4 Best Rage Rooms In San Antonio

Are you going through grief, divorce/breakup, loss of a job, or other unpleasant seasons of life?

Therapy can help ease the pain, but sometimes breaking stuff is what you need to release anger.

Rage rooms in San Antonio can offer an outlet for negative emotions while also being entertaining.

1. San Antonio Smash Room


Being angry never felt so good at the San Antonio Smash Room. Visitors can safely smash glasses, bottles, plates, and TVs.

You may also bring your own items to break, whether it’s a photo of an ex or electronics that don’t work.

This rage room can also be for entertainment, so bring a friend, family, or even a date. The facility offers custom packages for large groups; contact them beforehand.

Pricing at San Antonio Smash Room

San Antonio Smash offers four different packages to choose from:

1$47.99 for up to 2 people30 minutes
2$55.99 for up to 3 people30 minutes
3$68.99 for up to 3 people45 minutes
4$86.99 for up to 4 people60 minutes

Each package offers different items, ranging from assorted glass to small, medium, and large breakables.

What to Expect

  • Anyone can participate in the San Antonio Smash Room, but minors must have an adult sign the waiver.
  • The facility provides goggles, gloves, and jumpsuits for safety purposes. And participants must wear closed-toe shoes.
  • No walk-ins, and guests must book sessions online.

Working Hours

  • Sunday: 9:30 am – 7 pm
  • Monday – Thursday: 7am – 8 pm 
  • Friday: 7 am – 9 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am – 9 pm

2. The Rage Room SA


This facility has a rage room, a paint splatter room, and an axe-throwing area, all to help you work a sweat and release pent-up energy.

Things like wine glasses, plates, TVs, radios, furniture, and microwaves are available for smashing.

Don’t worry about the flying glass hurting or getting paint on your clothes.

The facility offers protective gear, including goggles, a face shield, coveralls, and gloves, as part of their package. You may also want to wear closed-toe shoes; the thicker, the better.

The rage room also features LED lights and a custom Bluetooth speaker, so you can jam to your favorite tune as you smash.

Pricing at the rage room SA

For $29.99 per person, you will get a 30-minute rage session with 13 glass items to break. You can add more glasses at an extra cost:

  • 15 glass bottles for $12
  • 30 glass bottles for $25
  • 40 glass bottles for $32
  • 60 glass bottles for $50

Other add-ons include:

  • Medium items, including kitchen electronics, printers, keyboards, DVD players, speakers, and laptops
  • Large things, like TVs, microwaves, large printers, computers, and furniture

Customers can bring their own things to break. Keep in mind that the fee will still be $30 per person.

The paint splatter room goes for $29.99/person, and customers receive the following:

  • 30-minute paint session
  • Three 4oz bottles of paint colors
  • One paint canvas
  • Shoe covers
  • One poncho to cover the upper body

Add-ons for the splatter room include:

  • 4oz paint bottles for $5
  • Paint pallet for $5
  • Paint guns for $15


  • Guests must sign a liability waiver before entering the anger room.
  • Safety first! You must wear closed-toe shoes and safety gear while participating in raging activities.
  • Anyone can participate in rage and paint splatter rooms, but minors need the consent of a parent/guardian.
  • The axe area is prohibited to persons less than 16 years.
  • Participants should break or throw stuff toward designated places, not the walls or the ceiling.

Working Hours

  • Monday & Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday & Thursday: 4 pm – 10 pm
  • Friday – Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm

3. Breaking Out The Rage


Some of these rage rooms may be far, which is where the Breaking Out The Rage room comes in.

They have a mobile smash truck that pulls up in a designated area. And once you’re done smashing, they leave with all the broken pieces for proper disposal.

The truck has everything you need to smash: bottles, printers, TVs, and more. You’ll also find golf clubs, hammers, and bats for breaking the items.

It’s suitable for solo sessions and parties alike. Make your next event memorable by hiring a smash truck where guests can have fun and release stress.

Pricing at Breaking out the rage

The cost of hiring this mobile smash room will vary depending on the participants and items to break, as shown below:

  • For $25/person, you can smash ten small items
  • For $45, two participants get 20 small breakables and two medium items to break
  • For $40, two participants get 20 small breakables
  • For $65, two participants get to smash 30 glassware items, three medium, and one large item.

Add-ons are available at an added cost:

  • $1 per small item, such as small dishes, bottles, pictures, etc
  • $5 per medium item
  • $20-$25 per large item like TV, printer, and monitor

Requirements and What to Expect

  • Participants are equipped with PPEs, including headgear with shields, coveralls, and gloves. 
  • Anyone can participate in the rage room.
  • Pregnant women or those under the influence are not allowed in the rage room for safety reasons.
  • Minors will need a parent/guardian present
  • All participants must sign a liability waiver beforehand
  • Items available for breaking will vary depending on stock
  • The mobile smash truck can accommodate one person at a time

4. Unchartered Adventures


The business currently operates in Kyle, Texas, about an hour from San Antonio, and is set to open a second location at Live Oak in San Antonio.

Unchartered Adventures houses a variety of activities to help customers release stress. This includes axe-throwing, escape rooms, paint splatter rooms, and rage rooms.

The rage rooms are filled with various items to break, including dishes, bottles, flat-screen monitors, pianos, etc.

You can go smashing alone or have fun with friends and family. The venue has a kid-friendly rage room that works like a claw machine.

At this facility, you can rest assured of your safety. Customers are provided with PPEs, including gloves, coveralls, a face shield, a vest, and a hard hat. Remember also to wear closed-toe shoes to prevent injury.

Car Smash Package at Unchartered Adventures

Are you holding so much anger and resentment inside? Do you want more items to break to feel better?

Unchartered Adventures offers a car smash package that lets you demolish an entire car with bats, axes, and sledgehammers.

They have a variety of vehicles to choose from, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. And they come with tires, windows, taillights, and headlights for you to destroy.

Pricing at Unchartered Adventures

Angry Pirate Smash Adventure$5930 minutes
Castaway Smash Adventure$3915 minutes
Kids Variety Smash, Paint, and Shooting$1091 hour 15 minutes for all activities
Axe Throwing$251 hour
Splatter paint$3030 minutes
Splatter Paint and Smash Room$6745 minutes
Cast-away Variety Rage and Axe Throwing$5930 minutes
Basic Variety Rage, Paint and Axe Throwing$851 hour 20 minutes
Ultimate Variety Rage, Shoot, Paint and Axe Throwing$1352 hours 40 minutes
Car Smash (up to 12 people)$6001 hour
VIP EXPERIENCE (includes all activities)$1993-4 hours

Extras for the rage room are available at an added cost, as shown below:

  • A computer monitor + 10 minutes = $15
  • Printer + 10 minutes smash time = $20
  • Flat-screen TV = $35
  • 3 different furniture items + 10 minutes extra smash time = $25
  • Photography/videography(expert) for $40
  • $20 for Go Pro (record your full session)

What to Expect

  • The rage room consists of various breakables and weapons of destruction.
  • It’s best to make reservations online, but walk-ins are also acceptable
  • The rage room suits solo sessions and group activities, including divorce, graduation, and kids’ parties.
  • Customers can rent the entire facility for their next event and wow guests with unique, fun activities.
  • Participants can take photos and videos of their raging session.
  • Anyone under the influence cannot participate in rage room activities
  • The minimum age limit for participating in the rage room is 8 years. Minors must be in the company of their parents.
  • The smash room can accommodate up to 5 people at a time

Working Hours

Unchartered Adventures is open on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11 am to 8 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 10 pm.


Rage rooms are a relatively new concept that allows people to release anger through destruction therapy.

And even if you’re not upset, smashing stuff provides a fun time for participants.

With the above judgment-free zones, you can scream, laugh, cry, and smash your way to better mental health.

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