
  • Scrap or junk yards

When sourcing for items to smash, safety remains a priority. Be sure to avoid breaking things that contain toxic or dangerous materials.

The next items on your shopping list are weapons to wreak havoc.

This can include:

  • Sledgehammer
  • Baseball bat
  • Golf clubs
  • Long Hand Digging Shovel
  • Crowbar
  • Fiberglass Rubber Mallet, etc.

Smashing can be dangerous, so you need protective gear to prevent injuries.

We recommend getting long pants, long-sleeve shirts, closed-toe shoes/boots, gloves, earplugs/earmuffs, safety goggles, a face shield, and a hard hat.

4. Design and Layout

Once you’ve set up a room where you smash things and gather your tools and equipment, it’s time to design and layout your home rage room.

Anger room at home

Some factors to consider when designing a rage room include:

  • The size and shape of the anger room
  • Type of walls and flooring
  • Placement of the smashable and tools of destruction

Having enough space to smash stuff comfortably and safely without worrying about hitting other things is essential.

Also, ensure there’s plenty of light streaming in through the windows or from overhead lighting.

This will allow you to see what you are smashing and avoid accidents. Adding some music will enhance your raging experience.

Once you’ve set up your DIY rage room, decorate it to suit your taste and style.


Have you been looking for an anger release room near me? Why not create one in the comfort of your home?

Like commercial rage rooms, a DIY project will also provide a fun and safe space for anyone looking to release feelings of sadness, happiness, stress, anxiety, anger, shame, etc.

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