Best Rage Rooms In Jersey City

Best Rage Rooms In Jersey City guide

Rage rooms have similarities to yoga, meditation, and medical therapy.

However, unlike them, you reserve a session, show up, sign a waiver, gear up, choose a weapon, pick your smashable items and begin wrecking them.

There is not much talking, but you can scream, shout, and cry as loud as you want. Blasting music is what most people prefer as it drowns out thoughts and allows one to rage uninhibited. 

As one of the best ways to de-stress, rage rooms are safe and controlled places for anyone looking to destroy things.

Visit any of the below rage rooms in Jersey City for a fun and relaxing smash room experience.

1. Primitive Rage Room

Primitive Rage Room in Jersey City
Primitive Rage Room

Project all your angry thoughts and feelings onto various breakable items at the Primitive Rage Room.

Your inner beast will love the energy and exercise the experience provides.

If you want a unique date or birthday party idea, smash stuff to your heart’s content.

What to Expect at Primitive Rage Room

  • A photo ID and waiver signing are necessary before accessing the rage rooms.
  • You can take photographs and videos using your phone but not inside the rage room. A spectator can do so through the viewing window to protect the phone from damage.
  • Once you make your music selection, you cannot change it during your session.
  • Avoid tearing the protective gear as they re-use it.
  • As an over-18-only establishment, parents need to call in advance to bring minors. Once you get the go-ahead, you must sign a waiver and supervise their smash session.
  • You must make reservations to rage.

Packages and Prices at Primitive Rage Room

Help Me, I Punched a Car Today$145 per person1 hour
OK, I’m a Little Pissed$80 per person25 minutes
Office Space Remastered$110 per person1 hour
Bring Your Own Crap$35 per person25 minutes
I’m Here For A Quickie$40 per person20 minutes
CorporateCall to enquire1 hour

Working Hours

  • Tuesday to Thursday, 5 pm to 9 pm
  • Friday, 3 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Saturday, 11 am to 10 pm
  • Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm

You can call to book Monday for special events, although they are closed.

Walk-ins can participate if available, so reserve your slot early.

2. Smashin City Rage Room

Smashin City Rage Room in Jersey City
Smashin City Rage Room

They say wrecking stuff is cheaper than therapy at Smashin City Rage Room. The statement is true, so let off steam at a smash room without breaking the bank.

Their rage rooms are open for everyone, but those under 15 must come with a legal guardian.

Rates at Smashin City Rage Room 

There’s a 10% discount for high schoolers and college students with a school ID.

There is also a 15% discount for law enforcement, veterans, EMTs, and firefighters.

Mood Swings$42.99 per person20 minutes
Temper Tantrum$72.99 for 220 minutes
Fit of Fury$102.99 for 3-420 minutes
Spondgebob Kids for 6-9yr olds$72.99 for 420 minutes
Love is being stupid together$82.99 per couple25 minutes
You’re the cheese to my macaroni$101.99 per couple25 minutes
You are the Nutella to my spoon$111.99 per couple25 minutes
Wreck It Ralph Mobile UnitCall for price for 5-9 people60 minutes
Demolition Mobile UnitCall for price for 10-15 people90 minutes
Total Collision Mobile UnitCall for price for 16-25 people120 minutes

Additional breakable items are available that vary in price.

You can also bring your breakables for $20, but only if you add them to another package.

Working Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm
  • Saturday, 2 pm to 9 pm

They are open on Sunday by appointment only for groups of 5 people and more per session.

3. Break Stuff NJ

Break Stuff NJ in Jersey City
Break Stuff NJ

If you are pissed or stressed out and are looking for an exciting activity, then the rage rooms at Break Stuff NJ are for you.

You will break away your anger and pain, leaving the place feeling like a new person.

Although there is no age limit, you must contact them first for children under 13. Anyone under 18 must show up with a parent.

You must also make an appointment to smash things at Break Stuff NJ.

Rates at Break Stuff NJ

Smashin’ Singles-Ladies Night$30 per person20 minutes
Smashin’ Singles-Non Binary Night$30 per person20 minutes
Smashin’ Singles-Guys Night$30 per person 20 minutes
Break Stuff (A)$25 per person for 320 minutes
Break More Stuff (A)$35 per person for 320 minutes
Break Stuff Unlimited (A)$45 per person for 320 minutes
Break Stuff (B)$20 per person for 520 minutes
Break More Stuff (B)$30 per person for 520 minutes
Break Stuff Unlimited (B)$40 per person for 520 minutes

Working Hours

The Break Stuff NJ is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 5 pm to 10 pm. They are closed on Monday.

4. RageRoom.Today

RageRoom.Today Jersey City

Did someone ruin an otherwise perfect day? Or do you need personal time to let out intense emotions?

Then the RageRoom.Today is the ideal location for smash time therapy. The loud music of choice you bring will be your background anthem and cheering squad.

What to expect at RageRoom.Today

  • You must be over 18 to access the rage room as they check IDs. However, minors can participate if a parent or guardian shows proof of relation, signs their waiver, and supervises them.
  • Their rage rooms can accommodate two people.
  • They can recreate the rooms to fit your ideal set-up at an extra cost.
  • Although most of the rage room packages are up to 30 minutes, you can extend your session on availability.
  • Food is available on-site. You do not have to bring your own.

Rates and Packages at RageRoom.Today

PackagePrice Time
Stressed$40 for 15 minutes
Frustrated$50 for 110 minutes
Mad$80 for 115 minutes
Angry$120 for 220 minutes
Furious$200 for 225 minutes
Ballistic$280 for 330 minutes
Raging$400 for 445 minutes
Nuclear$650 for 645 minutes
BYOB$20 for 15 minutes
Plates$70 for 115 minutes
Mugs$30 for 15 minutes
Bowls$60 for 110 minutes
Clear the Table$90 for 120 minutes

Operating Hours

The RageRoom.Today is open every week from 11 am to 12 am. Ensure you book a session before visiting.


One of the above lists of the best rages rooms in Jersey City should meet your needs. Visit and let your anger control you for a few minutes of safe destruction.

We are sure you will refer your friends, family members, and colleagues after your refreshing session.

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