Best Rage Rooms In Montgomery

Best Rage Rooms In Montgomery

Between the crazy traffic, pressure at work, demanding relationships, political unrest, and social injustices, people seem to have a lot of stress and anger.

What if there was somewhere you could take your frustrations? Montgomery’s rage rooms will allow you to release anger through destruction therapy.

G’s Rage Room

G’s Rage Room is offers a safe space for people to take their stress out without consequences or judgment.

Breaking stuff at this place will provide a healthy release of physical and mental energy, relaxing you.

The environment is also safe and fun for those seeking new experiences or indulging their destructive desires.

Pricing at G’s Rage Room

G’s Rage Room provides many options for different needs through packages and customizable options. Sometimes you want to deal with your demons alone.

In that case, there are multiple solo sessions to choose from.

The Regular Rage package includes 15 small to medium-sized items and two large ones for $35.

The Smashed That package will offer ten small to medium-sized items, two wine bottles, and two wine glasses for $25.

For someone with serious anger issues, the Premium Rage package has 27 items to break for $55.

If you want to know the fun or angry side of the person you’re dating, take up the Date Night Different package. Couples can smash up to 28 items for $70.

An equally priced package is the Friendly Support, although it provides 32 items to break. This package is recommended for two people, but it can accommodate up to 4, with the other two adding $25 each.

G’s Rage Room hosts groups, including private parties and events. You can choose the Smash Party Rage, which costs $150 for up to 4 guests, or the Unleash package, which costs $305 for up to 8 guests.

Package Details

The different packages provide different-sized breakables.

For instance:

  • Small items include assorted glass, plates, electronics, and VHS tapes.
  • Medium items include bigger plates, vases, DVD players, stereo equipment, and more.
  • Large items include printers, computers, TVs, furniture, and mirrors.
  • Guests may pay more to destroy specialty items, depending on the inventory.

What to Expect

  • G’s Rage Room provides everything you need for raging, including items to break, breaking tools, and safety gear.
  • You can bring your own items to break; the staff must inspect them first.
  • Safety is a top priority here, so participants are required to wear PPEs and closed-toe shoes.
  • The minimum age for participating in raging activities is 12 years, although minors must have an adult present.
  • Participants are required to arrive at the anger room 10 minutes before their scheduled time to sign a waiver and get suited up in PPEs.
  • Walk-ins are allowed, but booking is recommended to avoid waiting in line.

Working Hours

  • Monday – Wednesday: Open by appointment only
  • Thursday – Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Smash It Prattville Anger Room

Visit Smash It Prattville Anger Room, Montgomery
Smash It Prattville Anger Room, Montgomery

Dishes, electronics, furniture, and more items line up in this rage room, waiting to be broken into tiny pieces by a rage-ridden individual.

Customers will also find bats, sledgehammers, and more to do their destruction.

Pricing at Smash it Prattville

Throw It! Dish Breaking$14 for one person30 minutes
Rage Room Experience$2430 minutes
Glow In The Dark Rage Room$2930 minutes
Combo Each Person$10630 minutes
Combo For One$3330 minutes
Combo for Two$6430 minutes
Party Package$199.992 hours

Package Details

  • The rage room package offers each participant some items to break.
  • With the dish-throwing package, you can write stuff that makes you angry on the dishes and then throw them against the wall.
  • The combo packages include both activities: dish-throwing and breaking stuff in the rage room.
  • Some packages are recommended for more than one person, and the pricing will vary depending on the number of participants. More participants equal lower rates.

What to Expect

  • The rage room provides everything you need for a safe and fun experience, including items to break, tools of destruction, and safety gear.
  • No open-toe shoes
  • The rage room is open by reservation only.

Working Hours

Smash It Prattville is open daily from 6:30 am to 10 pm.


Some might say they had a tough day or week at the office; for others, it is school. Whatever it may be, we all experience everyday stress, anger, and frustration.

Rage rooms have become the go-to place for children and adults, offering a safe and healthy way to cope with everyday problems.

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