How Much Is A Rage Room? (Exact Prices & Locations)

How Much Is A Rage Room

An anger room is a place where you can break things as a way to relieve stress and anger.

If you are looking for a wreck room experience, you may be wondering how much does a rage room cost? 

The average cost of a rage room ranges between $30 to $100 per person for 10-60 minutes.

Below is a comprehensive list of how much you will pay to break stuff in a rage place.

What Is A Rage Room?

Also known as a demolition room or wrecking room, this is a place where you can smash things as a way of destressing.

A basic break room experience requires you to make a reservation, check-in, and choose items to smash.

The items to destroy vary from one rage room to another. Some specialize in small household items like glassware, vases, picture frames, beer bottles, and clay pieces.

You may also find other wreck rooms that offer large appliances such as furniture, flat-screen TVs, office equipment, and old cars for destruction.

Other common names for rage rooms include anger management rooms, smash break rooms, or stress release rooms.

Use all available terms when you search for an anger release room near me.

How Much Do Rage Rooms Cost?

The price of a smash room experience varies widely depending on a few factors.

These include:

  • The time one spends in the demolition room breaking stuff
  • The kind of items you destroy
  • The number of things you smash
  • The number of people in a session

An individual will pay an average of $30 to $100 to rage for 10 to 60 minutes.

However, if you add an extra person or people in a single session, the price may be slightly lower. For instance, a standard group price of 5-10 people may be $150-$250.

Price Of Rage Room Tickets

If you are in search of places to go release anger in the US, try any of the below popular destructions rooms.

The listed prices are per person for an individual smash room experience.

Rage RoomPrice per person Time
The Rage Cage NYC$64.9920 minutes
Outraged Rage Room Washington$2515 minutes
Rage Ground Los Angeles$6545 minutes
Smash*t Break Room Denver$8920 minutes
Unchartered Adventures Austin$3915 minutes
Tonic Rage Room Concord, NC$2510 minutes
Rage Room New Jersey$305 minutes
BrainyActz Rage Rooms$4020 minutes
The Secret Chamber Rage Rooms$4020 minutes

The above prices only refer to a few among the over 60 rage rooms in the US alone. Rage rooms have age limits, and the costs to smash per person remain the same whether you are under or over 18 years.

Most locations also allow participants to bring their stuff to destroy. In this case, a BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) individual package usually costs less than if you are smashing the establishments’ breakables. 

However, the rage rooms’ staff must look at the stuff before a session to ensure you bring approved items only.

Most damage rooms allow only glass, clay household items, newer electronic appliances, and flat-screen TVs.

What To Expect When You Visit A Rage Room

How Much Do Rage Rooms Cost?

When you visit a rage place, you intend to break stuff as a fun way of relieving stress and any pent-up anger or frustration.

A break room experience involves a few simple steps.

These include:

  • Find a suitable or cheap rage room near you. You can search online or find recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Make a booking for yourself, a partner, or a group of friends a few days or weeks in advance.
  • Wear the right clothes, which include closed-toe shoes and long-sleeved shirts and pants.
  • The establishment will provide protective gear such as helmets, face shields, work gloves, and goggles.
  • You can bring your music to listen to and sing along as you smash.
  • Screaming, shouting, crying, and swearing is allowed during your break room session.
  • Various weapons are available, including bats, sledgehammers, and metal bars to destroy stuff.
  • Alternatively, some establishments allow participants to throw plates at walls.
  • Stress relief rooms provide a workout, so be ready to break a sweat.
  • Bring earplugs if you are sensitive to loud noises.
  • Once you begin a session, be aware of the other people in the room to avoid accidents.

After your fun experience, you will leave the room feeling energized and relieved. A rage smash room is also ideal if you are looking for a new activity to bond with a new partner or friend.

They may be looking for a way to blow steam, and what better way for you to save the day?

Final Thoughts

Rage rooms are a fun way to manage anger and stress in a controlled environment.

Besides having fun breaking stuff, you can deal with emotional stress without hurting yourself or others.

Above all, the instant benefits you reap outweigh the cost you will pay to break stuff. You are guaranteed value for money every time.

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