3 Best Rage Rooms in Newark, NJ

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Are the stresses of life getting you angry and frustrated?

Do you feel like punching a wall, screaming, or breaking stuff, but you’re afraid you’ll get judged, in trouble, or have to replace broken or damaged items?

With the rise of rage rooms, people now have a safe space to unleash their inner rage.

After a few minutes of channeling your anger into breaking stuff, you’ll be amazed at how good it feels.

For residents of Newark, NJ, there are a couple of rage rooms in and around the city to help you get your rage fixed.

1. Rage Room NJ


Collect your negative thoughts and feelings and channel that rage into breaking all kinds of stuff in this safe and fun environment.

You’ll need to sign an online waiver, put on the PPEs, choose your destruction tools and music, and be ready to rage away.

Breaking stuff at the Rage Room NJ is freeing, fun, and a great way to bond with loved ones.

This makes it ideal for date nights, divorce parties, birthdays, team building, bachelor parties, and even a girl’s night.

Pricing at Rage Room NJ

Rage packages are available for solo sessions, couples, and even group events, as shown below:

Mugs$30 for one person5 minutes
Stressed$40 for one person5 minutes
Frustrated$50 for one person10 minutes
Bowls$60 for one person10 minutes
Plates$70 for one person
$90 for 2 people
$110 for 3 people
15 minutes
Mad$80 for one person
$110 for 2 people
15 minutes
Furious$200 up to 2 people25 minutes
Clear the table$90 for one person
$130 for two people
$560 for up to 30 people
20 minutes
Angry$120 up to 2 people20 minutes
Ballistic$280 up to 3 people
$310 up to 4 people
30 minutes
Raging$400 for 4 people45 minutes
Nuclear$650 for 6 people45 minutes

Each package provides different items to break and quantities as well.

Solo sessions will often include several bottles, bowls, and plates. On the other hand, group bookings have a mix of small, medium, and large breakables.

What to Expect

  • The center offers various packages for different needs, including solos, date nights, and group outings.
  • Customers can expect various items to break, including glasses, plates, mugs, vases, printers, TV, computers, and more.
  • Items in the rage room are based on availability and inventory
  • Visitors can bring their own breakables. Of course, nothing toxic, poisonous, or hazardous will be allowed on the premises.
  • You can also choose your weapon of destruction and music to listen to while raging.
  • The center provides personal protective gear to prevent injury from the flying glass.
  • Customers can get custom rage rooms upon request.
  • Customers can photograph or video-record their smashing sessions.


  • Visitors must be 18 years and above.
  • Children accompanied by their parent or legal guardian may participate in rage room activities.
  • Participants must wear PPE at all times
  • Pregnant women cannot participate in rage room activities
  • Visitors must book rage room sessions in advance
  • No food or drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) is allowed in the rage rooms.
  • All participants must sign a liability waiver

Working Hours

  • The Rage Room NJ is open every day of the week from 11 am to 12 am

2. The Break Bar

Anger rooms in Newark guide
Anger rooms in Newark

Located about 13 miles from Newark city center, the Break Bar provides a bar with a big twist.

When you’re done with your glass of wine or beer, smash the glass to release some pent-up energy or just for fun.

This recreational center has set up several targets to smash your glass against.

The Break Bar is also ideal for hosting an unforgettable event. Contact them to discuss the specifics of your upcoming party, fundraiser, or corporate event.

Pricing at the break bar

Unlike other rage rooms that charge for raging activities, the Break Bar only charges for drinks.

Once you’re done drinking, you can smash the glasses away.

What to Expect

  • The Break Bar allows customers to smash their glasses angrily after each drink.
  • It’s open to everyone, so you don’t need an appointment.
  • But there is a minimum age requirement for drinking alcohol, which is 21 years.
  • You may need to make a reservation for events of more than ten people.
  • They also have a Jukebox if you’d like to play a special song
  • Group bookings get discount prices
  • Contact them to receive pricing and availability

Working Hours

  • Monday – Wednesday: 4 pm – 12 am
  • Thursday – Saturday: 1 pm – 2 am
  • Sunday: 1 pm – 12 am

3. Rage in Peace

Smash rooms in Newark
Smash rooms in Newark

Though located in Staten Island, NY, the Rage in Peace rage room is only 34 minutes from Newark city center.

This rage room allows visitors to blow off steam and relieve stress while having fun.

So, whether you’re mad at your partner, frustrated by your job, or stressed for no reason, you can feel better by breaking items with your weapon of choice.

Pricing at Rage in Peace

PackagePrice Per PersonTime
5 Minute Breaking Session$205 minutes
Breaking Striking Dummy$3510 minutes
Breaking Striking Dummy $5015 minutes
Party Moes, Breaking, Fitness$49.992 hours
Party No Food, Breaking Items, And Fitness$39.992 hours

Regular destruction therapy is a great way to get your mental health in check.

Rage in Peace offers several subscription packages so you can distress more often while saving on rage room costs.

Some of the membership packages to consider are:

  • Breaking session 2x for $95/month
  • Breaking session 1x for $75/month
  • Adult/kid fitness for $50/month
  • Membership family of 4 for $275/year

Rage in Peace also allows for group bookings. In that case, you can bring a date, friend, family, or workmate for a stress-relieving fun experience.

The center hosts parties and events, including birthdays and team building.

Here are the prices for group bookings (check their website for more):

  • 1-5 guests: $100/person for 2 hours
  • 6-10 guests: $105/person for 3 hours
  • 11-15 guests: 110/person for 4 hours
  • 16-20 guests: $115/person for 6 hours
  • Over 21 guests: $88/person for 2 hours

What to Expect

  • Visitors can expect various items to break, including plates, mugs, glasses, clocks, monitors, TVs, and furniture.
  • Participants get protective gear.
  • The rage rooms have speakers, so you can jam to your favorite tune as you break stuff.


  • Closed-toe shoes are mandatory
  • All participants must sign waivers before entering the anger rooms
  • No one under 12 years is allowed to enter the smash room
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the appointment; otherwise, you won’t get a refund.

Working Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 2 pm – 9 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm


Many people are angry out here, but you don’t have to be one of them. Release some pent-up energy you’ve been carrying by smashing stuff at rage rooms.

Just remember that this cheaper form of therapy is not a replacement for actual treatment for those who need it. If you’re suffering from depression, PTSD, bipolar, or other mental health problems, it would be best to seek medical help.

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