Best Rage Rooms In Boston

Visiting Best Rage Rooms In Boston

Blind rage may be a survival instinct, but it tends to have destructive consequences if it remains unchecked.

Learning to control anger is challenging, but with practice and consistency, you can master it before it controls you.

Rage rooms provide a special kind of release that is unfamiliar to many. It combines pure fun and mental and physical therapy while wrecking items.

The physical destruction releases intense emotions, lifting the weight off your shoulders.

We have compiled some of the best rage rooms in Boston to help you discover this uniquely satisfying recreational activity. 

1. Just Smash It

If you are looking for a moment to de-stress, then the Just Smash It rage room is the ideal location.

Ask a friend or colleague to come and blow off some steam together. The experience will make for exciting conversations in the office.

Rage room rules at Just Smash It

  • Participants must be 16 years old and above. They should be accompanied by a parent or guardian who signs a waiver.
  • Every player must sign a waiver before entering the rage rooms.
  • Shoes must be closed-toe.
  • Expectant mothers are not allowed into the rage rooms.
  • If you have an injury, access depends on the severity.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol/drugs will not participate.
  • To identify yourself, bring a photo identification card during registration.
  • Show up 10 minutes before your booking time for registration and briefing.

Prices at Just Smash It

Stressed Out$40 per person30 minutes
Stressed $55 for 230 minutes
Neon Rave$85 for 230 minutes
Office Smash$140 for 230 minutes
Date Night$75 for 230 minutes
Bin Bash$120 for 430 minutes
Wacky Wednesday$40 per person30 minutes

You will get personal protective gear as part of the price to smash.

Weapons are also included in the package price.

The smashable items vary from one milk crate to two. The Wacky Wednesday package consists of an electronic item.

Business Hours

  • Wednesday to Friday, 2 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday, 1 pm to 9 pm
  • Sunday, 12 pm to 4 pm

2. House of Rage LLC

Do you want to reclaim your emotions? Then the House of Rage LLC is where it happens. However, you do not have to be angry to participate.

Their smash rooms are open for destruction fun, solo or with friends. You will get a total body and mind workout from your raging session.

What to expect at House of Rage LLC

  • You get to choose your time limit. It can be short or long, depending on what you require.
  • Protective wear is provided for the smash rooms. You get a one-use poncho, hair and shoe cover, hand gloves, and goggles for the splatter paint room.
  • One must wear closed-toes shoes and preferably long-sleeved shirts in the rage room. However, there is no dress code in the splatter paint room.
  • Participants over ten years can access the rage rooms, but minors should come with a parent or guardian.
  • There is a Zen room where minors or non-participants can play games or relax as they wait. You can use a viewing window in one of the rooms if you would rather watch the ragers.
  • If you have items you want to break at home, you can bring them.
  • Each player gets a basket of breakable items, even in a group setting.
  • Besides paying to smash or paint, you can purchase merchandise such as black or white printed T-shirts and hoodies.

Rates at House of Rage LLC

Smash & Dash$25 per person10 minutes
Fury Frenzy$40 per person20 minutes
The Drip Zone$35 per person25 minutes
Temper Tantrum$50 per person30 minutes
Rage Rampage$65 per person45 minutes
Bring Your Own Breakables$35 per person20 minutes
Mass Glass Experience$60 per person20 minutes
Crash The Corporation$140 for two people30 minutes

You can purchase gift cards for your friends or a loved one for the rage room packages.

Operating Hours

House of Rage LLC is open every day from 11 am to 10 pm.

3. Escape the Room Boston

Although Escape the Room Boston is not a rage room, they offer a unique gaming experience to test your puzzle-solving skills.

Plan the session with friends for a fun bonding afternoon or weekend of teamwork. 

You will laugh and wrack your brains through the challenges, leaving your minds refreshed.

Additionally, the few teams that crack the codes in all rooms earn a place among the Escape the Room escapees list.

Children below 14 years must accompany an adult. However, for those under 10, you must book the entire room for a private session.

Trying to work your way out before time runs out makes the experience thrilling for the entire family.

Prices at Escape the Room Boston

Escape RoomPriceTime
The Clocktower$39 per person60 minutes
The Apartment$39 per person60 minutes
Cartman’s Escape Room$39 per person60 minutes

Although the escape rooms are open for participants under 14, only those over 14 can play the Cartman’s escape room.

The games can accommodate between eight to ten players at a go. However, they also hold team-building events for over 200 participants.

Gift vouchers are available for two players at $82 per ticket.

Working Hours

  • Monday to Wednesday, 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Thursday and Friday, 12 pm to 11 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9:30 am to 11:30 pm


Pop in for an epic smash room experience at one of the best rage rooms in Boston. The 20 minutes of carefree destruction may be the exact release your body and mind have been craving.

A rage room is a guilt-free, non-judgmental space, so don’t hold anything back. Smash room regulars say it works quicker than talk therapy. Be the judge.

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