Best Rage Rooms in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Life has kicked you in the nuts, and you have some pent-up anger or aggression to release.

Rage rooms have popped up everywhere, providing a safe space to vent your frustrations by smashing stuff.

Let’s look at a few locations in Salt Lake City.

Smash-it Rage Rooms SLC

Are you looking for something fun and unique to do to get your adrenaline pumping? Try Smash-it recreational center, which has a throw zone, a rage room, and a paint splatter room.

The former is where you throw glass items at a wall for a satisfying explosion.

The rage rooms have a variety of smashables and some smashing tools to get your blood pumping.

And for those who don’t want to rage, you can still express your emotions by throwing paint.

The anger rooms offer different types of smashing, suitable for solo sessions, group sessions, parties, and even hosting corporate events.

In other words, everyone can release their anger and have fun.

Once you check in onsite, you’ll get suited up in safety gear to ensure a safe smashing experience.

Pricing  at Smash-it Rage Rooms SLC

Everything you need for smashing, including smashables, weapons, and safety gear, is included in the pricing.

Of course, you can bring your own breakables (subject to approval).

The pricing at Smash-it Rage Rooms SLC is based on what and how much you want to smash.

Choose a tote of breakables from the storage room and pay by weight. Standard items cost $2.50/lb, while premium items like ceramics, laptops, and iPods cost $3/lb.

The facility also allows customers to bring their items. They charge $1/lb for glass and $2.50/lb for other smashable.

Paint splatter rooms cost $24.99 and $29.99 for standard and backlight rooms, respectively.

Add-ons are available at an additional cost.

Rules and Expectations

  • All participants must sign a waiver beforehand.
  • No expectant mothers or intoxicated persons will be allowed in the rage room.
  • The facility reserves the right to cancel your session if you don’t follow the safety rules.
  • All smashing sessions are monitored for safety purposes
  • Customers pick what they want to smash from the storage room, or they can bring items from home.
  • The facility accepts walk-ins but recommends reservations
  • The rage room is open to anyone aged eight years and above, but minors must come with a parent/guardian.

Working Hours

  • Monday – Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 3 pm – 10 pm
  • Friday – Saturday: 11 am – 10 pm
  • Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm

Axe N Smash

anger rooms in Salt Lake City

We’ve all been there, so angry that we want to break something! And now, with Axe N Smash rage rooms, you can do that without the guilt.

Aside from coming here to smash your stress, this place is also perfect for date nights, bachelor parties, corporate events, group hangouts, and other fun gatherings.

The rage room has various breakables, including glass bottles, TVs, computers, printers, and furniture.

Alternatively, you can bring your own smashables, whether an old computer, framed pictures of your ex, or glassware.

Of course, the staff must approve all your items to ensure no dangerous or toxic items are allowed into the rage room.

Pricing At Axe N Smash

PackagePrice per personTime
Bottle Bash$34.9920 minutes
Smash Room$34.9920 minues
Combo pack of Axe and Smash$44.991 hour 20 minutes
  • Smash room packages are available for 1, 2, 3, and 4-6 people. All packages cost $34.99 per person, although a group of 4-6 people will get 50 minutes of smash time, unlike the rest that offer 20 minutes.
  • The smash room packages provide 20 to 25 lbs of electronic breakables per person.
  • The Bottle Bash package offers a large basket of bottles
  • Add-ons are available at an added cost: $15 for a basket of bottles or one large breakable weighing 30+ pounds.

What To Expect

  • The facility offers different ways to de-stress and have fun, including axe throwing, rage rooms, and paint splattering.
  • The anger room can fit up to 3 people at a time. Large groups are still welcome to book and can take turns participating in the rage room.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate in the rage room.
  • The facility will provide safety equipment, items to break, and weapons of destruction. All you need to bring is your rage and closed-toe shoes.
  • All participants must sign a waiver.

Working Hours

  • Axe N Smash is open from 9 am – 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.

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There have been some concerns about the effectiveness of rage rooms for anger management.

But the fact is customers feel better and leave happier than they came in. And that is a smashing success!

Also, rage rooms have no consequences or judgment like you would get breaking things elsewhere.

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